Friday, August 07, 2009

Hilliary Laughing At The People

Central Planners

Is there even one example of central planning that is better than free market alternatives? I know of no historical models. The fact is the bigger the group of fools that allow themselves to be centrally planned the bigger the disaster. Why do we do it?

I believe it is in our social make up. The trouble is we experience the main human collective centrally planned system - the family - then expect this model to work everywhere all the time. So we permit mommie and daddy governments to treat us like children, snoop on us, spend our money for us and direct our time. They censor the information we are allow to know about like the truth about the Federal Reserve Board - for our own good of course. To the central planners, knowing what the Fed is doing is pornography that must be kept from our view. Knowing about the Fed might give us nightmares. So why doesn't parental centrally planned government work?

Love... You see amigos with most families the members love each other and will sacrifice to aide their family members. The princes and princesses that hold domain over us all these days love their family members as well most times. However, they don't give a rat's ass about you or me. So we go and give them the power to oversee our lives right down to the toilet we can install then wonder why we are broke and increasingly abused by these parents?

Come on amigos! It's time to wake up, grow up and take back your power to be individuals - if for no other reason than to save your own family. The more power these central planning parents grab the worse our individual families become. If you can't see that yet, probably because you are still watching the mommie and daddy approved networks, then may God have mercy on you and your family.

Why Audit The Federal Reserve

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Blue Dog Bill Clinton

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Freedom Watch

Gods Bush And Obama

You worship them don't you? Well perhaps you only worship one as a god and believe the other to be the devil. But from my perspective they would both have to be gods if what they both do is legitimate. At any rate you good believers permit the gods to do many things unchallenged. For example, both of these gods detain Arab children right to this very day and torture them in Cuba on the base that my great grandfather rented to the U.S. Some folks are mad at him about Guantanamo but one must remember that the U.S. back then wanted way more than just one naval base in Cuba - but my great grandfather resisted and only rented them one for 99 years. The current lease he did not approve for an open ended arrangement.

These two gods, Bush and Obama, regularly send their angels, many in the form of flying drones without pilots, to snuff out the life of those that these gods agree are both guilty and innocent. The gods have their heavily armed angels ensuring that only god approved speech is permitted in public. Those that defy the gods on this one usually get tazed, roughed up then put in a cell for a day or so before being released. So the gods can take our liberty any time they see fit.

These gods regularly attempt to restrict the former right of individuals to protect themselves using the most effective device invented thus far - the gun. However, the gods are having a more difficult time implementing their will when it comes to gun owners. It makes one wonder if it is a sign that maybe these two are not really gods at all.

Mom used to remind you to behave because God was always watching. In this respect our two most recent White House gods are on par with the God that I was told was the only real God in existence. Bush and Obama both peek into the most intimate aspects of our personal and financial lives just like the old God used to do. Maybe he still does?

Well the majority of you Americans can go ahead and cheerfully permit these two men to possess the power of God and have dominion over your lives. As for Tomas, I'll stick with the old guy I was brought up with. That God seems far more just to me than these false idols. To me these pretenders don't have a clue how to run a universe and only really want power over us.


Senator Mikulski's Response To Me

One of my Senators actually responded to me about the Federal Reserve audit bill moving through Congress. She talks about how the Fed is supposed to contain inflation and promote full employment. Just these two failures alone by the Federal Reserve Board should be reason enough to audit these vipers and it would be even better to close them down outright and return to legal, Constitutional gold and silver money. So Senator Milkulski is still thinking as to whether or not she will obey her oath of office.

My other Senator Ben Cardin responded to me with a form email on a completely different topic. He's a maggot. Here is Senator Mikilski's letter:

Dear Mr. Estrada-Palma:

Thank you for getting in touch with me about the Federal Reserve. It's great to hear from you.

I appreciate hearing your views and I understand your concerns. Congress created the Fed in 1913 to serve as the central bank and set monetary policy for the United States. It has two equally critical goals: to promote full employment and contain inflation. Pursuing these goals requires the Federal Reserve be insulated against political pressures so that it can make decisions in the long term best interests of the economy. At the same time, the Fed must be accountable for its actions. This is especially true now after the Fed has taken such dramatic and unprecedented steps to head off the collapse of the financial system and the economy.

I supported amendments to the Congressional Budget Resolution (S. Con. Res. 13) and the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act (Public Law 111-22) that would have increased transparency at the Federal Reserve and required additional information about the Fed's use of monetary policy in response to the credit crisis. But these amendments ultimately did not become law.

The Government Accountability Office currently audits the Fed, but it is prohibited from examining the agency's monetary policy actions. The Federal Reserve Sunshine Act (S. 604) would provide additional authority to audit the entire Federal Reserve System by 2010 and report to Congress.

S. 604 is currently pending in the Senate Banking Committee. Knowing of your views is helpful to me, and I will keep them in mind should this legislation come before the full Senate.

Again, thanks for contacting me. Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you in the future.Sincerely, Barbara A. MikulskiUnited States Senator Please do not respond directly to this e-mail. The originating e-mail account is not monitored.If you would like to get in touch with me again, please visit my Webform at

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Barney Fife

Obama's new T.S.A. head

Cash For Clunkers Economics

The money Congress gives for clunkers is two billion worth of demands for wealth - not newly created wealth in and of itself. Therefore, every working man will lose about fifty bucks in diminished buying power to fund this inflation. By adding 2 billion of these inflated dollars into the marketplace it costs every man, women and child about twelve bucks so that people who have fuel inefficient cars can get $4500 for them if they buy a new car. This program is good for this small minority of lucky Americans and the car companies that are so mismanaged that they need these counterfeit injections of fiat currency just to stay afloat for another year or two.

