Friday, April 27, 2012

Government Workers Should Beware

Hello bureaucrats. What have you done for oligarchy lately? You are very expendable to the elites and at the same time very expensive to their payroll. This is a deadly Oklahoma type situation where two birds could be killed with one stone.

Ask yourselves this question. Are you all collectively worth more to the top people like Eric Holder, alive - or dead and martyr?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No Romney Votes Here

Me vote for Romney? Absolutely not! It will not happen unless there is a Paul on the ticket with the Mitt. That way I can pray that the creator will haul Romney's ass home leaving an American president in office.

Look at it this way amigos. Whether Romney or Obama they are both compromised and beholding to the foreign bankers who are installing them over the television networks. You all go ahead, hold your nose and delude yourselves that Mitt will be a big difference over Obama. Your television will agree with you wholeheartedly and at the end of the day, isn't that what really matters to most people? If the television airs the same opinions which you hold so dear then you must be right.

Not Tomas! In fact, if the media even gives a hint that anything whatsoever is good then I immediately suspect it as bad. Once you realize that all of the networks are controlled by filthy traitors it becomes easy at this stage of the battle to know who your real enemies are.

For you Romney supporters I have a predictions. As much as you love him today, if he ever makes it into office (and I doubt seriously he will once MSNBC airs the dirt they've been holding back till after a nomination) you will all despise him.

For many, they will never see how they are being played by the good politician/bad politician scam. The dupes are lied to and misled by their idiot box and it's taking the country down.