Saturday, February 16, 2008

Federal Reserve - Criminal Enterprise

The Federal Reserve's criminal enterprise is 95 years old yet most Americans are still under the delusion that they are a federal agency. They are not. They are a cartel of bankers, foreign and domestic, who own the dollar. This syndicate has sole domain over the supply of dollars they inject into our economy. They add dollars to the economy by lending out that fiat money. The lower they set the prime rate the faster the funny money gets added to economy. When they raise the rate the supply of money gets choked off. Another way they can add or subtract dollars is by adjusting the borrowing requirements. They collude in secret, they don't give details of these meetings and they have no Congressional oversight.

You do not realize it yet but the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government has indebted each and every one of you by hundreds of thousands of dollars. They have borrowed trillions from foreigners, especially the Chinese. Even if our economy grew by 50% a year it would take us all slaving away for a 100 years to pay off this mountain of debt that these crooks have run up.
That is not a viable solution because our economy will not grow by those leaps and bounds plus Americans will not stand for this swindle once it becomes apparent to them.

So what do we do? Well I see two paths we can choose and people like our Chinese creditors are not going to like either. So they should cut their losses and stop lending money to the U.S. Treasury because they will never be repaid. But one way we could get out of this mess is to re-legalize competing currencies which would be backed by gold. Then we would let the Federal Reserve print up as many trillions of dollars as we owe people like the Chinese and give it to them - in more ways than one. Naturally this would technically pay off our debt, cause the value of the dollar to decline exponentially below the value of the Cuban peso and become extinct since no sensible American would except payment in dollars when they could get gold or silver backed money. When the Chinese came to buy say a cheese burger in America with dollars it would cost about 30 million of them - unless you want bacon or some other extras. The other solution is to recognize the Federal Reserve for what it is, a criminal gang operating outside of the U.S. Constitution. Then we seize all of their assets, negotiate a settlement with our creditors and jail the filthy buggers who have perpetrated this crime. Then legalize real money.

With either plan you must all revolt against your government of crooks. Try to do it through the ballot box. However, that means you must be a mob and swarm the entire voting process or the creeps will continue to steal elections. These are your choices or you can be perpetual slaves.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Council On Foreign Relations

Here is who owns your time, body and money:

Cuban Yellow Fever Vaccine Worthless

Humberto Fontova & Che Obama

During recent interviews of Obama campaign workers on Houston's Fox TV station, the offices of two Texas Obama campaign volunteers (including a precinct captain and head of the "Houston Obama Leadership Team") were found prominently decorated with Che Guevara images, against the backdrop of Cuban flags.

The MSM kept mum, but the conservative blogoshere spread the story. Intrepid blogger Henry Gomez (Babalu Blog), uncovered 15 different pages of Che Guevara well-wishers on the official Obama campaign site.

Two days after the Fox TV airing the Obama campaign finally went on record and in a terse statement described the Houston office posters as "inappropriate. "

"The U.S. is the great enemy of mankind!" raved Ernesto "Che" Guevara in 1961. "Against those hyenas there is no option but extermination. We will bring the war to the imperialist enemies' very home, to his places of work and recreation. The imperialist enemy must feel like a hunted animal wherever he moves. Thus we'll destroy him! We must keep our hatred against them [the U.S.] alive and fan it to paroxysms!"

Compared to Che Guevara, Ahmadinejad sounds like the Dalai Lama. On Nov. 17, 1962, J. Edgar Hoover's FBI discovered that Che Guevara's bombast had substance. They infiltrated and cracked a plot by Cuban agents that targeted Macy's, Gimbel's, Bloomingdale' s and Manhattan's
Grand Central Terminal with a dozen incendiary devices and 500 kilos of TNT. The holocaust was set to go off the following week, the day after Thanksgiving. Che Guevara was the head of Cuba's "Foreign Liberation Department" at the time.

A little perspective: for the March 2004 Madrid subway blasts, all 10 of them that killed and maimed almost 2,000 people, al-Qaida used a grand total of 100 kilos of TNT. Castro and Che's agents planned to set off five times that explosive power in the some of the biggest department stores on earth, all packed to suffocation and pulsing with holiday cheer on the year's biggest shopping day.

A month earlier (during what came to be known as the Cuban Missile Crisis) Fidel Castro and Che Guevara had salivated over the prospect of a much more satisfying holocaust. "Say hello to my little friends!" they dreamt of yelling at the Yankee �hyenas, � right before the mushroom clouds. But for the prudence of the Butcher of Budapest (Nikita Khrushchev) they might have pulled it off. Despite the diligent work of Camelot court scribes and their ever-eager acolytes in the MSM, publishing and Hollywood, most serious analysts conclude that Fidel and Che's genocidal fantasy was a much bigger factor in Khrushchev's decision to yank the missiles from Cuba than Kennedy's utterly bogus bluster, threats and "blockade."

