Friday, June 27, 2008

Are YOU A Collectivist?

Speed Of Gravity

A theory is an educated guess about an incomplete set of facts. That there was a conspiracy on 9/11 is a fact upon which we can all agree. It is only whom the conspirators were that is debatable. However, the speed of a gravitational free fall is NOT a theory. It is a scientific fact. Object that fall to earth unobstructed descend at a rate of 32 feet per second per second. Sir Issac Newton figured this out a long time ago and there is no debate or theories about it. Falling objects CANNOT descend at this speed if anything, WHATSOEVER, gets into the way of that object on the way down. Anyone who does not easily see this fact is really pretty ignorant. If you fall into this group then please do not read any further and just go away.

However, for those of you who do believe in gravity there is hope. We can move on to the next question. That being, how did three steel frame skyscrapers on the same day fall to earth AT THE SPEED OF GRAVITY, yet supposedly while crashing through those hardened steel support beams and reinforced concrete? In the case of the twin towers it took only ten seconds for the towers to completely collapse to earth as if there was nothing holding them up. Upon a closer examination of video footage taken by regular New Yorkers, which most of you still have not seen, the answer to the mystery becomes very clear. If you look the thermite shape charge explosives can easily be seen going off just below the debris as it is falling towards the Manhattan street below. There is NO OTHER EXPLANATION, as to how the towers could fall that fast. It does not make a difference that the media won't report this fact. It's a fact and I am still waiting for you mudslingers to present to me some other logical explanation other than "Bush says so." Until then I have to arrive at the only logical conclusion - bombs were planted in the Twin Towers prior to 9/11 then detonated after the planes were rammed into the buildings. Historically, fire has NEVER brought down a steel framed building. The ONLY way one of these structures has come down is an earthquake or by explosives. If you can't acknowledge this fact then you can go away as well. You too are a fool.

But should you agree that what I have asserted is the only logical explanation then we can move onto the next question. Who planted those bombs? With respect to the Twin towers one could speculate about the question. I do not have a clue who the actual individuals were who did the dirty work. However, Building No 7 was a high security C.I.A. building that was hit by nothing on 9/11. Yet this steel framed building collapsed that day as well but in only seven seconds since it was only 47 stories tall. It was not possible for Arabs to enter that building and plant all the explosives. Only people with the highest security clearance could enter this C.I.A. building. If you can't see this fact then you too can just leave me alone. You are dumb as a rock and would make a fine paper weight.

For those of you still remaining I can't say who the actual individuals were who planted those bombs. But the fact that bombs were used to bring down Building No. 7 is not debatable and even the owner Larry Silverstein admitted during a video interview that Building No. 7 "had to be brought down," by the firemen that day. Unfortunately for this millionaire creep, nobody explained to the idiot that a textbook timed implosion would be impossible to prepare in the five hour after the start of the 9/11 treason. Therefore, I still cannot say who the murderers were who planted the explosives which caused the murder of thousands of Americans on 9/11. However, I can easily see that these questions are not theories but facts. So the head cops, Bush/Chaney should recognize them more easily than Tomas. Yet this has not occurred. Rather, they have done everything possible to hide the truth about these facts. This means they are either the dumbest President/Vice President duo in history or they are part of the conspiracy.

Everything the White House has asserted about 9/11 is easily proven to be lies. The 9/11 report did not even mention the collapse of Building No. 7 much less explain what would cause it to fall. I am a hard person to lie to especially once I know you are a liar. We could easily find out who planted the bombs but first we need to recognize who the most logical leaders of the operation were - Bush/Chaney. Sadly, all they have to do is say Castro is an S.O.B. and most exiles think these murderers are just swell. I agree with them - Castro is an S.O.B. That does not change the facts about 9/11 or make them "theories."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Verizon's Quantico Circuit

Evidently Verizon had a dedicated high speed circuit that went from their offices to Quantico, VA to the federal government so the federal creeps could spy on any Verizon customer they wanted. This is a perfect example of what Mussolini had in mind - a corporate government "partnership" to control the slaves.