But what about all the things that working Americans would have bought with their fifty bucks if not for being forced by the Treasury and the Federal Reserve and the Congress to pay for some stranger's new car? They and the commercial enterprises not patronized by these fifty dollar losers don't get counted in the Obama stats but they lose just the same. But it's only fifty bucks right? Well fifty buck here and fifty bucks there of shrinking purchasing power of the dollar and before long we're carrying a couple shopping bags full of money just to buy a loaf of bread...

Jobless Recovery?

It never ceases to amaze me the terms these tyrants think up. Wouldn't a jobless recover be like a drunken sobriety?

Pirate Ethics

Why are Americans always stunned to learn, for example, that Obama might just have to raise taxes on the middle class? It amazes me. Americans always blindly vote for the pirates suggested for the particular office by the bankster mainstream media. I say blindly because it's obvious to me that most pull the level on election day without more than one thought as they vote - are they Republican or Democrat? This feeble approach to electing our representatives gives us the outlaw representation that the majority deserves. However, it's sure not fair to millions of good American who oppose theft and free range slavery.

Tomas never votes blindly. To even be considered for my vote a candidate must always adhere to strict principles and act accordingly. Why do we have such a bad government that most deserve? That's because most Americans have very few guiding moral principles themselves. The majority of Americans are perfectly fine with the government stealing the fruits of the labor of supposedly free individuals. Yet it is almost universal the hatred for how the crooks spend the loot. Most think good moral principles are spending the loot the way they believe it should be spent.

Tomas never goes there and none of my representation does either. How many of you have asked the philosophical question, "If the rulers can take any percentage of my personal labor for their purposes how can I be considered a free man?" Look at it this way. You must admit that 100 % taking of all your labor output would be outright slavery, right? At what percentage does this no longer become slavery? Remember, even at only one percent the government owns it and also you. The difference between one percent and one hundred percent is simply the fact that the rulers have learned that their slaves will work harder for the higher percentage. But in either case the slave is being milked for his or her labor.

So Tomas never gets to debate the question of how the loot is spent. It is stolen property even at one percent and therefore ill gotten goods. People have said that I waste my vote voting only for morally acceptable candidates. Well the only person I ever voted for who is actually in government today is Ron Paul. So I'm 1 and 0 for picking winners. All my other choices were pro liberty candidates that the majority of you did not pick so they lost. Either that or if the particular office didn't have a pro liberty candidate I refused to vote for any of the choices. I didn't want to give the winner the illusion that I supported their free range slave operation.

The good news is Americans are beginning to give these moral questions more of their thinking time. The bad news is the current rulers are nervous and worried they will lose their free range slave operation to a revolt. To combat this danger to our masters they must treat more of us as the old fashion ball and chain slaves and dispose of the more pesky, uppity ones among the herd. However, there are too many of us if we all wise up to their operation.

There are logical ways to fund legitimate functions of government without reverting to slavery and theft. We can discuss them if you all would quit squabbling over how the current government pirates should spend the loot.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Ayn Rand

The Second American Revolution Brewing

Look at this crowd of angry Americans, amigos:


I did something that I rarely do this morning. I watched a bit of MSNBC. Their little 'Joe" panel made simple things sound so complicated. In a nutshell, they were putting the full court press scapegoating for this bad economy. To these idiotas it is all about the excess bonus pay and too big to fail. Not once did these jawboning fools mention the root cause of our financial woes - the Federal Reserve Board and their fiat money scheme.

Their centrally planned currency crack allows the Fed banksters to create artificial demands for wealth in the form of Federal Reserve notes. They always try to create more of these notes for credit than just and necessary merely to maintain a smooth running economy. This distorts the pricing structure of the goods and services we purchase. Basically, the extra money competes to buy the same amount of goods and services which drives the prices up. In the process the central banksters make a profit just for counterfeiting in this manner. When they don't inflate the money they do not make the profit since they are not counterfeiting.

The more extra currency crack the Fed creates the more profit they earn. However, in all cases historically, central banks can't resist and eventually cause the currency to collapse because of this greedy nonsense. Then some new money created by the same central planning banksters will replace the old discredited money and we start the whole dance over again. Can you say "Ground Hogs Day?"

There is one noteworthy exception to this not so merry-go-round. Our founders understood very well this currency crack swindle and wrote right into the Constitution that our money must be made of gold and silver. The cool thing about precious metal money is it actually has value unlike the paper stuff. Those fiat notes are actually promises made by thieves and liars while constitutional money has value and that value remains constant and stable. With constant and stable money that doesn't constantly rise and fall in value along with the boom/bust cycle it creates we have a stable pricing structure for business and individual commerce.

The trouble is most Americans do not understand these basic economic laws and find themselves up that creek with no paddle. This is not rocket science. Does not airing these facts over the G.E. owned network cause them not to exist or be valid? Is paper fiat money preferable to Constitutional gold and silver money just because the bankster owned networks say so on TV?

TURN THE STUPID MACHINE OFF! Think for yourselves just for a minute amigos with the TV off.