"The solutions to the world's problems lie behind the Iron Curtain," stressed Ernesto Che Guevara who often signed his correspondence with the moniker "Stalin II." "If the nuclear missiles had remained we would have fired them against the heart of the U.S. including New York City," he boasted. "The victory of socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims."

But don't misinterpret Che Guevara� s bluster with actual bravery. His stock in trade was the mass-murder of defenseless men and boys� bound and gagged is how he demanded his victims. On Oct. 8 1967, upon finally encountering armed and determined enemies, Che quickly dropped his fully-loaded weapons and whimpered: "Don't Shoot! I'm Che! I'm worth more to you alive than dead!"

Che Guevara's regime also shattered, through executions, jailings, mass larceny and exile, virtually every family on the island of Cuba. Many opponents of the Cuban regime qualify as the longest-suffering political prisoners in modern history, having suffered prison camps, forced labor and torture chambers for a period three times as long in Che Guevara's Gulag as Alexander Solzhenytzin suffered in Stalin's Gulag. But please, please, please don�t bother looking for any History Channel, NPR, or 20/20 interviews with these heroes. They were victims #65533; of the left & #65533; s premier poster boys, you see.

The regime Che Guevara co-founded stole the savings and property of 6.4 million citizens, made refugees of 20 percent of the population from a nation formerly deluged with immigrants and whose citizens had achieved a higher standard of living than those residing in half of Europe.

Under Che Guevara's rule "change," indeed came to Cuba. Imagine, say, Huckabee campaign volunteers in, say, Possum Gulch Ark., discovered with their offices displaying David Duke (who despite his looney ravings has killed no one, and who, as far as I know, has never advocated the nuclear extermination of the U.S. population) posters.

Do you think there might be a media hullabaloo, with the attendant extortion rackets by "civil rights leaders"? Do you think that a campaign spokersperson' s lame exculpation of these Duke posters as "inappropriate" would suffice-- would call of the dogs? We all know better. The orgy of self-flagellation, groveling, hoop-jumping, and whimpering (not that they would have gotten it)
demanded from any Republican candidate would have made Dom Imus' recent antics look like Ollie North in front of the Iran-Contra hearings. Now, what might Ernesto & #65533; Che & #65533; Guevara himself thought of Obama� campaign and his campaign workers (volunteers and otherwise)? His own writings and utterings give a strong clue: "The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving," & #65533; South American peasants are simply little animals. & #65533; & #65533; Mexicans are a rabble of illiterate Indians. & #65533; Humberto Fontova is the author of "Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the Useful idiots Who Idolize Him."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bernanke Lies!

Look here people. Don't listen to Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke. He's a lying American shill for the international banker cartel. He says inflation will moderate towards the end of the year but he is a bold face liar. He knows damn well prices are not going to stabilize later this year. Check back with me around election day. Tell me if food is cheaper or heating oil. We'll be lucky if gasoline prices stabilize because so many Americans are out of work they depress demand which will moderate prices some what. Here's the reality with respect to inflation. If you have to buy it, like food that you can't live without, the price IS going up.

The way the cartel measures inflation is a lie. Whenever a commodity like gasoline or housing prices skyrocket under the weight of a flood of banker cartel fake money the government simply removes those commodities from the price index. Everyone in the Congress, with the exception of the honorable Ron Paul, falls under one of two categories - ignorant or perjurer. Most in Congress are experts at getting elected but don't have a clue how the fractional marginal banking scheme operates. In fact, some actually believe that we are still on a gold standard backed dollar. But a minority in Congress know damn well how our fiat slave money scheme chisels the average American. They know that the cartel is acting like they are helping by cutting rates. But at the same time their media shills are blaming the bad economy on the sub prime loan mess but this is a ruse. Even if the Federal Reserve was offering loans for 0% what good would it do if the credit requirements are so tight now that most don't qualify to borrow. The banker slugs know this and realize the money supply will contract as a result causing a recession - maybe even a depression. With this fiat scheme the bankers have to stop the increase in the money supply or hyper inflationary price increases will spiral upward out of control. Take a look at Zimbabwe.

I believe the banker cartel plans to cause economic chaos on America because too many of us are learning about how the Federal Reserve bankers own us through their ownership of the dollar. They want us fighting amongst ourselves and even break apart like the old USSR. We will be much less of a burden on our banker masters if we are two or more divided countries instead of one nation, undivided and free of the international bankers.

