Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Destabilization Of America

We are nearing the critical time. Many things are occurring simultaneously and Americans are confused as to why. These things have been set in motion by design. They flow like a river that brings us all floating to our destination. Most of my fellow citizens still haven't seen where this journey will take us all.

You see amigos, a growing minority of us have begun to look ahead. We see the mist in the distance and have come to realize it represent the churning waters of a giant fall. So we have sounded the alarm for a number of years now only to be scorned and ridiculed for our efforts. We have been shouted down and told to just let the captain steer the boat down the river and enjoy the scenery going forward. However, more and more of the passengers are beginning to see the churning ahead and are starting to ask this question. Where the hell are we going?

Where we are going is into our own demise. Here is why. Put simply, the international banking network is a racket pure and simple. The operation is not rocket science but most folks on the planet haven't a clue about monetary schemes. So we've been ripe for a good swindle and these greedy banksters have been more than obliged to fill that role.

The flaw in this scam is knowledge of its existence. Once regular people start to see the game the game is over. So before this can occur the banksters for several hundred years just start another bully little war killing off another pesky million or more of us. Then they can start a new round of money creation and Ponzi scheming.

Without hesitation I can state that the American people represent the most dangerous threat to the continued operation of this money swindle. That's because of the aggressive, independent streak that runs through us as well as the excellent communication network that our banking conquerors have installed for us. These devices meant to control us are being turned around on our attackers. The international bankers see where this is leading if they don't do something fast. Each day thousands of Americans become enlightened to this criminal banking enterprise. Our country has been taken over for decades and run by the CIA. The agency is funded and controlled by these powerful international bankers using our own tax money and illegal operations like drug trafficking. The vast majority of agency workers have no idea themselves what is happening. They are well compensated to ignore such questions and just do there compartmentalized jobs. So they aid these banking vipers in this process of our nation's destruction. Forgive them because they have been fooled too.

There is still time however. If Americans wake up to the the ruse about Iran being a threat and rise up stopping world war three before it ever gets off the ground then the economy is going to do what it is going to do any way - crash. That's the reason for the war like almost always. When the war is started the banksters stop the printing presses and allow the money supply to decline because they can blame the war for the bad economy. Deflation is necessary in a fractional reserve banking system to increase the buying power of the money. Zimbabwe is a great example of what occurs when the money supply just keeps being increased. The Zimbabwean dollar today is now worthless and for the most part not used. That is not good for those stealing for a living running a banking racket.

Like muskets, Americans are grabbing the weapons meant to control them, especially the Internet, and turning them on the invaders. So the invaders use their agency assets to force their puppet politicians to try to pass new laws restricting our ability to counter attack with truthful information. But all this does is alert more Americans to what is really going on which causes our army to grow. The ruling oligarchy has driven Americans into the streets to Tea Party protest where the puppets lead us.

My country is fortunate to still have a small minority of independent thinkers in those crowds to coach up everybody about this attack. I'm hopeful we can still beat them at their own game. However, once the war with Iran starts then it will unleash such chaos, especially economic, it will end in the demise of America. Is that what you want my fellow citizens? If not sound the alarm.

The banksters are coming! The banksters are coming!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Most Americans Still Believe The Traitors' Lies

The latest excuse put forth by the government to explain the sudden implosion of CIA Building Number Seven is this building had a diesel fuel tank in the building that caused this perfect vertical collapse of the building directly onto its own footprint in 6.5 seconds. If this were so then why the hell would explosives experts be needed to take down old buildings like the Super Dome. High explosives are expensive and hiring experts to spend weeks wiring buildings for demolition is even more expensive. Why go to all that expense and trouble if all that really needs to be done is to stick a tank of diesel fuel somewhere in the building then light it on fire.

But ask yourselves this question amigos if you have the courage. Does the video below look like a building brought down by fire from an exploding fuel tank - or is it more like a controlled demolition?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Got Television Brain?

Television Brain

The Oligarchy Losing Power

The ruling oligarchy has always depended on remaining hidden from the duped public. For the most part that remains so.

