Thursday, August 30, 2012

The End Of America Nears

All signs point to America as we know it ending within weeks. The top officials in the government are unprincipled traitors. A hundred million Americans have become dependent on the kindness of these strangers for welfare, food stamps, medical care, Social Security payments, etc. These Americans are barely getting by now as it is and they are heavily concentrated in the cities. What's next?

One way or another I believe the traitors will shut off the money. It could be a cyber false flag farce where on the targeted date none of the debit cards will give access to our money, the food stamps stop arriving as well as the cash payments to the poor. The presstitute media will be all over the airways saying something like, "Americans awoke this morning unable to access their bank accounts as the entire banking system was attacked by a coordinated strike that at least for now has disable the banking systems." Naturally, this will be the usual pile of crap.

If Eric Holder, America's top cop, can give guns to gangs resulting in thousands of murders including U.S. law enforcement personnel and no one is punished, then stealing every one's money would be a cinch. But this is not the end game.

What do you think these 100 million dependent Americans will do once they have no way to feed themselves and their kids? How about everybody else who has no way to access their money in the banks? It will be a riot. The cities will burn and rioting will be widespread. The chaos will be unimaginable. This is the point where the traitors at the top will send in the military to supposedly restore order. In reality these traitors will use the opportunity to cull the population of useless eaters who they had promised to care for after stealing their money all these years. In addition those who are considered trouble makers will be eliminated including some state governments. There are foreign troops on American soil right now including Russians actually training to fight domestic American terrorists alongside our troops. They have been overheard speaking in Russian how they will help defeat the enemies of our corrupt leadership - then they will kill the corrupt leadership.

Even if there were actual American terrorists, other than the usual government suspects, why in hell would we need goddamn Russians to fight them?

Things are bad...really bad and I don't know how I can get that across to everyone. There are too many of you who still don't have a clue about the real world. You live in TV-land where every problem is solved within 60 minutes or less then everybody is singing or dancing. My main problem is I don't want my family members killed or left to die. I have the most wonderful granddaughter who gives me tremendous joy just by being with me. I just want you to know that the top leadership of this country don't feel these emotions because they are incapable of such human love in their damaged mental condition. These vile beasts actually enjoy murdering children.

What can we do now? Well remain calm and do not riot no matter how desperate things become. Of course, like W.C. Fields alcohol for snake bites, if Americans don't riot the traitors will bring a riot with them. Store food now as well as cash. However, the reality is we don't need little green pieces of paper to live. We have plenty of stuff and skills to barter. When the green paper stops flowing just say the deal is off with the American government and their tax slave operation based on green foreign bankster fiat currency. You should have NO time for rioting as you will need to secure food, water and other human needs using your skills and stuff. Having said that you will need some seed currency for the future like food or you will be desperate. No matter who you are you should be able to at least buy a big bag of beans and a bag of rice to survive those first six months of the financial coup. By then if no violence happens then Americans would see how well we can survive without the weight of this criminal gang milking us dry.

By that time we will have won and America will have returned to its roots of individual responsibility and liberty. The traitors and collaborators will have fled the nation leaving the real American leaders behind to show the way. These will be the millions of local good Americans doing the right thing without the federal obstructionists in the way as is the case now. What do you really need if you stop paying for a corrupt foreign controlled federal government? Me? I need my granddaughter and my family, friends and neighbors along with a bit of food, water, other vital human needs and hope for a better future. How about you?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Collectivist Menage

Mitt, Fidel, Barrack,
sitting in a tree.
Avowed col-lectivists all three.
First came envy,
to divide the people.
Now all that's left is a sad herd of sheeple.