Again I plead with you. Please turn off the TV. a movie or the game. But never watch news or political coverage. Everything the banker's media shills program your way is meant to sooth and appease your worries. They are exactly like the high priest in Pompey assuring the Roman visitors not to worry because Vesuvius rumbles like that all the time...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Herd About The Voters

I have never voted with the herd. It's not that I would not like to but the herd keeps choosing the wrong candidates. They pick the media supported candidates like Clinton, Obama and McCain. To be my leader you have to be more than just on TV. You have to be on the mark about America's future. Enrique at Abajo Fidel was wondering how I could support a candidate who has so few delegates according to the MSM. Right off the bat I explain to Fanto that Ron Paul has more delegates than the media is announcing. It is one of the media's tactics used to marginalize candidates they fear. They repeat over and over again that these candidates have no chance so here are the official candidates that we in the media say are your choices. If an unapproved candidate actually gets into one of the debates the media simply does not call on him to participate. And when all else fails the banker elite media military industrial complex always has their resources with the Diebold corporation who will simply steal the election.

But the main reason I will not support a Democrat or a Republican not affiliated with Ron Paul is I'm one of those unruly slaves. Just because I do not have the ball and chain on me like in Cuba does not mean I am not a slave. Unlike most in America, I realize that I am a slave working each day to pay for things that I don't want to buy. The government takes my labor and spends it on the things it wants to buy that benefit their tribes. Castro began his slave operation by trying to control everything. This is unnecessary to achieve maximum production from one's slaves. It is better to just tax income beginning at 2 % for just the rich, then let the central banker cartel print oodles of money driving up wage demands year after year and watch everyone slowly enter the tax rolls. Then you creep the tax rate up slowly each year so Americans will hardly notice from one year to the next. After almost 100 years of this, the banker elite has the entire nation conditioned for slavery. To continue this slavery depends on two vital components - income tax and fiat money.

Only one candidate, Ron Paul, wants to eliminate both. This terrifies the slave owning banker cartel so they use their assets in the main stream media to stoke fear and confusion. They warn of unseen dangers with going back to a gold standard even though we were a powerful nation then while today we are a bunch of hot air. So of course I want to vote for a winning candidate one day. I've been voting since the 1970s and have never actually voted for a winner yet. But don't feel bad for me because I'm proud that I have never chosen the string of losers you all have picked.

Either you all will join my lonely group of voters or you will keep choosing these losers. I believe you will continue to pick the losers offered by the MSM because being herded is what you are comfortable with. These losers will herd you and I both to the end of America as we know it. The next president may just be the fall guy sitting on the throne when the whole mess comes unglued. For the banker cartel this will be especially good with a woman or a black guy as president. Then these greedy bankers will blame it on them and you all will believe it. There is nothing you all won't believe if it is simply put on television.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Castro Boys Suck At Manipulating Public Perception

The Castro boys are stuck in 1959 in more ways than one. One example that is now apparent to all is any of their lame attempts to steer public perception. Oh great they have the bunch of kids on TV to explain things the way the state prefers it. The poor kids looked scared stiff and young Mr. Sicilia twitched nervously most of the time. So the Castro boys once again get outward compliance of their chattel. But everyone soon as these kids walk out they will verify to Cubans using radio bemba what everybody already knows. The Cuban government that controls all aspects of everyone's life in Cuba will make life extremely difficult for these young people and the ones they love if they do not perform for the state cameras. But it is hard to make your body lie. You can choke the lies out under coercion but your body language exposes your real beliefs. I felt bad for these kids.

The Castro boys are so stupid. Their slave operation is based on the old ball and chain model. This form of slavery calls for the owners of the operation to control all visible behavior of the slaves and attempt to micromanage all aspects of labor output. The the owners in Cuba are constantly trying to come up with new five year schemes to squeeze some kind of output from the slaves dragging the ball and chain around. Slave won't do much work with a ball and chain. Yeah I know Cubans don't actually have balls and chains on them - at least the vast majority don't anyway. It's a figure of speech. It's what spouses call their other half when the rose has fallen off the bloom and the old ball and chain is now a pain in the ass. My lovely wife excluded. You should be so lucky to find such a nice girl!