Still, a society of people is actually a very delicate system that is very difficult to centrally control with the best of intentions. The reason the founding fathers tried to establish a decentralized power sharing arrangement for governing is they understood the nature of men. Most people are content to work and raise their family. But there has always been a small percentage of individuals who have no need for family or real friends and neighbors. These damaged individuals like Evelyn de Rothschild drawn here by yours truly are sad people.

His thirst for more and more wealth and power has left his senses burned out and unable to enjoy the simple pleasure of life that you and I live for. These revolve around our family and friendships as well as our personal accomplishments. However, to enjoy these things of love one has to have been brought up with them. Sadly for people like Evelyn here he was raised in sterile cold hard conditions by cold hard people just like Evelyn. He never got that hug from his parents. They and their parents were too busy making and stealing wealth to bother with child rearing. That was left for servants to handle.

You can do as you like amigos. You can go out and work like dogs to gain as much wealth and power as you can grab before dying. It's your life. But here is my philosophy. Only own as much stuff as you can care for personally. Therefore, for Tomas, I live in a house big enough for me to personally keep clean and in repair. My yard is just big enough for me to have a good sized vegetable garden that I till personally. My life is occupied attending to these things and cars and other apparatus that my family depends on to survive. It keeps me busy and my mind occupied all of my waking hours. It's a full time job. But I'm always around my family and they are turning out alright. I won't have any servants because I believe it is good therapy to attend to your own needs and nobody is going to write a tell-all story about their life cleaning up after me.

I also hire as few service people as I can and prefer to do-it-myself. Admittedly, there were setbacks decades ago when I started my do-it-yourself lifestyle. But my skills grew through the years and now I tackle about anything here around the house and with the cars. Okay I'm still scared of the inside of a transmission but that's it.

The end result of my lifestyle is self reliance and independence. I have a happy family. We are all physically healthy. We have all the things we need and wants that are satisfied enough to want to get up tomorrow to see what happens next.

Evelyn has never experienced these basic human feelings. He occupies his time scrapping for more wealth and power. He's not the only one which is a big part of the reason for his bad behavior. People at the top like this guy have to contend with others just like him who also covet all the wealth and power they can grab and hold onto to fill their empty miserable lives. So he has to engage in these unseen struggles with the other oligarchies around the planet. He is surrounded by people who would stab him in the back if given the opportunity. It is an uneasy existence but it is all these people have known. I sleep like a rock while these top oligarchs have never had a peaceful night's rest with both eyes closed.

The important thing to remember is these people are not like you and I but they are in charge of us nonetheless. They in effect own us. They squeeze us for our own personal labor output to use for their purposes like going to war with Iran here in the coming weeks. The people must awaken to the misrule of our lives and ill gotten seizure of our wealth by these damaged people. Though these oligarchs are emotionally damaged they are intellectually cunning and ruthless. They must be removed from power over the rest of us and return to us possession of our own individual wealth.

I believe that day could happen soon. This is because all of these top oligarchs have greedily grabbed so much wealth that they have killed the goose that laid the golden egg. They are making themselves visible more and more each day by their desperate attempts to keep their empire hidden and afloat. But if the police are getting fired too then who ill enforce the tyranny perpetrated by the oligarchs?

The problem in the eyes of Evelyn, Prince Charles, the mullahs in Iran, the Zionist oligarchy in Israel, the Castro oligarchy in Cuba, the Communist Chinese oligarchy, the U.S. Neocons in Washington and other big and small oligarchies around the world is there are just too many dang people on the planet. The fact is these top people have secretly been behind the murder of millions of people already with delusions of driving those number up into the billions with modern biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. But the reality is they are terrified of the mob and the biggest most unruly mob are the Americans - we always have been. People around the world are awakening by the millions to the oligarchies and their agenda. But more important would be for people to realize we don't need them or their rule over us. All we require is our own personal wealth output unstolen by these thieves and their accomplices in government. Since they can't pay for cops anymore to enforce their rule over us nor the public schools to dumb us down to their hidden agenda we might all soon be able to keep our own stuff once again here in America. Perhaps that freedom may even spread over the entire planet. Wouldn't that be nice?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Walter Williams