Friday, February 12, 2010

The Conspiracy Continues To Unravel

More new photos are being released that clearly show controlled demolition on 9/11. What this fact means I cannot say for certain. However, shouldn't there at least be an independent investigation of these omitted facts?

Me & The Siblings

My Thanks to cousin Candi for sending me this picture. I'm second from your right. My brother Pat is the intellectual looking one on the left.

Americans Easily Fooled

We all heard it a 1000 times. A large number of prisoners held in Cuba as terrorists, when released, go right back to fighting against America. POPPYCOCK!!!

It is shear propaganda! In this article it is easily disproved but what difference does it make? Americans have been told by our government that these prisoners are dangerous so why look deeper? Why not just be sniveling cowards and do as the government demands? Why? Well Hitler used the same psychology to demonize the Jews and Germans went right along with this little bastard. The German people paid a terrible price for their ignorance believing the Nazi government would only persecute Jews, Gypsies and commies. Americans have laid the foundation for their own destruction at the hands of their own government. Every American who is too cowardly to demand that their government recognize human rights and do the right thing should and probably will eventually get similar treatment by our nuevo Nazis here in the homeland.

Ask yourselves this question. Rather than just accept the blather coming out of government and media propaganda machines that assert things like 1 in 7 released detainees return to terrorism - ask yourself if these liars have given us even one example.

Maybe, just maybe 1 out of 7 released prisoners does not go back to fighting against us on the battlefield. Could it be possible that 4 out of 5 doctors don't smoke Kool cigarettes?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Wolfman 2010

Grow Food

It makes sense. It's how we Americans got our start - as farmers. We landed here with few provisions. Everything we needed we created or grew. It is easier today to do this than ever before because of information availability. Besides, if things are so rosy, why are the elites quietly preparing to survive in the near term?

Here is what I suggest. In our neighborhoods we form gardening coops. Why? Because whatever crops one grows the individual usually ends up with lots more than can be personally consumed. However, among the enormous number of various fruits, vegetables and herbs a gardener can grow - one can't grow them all. So for example, I have a number of fruit trees, lots of tomatoes and egg plants as well as plenty of basil. If there is a neighbor down the block with corn and potatoes we could easily swap these staples meal for meal thereby killing two birds with one stone. We solve the problem of our over production and increase the variety of food available to both families virtually for free.

Naturally, gardening takes hard labor which will not aid one's slide into physical decline. If you grow your own food you have to work at it - literally. But it's good for you. It burns calories, get's you outside and is very rewarding on a number of levels. Not the least of which is being able to eat delicious healthy fresh foods right off the vine or plucked off the tree and bush.

So we have to start over again to rebuild America. Boo hoo... Now that we've got the crying part out of the way lets all get busy. Sure, come November, run the scoundrels out of office. But if you wait that long to get around to gardening that vote will still leave you with an empty feeling in your stomach. So grow something - anything. I suggest tomatoes.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Lady's Man

Where does he find time to golf?

Monday, February 08, 2010

Impoverishment Of The Unborn

Can this be possible in a free country? At the end of the day, for whatever well intentioned thinking which may have been employed to get to this place of surreal future bondage - the fact remains that millions of the unborn are expected to pay for all of this great stuff that we've been using up before they could even get born. Is that fair?

Thomas Jefferson said:

"I sincerely believe... that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity under the name of funding is but swindling futurity on a large scale."

Is this what you planned for your grand children? Each future child will be expected to pay perhaps millions of dollars over their lifetime for our conveniences and convoluted thinking. That's just nonsense on the face of it. You know it. I know it. The banksters know it. But most importantly, they the as yet unborn will surely know it and they ain't going to go for it. The fact is the younger people are already in economic revolt and this will surely expand as time moves forward.

What does this all mean? If you have any modern investment like stocks and bonds liquidate them for cash. Be ready to move from cash to precious metals and other commodities when the printing presses put the dollar in a death spin if these banker bubble head idiots go for the joy stick. Ultimate, everybody must realize that the loot is not going to get paid back and the more Wall Street bailout schemes Bernanke and the Pips at the Fed whip up will surely only delay the day of reckoning.

To the Chinese, Europeans and other investors swindled out of their investments I promise you this. I can't pay you the money and I won't stand by when the unborn are being force to pay you off. They simply won't do it so you should not give our overlords any more of your wealth. However, I can promise you this. If I can convince a sizable number of Americans to see the disgusting unAmerican nature of this impoverishment of the unborn then they will join in the growing revolt and regain control of our government away from the swindlers. Then we will be happy to extradite them to your country for prosecution.