The Castro boys are bush leaguer at manipulating information and running a proper slave operation in the 21st Century. To get the maximum production from your slaves first the ball and chain has to go, especially since it is now completely unnecessary. The most sensible slave operation for production purposes is the "free range slave" model employed in the western democracies. In these countries like America, the same type of fiat money system is used as in Cuba. However, the western countries do not inflate their money to the point that all goods vanish from the store shelves because right off the bat free range slaves produce far more output than Cuban ball and chain slaves. Ball and chain slave owners have to have constant surveillance and must continue to give orders to have any production at all. Free range slave owners simply bag and tag their slaves at birth, track their movement with the schools until old enough to begin productive output for the slave operation. Then the slaves are tracked through the income tax system, Social Security System, etc. Finally, the owners, using their media assets, convince the slaves that they really have it pretty good and remind the free range slaves how bad things are in the ball and chain nations like Cuba and North Korea.

Both systems are based upon lies and public ignorance. Both systems are doomed to collapse. Here is how we could free all the slaves. Cuba will be the first to collapse. This has got to be the year since the food is gone and the people have nothing left to lose since they will die anyway of starvation or boredom. The government is barely holding on and is terrified of making the wrong move that will cause a slave revolt. Look at your history. Bad things happen to the bosses during slave revolts. When the dust clears we must see to it that Cubans never pay any form of income tax and that all money legal in Cuba must be backed by some commodity of value. Just these two things will assure Cubans become wealthy and real fast. This means very little need for incompetent government "services." This means little need for crime fighting since it is less work to work honestly.

A minimal Cuban government controlled through the representatives of the former slaves would allow Cubans to as a nation become a bunch of wealthy individuals. We would easily expose the free range slave operation of America and elsewhere for what it is. The owners of the money, the central banks, are the owner class milking the human population for labor output. It would then be obvious to all that this new Cuban model is fairer and the greatest producer of wealth the earth has ever seen. Then the western free range slave operations would end because the slaves would revolt.

Thereafter Cuba should be a private paradise for Cubans and their friends. Schools should all be private and the constitution should even be amended to mandate this. Fund that minimal Cuban government with a land location value tax, taxes on vice, resource depletion as well as a tourism tax and we WILL have the highest standard of living on the planet. Disputes should be handled by the Cuban courts following the constitution and the law to as Jefferson put it, "restrain men from injuring one another..." But otherwise Mr. Jefferson suggested strongly government should leave people alone to pursue their dreams. If we bind ourselves into a union of people who agree to live by these principles we will lead the way for humanity into a new age of enlightenment.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Obama A Che Supporter

Weasel And A Lion

Pictured on the right is a lion named ELIÉCER ÁVILA SICILIA. On the left is that old familiar weasel Ricardo Alarcon. Alarcon looked like he was going to soil himself while he was surrounded by thousands of angry students. So he did not dare have Mr. Sicilia arrested then because the crowd would have killed this weasel. As word of Mr. Sicilia's arrest for speaking the obvious spreads amongst his countrymen perhaps they will muster the courage to free this lion and in doing so themselves as well. If you happen to kill the weasel in the process I won't lose any sleep. You Cubans look at these pictures. Which of the two deserves to be in jail? You think about that. In the mean time, Mr. Sicilia sir, you have my deepest respect and admiration. May God bless you. Please disseminate this story around the world to show how the Cuban government treats its youth for telling the truth...



February 10, 2008

The student, ELIÉCER ÁVILA SICILIA, was arrested at nine in the morning on Saturday, February 9, 2008, by State Securiy agents and by Council of State officers at his home in the batey “El Yarey," located at Vázquez, in the municipality of Puerto Padre in the province of Las Tunas.

Ávila Sicilia had been warned the day before that he could not leave his home because he would be picked up and taken to Havana. His mother, Elsa Sicilia, said that the family was forbidden from accompanying him. One of the agents, who identified himself as the son of Carlos Lage (vice president of the Council of State and secretary of the Council of Ministers of Cuba), told Avila’s grandmother not to worry because she would soon see her grandson in a nationally televised informative program called “Mesa Redonda” Ersilia Correoso, member of the Council of Human Rights Rapporteurs of Cuba and the source of this information, stated that she was notified of this news through a letter written by the frightened mother of the arrested student. Correoso went to the home of the young 21 year-old Cuban and found his mother, Elsa Sicilia in tears, terrified that the political police would force her son to publicly retract the questions he had posed to Alarcón.

The computer science student had asked the president of the Cuban National Assembly, before a large audience, reasons why Cubans are not allowed to travel abroad freely or to enter their own hotels on the island. He also addressed the misery of the Cuban people who are paid in a currency worth less than the different currency they must use to purchase goods.*

The Council of Human Rights Rapporteurs of Cuba makes the Cuban government responsible for the physical wellbeing of the computer science student, ELIÉCER ÁVILA SICILIA and asks the international community to demand his immediate release and freedom.