Go ahead and believe these liars, thieves and murderers in the U.S. government. Some of you will remain duped suckers no matter how much evidence is presented to you.


You reap what you sow!

You will get what you deserve!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Depression! What Depression?

Tomas Un-American?

One of my wife's friends came across my blog and commented superficially that it seemed un-American. Am I un-American? Let's see.

I'm a Libertarian who has complete faith in the U.S. Constitution so I condemn all politicians who swear an oath to defend and uphold the highest law of the land then completely ignore it. For calling them liars, does that make me un-American?

The men and women who founded this great nation a couple hundred years ago have my deepest respect and admiration. However, "modern" thinkers regularly condemn these tremendous original American citizens looking for all manner of flaws. So I'm the un-American?

I discovered that crimes and high treason have been committed by many of our elected leaders and other government officials. Therefore I condemn the murderous scoundrels. I must be un-American because if this behavior is considered American I want no part of it. I don't suppose I would have been considered a good German either during the Nazi reign.

Some who read this blog may believe I am un-American but I think they have been duped by liars, murderers and thieves who pretend to be Americans. They are the collectivists not me. I have complete faith in individual liberty and self reliance. The real un-Americans are running a slave operation where the slave haven't realized they are enslaved yet. Their masters have the duped ones believing the government is just giving us a cuddle when they are actually tightening our chains.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I try to come here as often as possible to update the blog but life is getting in the way. The owners of the house where we're living decide to sell the house so we're on the move again. I was bummed out at first but after looking at the Real Estate market I relaxed because it's a buyers paradise. So we have to buy a place and be out by September 1.

Then I've been battling my son's Camaro - so far to a draw. I did fix the original problems, - fixed a bad fuel pump, replaced a leaky rear main seal and oil pan gasket. Those things are done but while working under the car you see all the stuff you also need to replace like the rusted off exhaust studs including the one that was supposed to be supporting the power steering pump. I have the headers back from the machine shop where they removed some bad studs but I've still got two broken off in the exhaust manifold. I've destroyed two different kind of bolt out so I'm going to give the huge pipe wrench a try when my friend returns it tomorrow.

I'll be pressed for time until after the first of September but bear with me. My Blogtalk Radio show will be off the air through the summer as well.

See Ya!

Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin Dead

He died of heart failure. My heart aches as I will miss his humor, wit and intelligence. He was a great American - the kind we should all be proud of. He always knew what the deal was in life. He was only trying to explain it to the rest of in a fashion that we'd understand. Good luck George. You should be rewarded for your life.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Food Abundant In Cuba - For Tourist

The Castro boys would have you believe that Cuba has a "blockade" around the island preventing any goods from reaching the people. Poppycock! The U.S. IS the number one supplier of food and medicine to Cuba but none of it is reaching the Cuban people unless they can swipe it when no one is looking.

This is why the embargo needs to be ended. What kind of embargo lets food and medicine through to the enemy while making it appear that we have them surrounded? If the Cuban people ever saw how much food is available for these fat Canadians and other tourists they would revolt in less than ten seconds. Ending the embargo will not permit the Castro boys to buy one dollar more of goods because they are tapped out and already buying all they can afford to buy right now. Plus the crooks can always blame the lack of food and other goods on the embargo and get away with it. Cuban exiles are fighting a stupid information war continuing to permit this situation to exist. Do you know your enemy and yourself? Obviously not because you keep losing all your battles against a two-bit dictatorship.

Drop the embargo, ask the regime what do they want to buy (for cash only) then watch as their broke ass buys nothing. Fantomas sent me this video of the tourist buffet that regular Cubans don't see. The food looks good but looks can be deceiving. Fifty years of communism has rendered Cuba beyond being poor. You don't want to see how the food is prepared back in the kitchen. That's because it take wealth to buy proper sanitation and Cuban communism doesn't produce any. Lots of tourists return severely ill from their Cuban vacation. Be that as it may, what kind of government provides their foreign tourists this lush buffet while starving their own people?