From Havana, Cuba this is a report by Juan Carlos González Leiva. Information Center of the Council of Human Rights Rapporteur of Cuba.

The Real McCain

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Told You

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

I warned you that you would be saddled with president Hilliary. The reason is quite simple. A majority of Americans (most polls place the number around 70%) have come to realize that "We've got to fight 'em over there so they don't come over here" is really a reconstituted "Domino Theory." The neocons swear our problem with Saddam beginning when he began moving to Euros and away from oil sales priced in dollars had nothing to do with taking over Iraq.

So Republican voters, led around by the media by the invisible hook in their noses turned their backs on the only true conservative in the presidential race - Ron Paul. Why? This is the stupidest part. These silly Republican voters disregard all of the other positions taken by Dr. Paul, which we all agree are the most conservative of the lot of presidential candidates, then void his candidacy because of his opposition to the war. Dr. Paul does not go to war unconstitutionally and even though he tried to get the Congress to vote to declare war they declined to do so.

So now many of you will not vote in November because the guy who could be the Republican standard bearer is liberal in all sense of the word but he supports your notions on this bully little war in Iraq. Some have even said they would support Hilliary as is the story with Anne Coulter. Oh how the mighty have fallen. So if you would have chosen Ron Paul you would not get your war but you would have reaped the windfall from his economic policies. I realize that most of you cannot see that because you will cling to the Islamic Domino Theory notion and claim that "they" will come here and blow up our economy thereby ruining it. So you will get Hilliary who will end the war anyway plus tax the beejesus out of you doing Al Quada like damage to the economy. There is a fat 50 cent a gallon gas tax increase just waiting for her chubby little fingers to sign as soon as she takes office.

I was going to list off the stupids things Prezzy Hilliary was going to do to you but why bother? You don't need my stinking advice anyway. But I have known for thirty years or so that the days you will face soon would come. I'll admit that I could not predict exactly when our economic collapse would come because I am not privy to how much money the Federal Reserve would get the Treasury to print up from one year to the next. But I'm pretty sure we are in the beginning phase right now and the government is doing all the wrong things so I see our economy deteriorating fast.

We say the war was fought because Saddam stopped pricing his oil in dollars which exposes the fiat dollars for what they are. The neocon Republicans say it is to fight Al Quada. But either way it is immaterial. The actual problem we all face is the loss of purchasing power of the dollar at the very time our expenses are the greatest and growing. We are paying for the war in fake money and with borrowed money. The neocons have already spent your Social Security "trust fund." In a nut shell, prices will spiral up out of control while income, especially for the pensioners, will remain flat. I hope you like cat food. You have demanded like spoiled children that the federal government take responsibility for your needs and now you are set to get the pay back - in increasingly worthless dollars. The weak and disconnected will not survive this neocon economy.

But there is still a ray of hope. In the remaining primaries and caucuses if McCain does not lock up enough delegates for a first round win then we will have a brokered convention. But most likely you will be stuck with one of the fiat banker approved candidates. Then you will get a big dose of what I've warned you about. So that's good since the central bankers have already planned for this monetary contraction to occur right after this election anyway. If Ron Paul were elected president the feeble of mind would put two times two in chronological order and blame the good doctor for what ails the economy. Better that one of the neocons be at the helm when the boat is sinking. Fear not though. Even though most of you still don't get it economically speaking, you know when things are bad. The neocons, central bankers and their shilling cheer leaders in the main stream media have to first lose all credibility with you. You may never know what is right but you'll soon know they all have been completely wrong.

There have been many central bank caused collapses in the past in order to keep prices from spiraling out of control. However, this time the federal government must keep printing dollars to meet the responsibilities you have given it even as the central bankers try to stop the growth of the money supply by tightening credit requirements. But unlike in the past when only a handful of people knew what was happening, now millions know about it and our numbers grow every day. We are connected by the hundreds of thousands right now by email through the Ron Paul campaign. What that means is we will be there with the truth and a way out of this jam right as you lose faith in the old leaders. These young revolutionaries that so many ridicule today for supporting Dr. Paul will lead us out of this central banker caused mess in the future. The bankers prefer that we continue on our current path that leads to the break up of our once great nation. We will be far less of a challenge to these bankers' authority if we become several smaller nations squabbling amongst each other. Hopefully, the Internet will give us the weapon to fight the disinformation foisted upon us by the banker owned media. The international bankers know what they are doing. Our government representatives do not have a clue and fail to realize that the bankers' ultimate goal is to break up the U.S. before we can unite using the Internet in opposition to the fiat money system. We are in a race against time. I hope my side wins. The banker cartel has been in charge for too long.