Friday, December 26, 2008

Madoff...With 50 Billion

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bin Ladin

The Founders Warned You

Basically, what has happened to us is we let power become centralized away from local control in favor of federal control. This was accomplished by the schools being taken over to assure that we were never taught the history and clear reasoning of the U.S. Constitution. So today we are reduced to a mob that often condemns this brilliant document meant to enumerate our rights as individuals. Talk about being dumbed down. Rather than receiving a proper education that would enlighten you, the central planners made sure all you got was the Wizard of Oz scarecrow diploma. You were assured you were smart now and they gave you the sheep skin to prove it.

The main trouble with federal control is corruption closely followed by mismanagement. The higher you go up today's federal ladder the more corrupt you are apt to be. It is the way of human nature. The greedy power hungry few always claw to the top whilst you and I are content to make a few bucks to take care of our families. The only power we care about is that which we hope flows through the electric lines. Today's federal elite are a pool of individuals that would make the Roman nobility blush. Ask regular bureaucrats and they will confirm this if they are honest. They have to work with the scum of the Federal Registry.

Now the good news. This cesspool of federal corruption is about to come to an end. If you can just survive the next several years I think life will get pretty good. The reason is the game these crooks play cannot be paid for anymore and they now squabble amongst themselves in vain attempts to "save" the system. But they are doomed. These central power mongers, which you were warned about by the founders, have woven a trap too complex to unwind. We are an economic house of cards falling to the bottom. But if you forget about all your faux investments and plan for the future then things will get better.

Your main concerns should be food, water, housing and protection. Everybody will be hording soon and this will be the final nail in the central planners' coffin. It is the signal that the people have lost all faith in the leadership and the current system. If there is enough of us who understand the economics of the Constitution then we can decentralize and prosper in peace once more. If the majority remains an ignorant mob watching TV and playing video games then they play right into the hands of the central planners. These snakes will do as they have always done and use violence and deception to try to maintain control. Lots of luck tyrants. This avalanche is going to be a tough one to get out in front of.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Cuban Grinch

Message From Cuba & My Response

Mil gracias por haber aclarado esas facetas de la compleja personalidad y accion de estrada palma, figura que hemos evocado de manera bastante eliptica y reductora en el marco de las oposiciones ....

Un saludo.


Many many thanks! You know I live a very comfortable life now. I could just shut up a do quite nicely for the rest of my life.

However, I can't do that. I can't be comfortable while so many suffer needlessly. Cuba, like the U.S., has so much potential wealth. In both nations the rulers reduce production of wealth by greedily demanding their ill gotten cut of our labor.

All we need is for the individual to own 100% of their own labor, real money based on gold and silver and a society funded mostly by the Georgist site value taxation model to have a very wealthy country.

This is the dream that I wish Cubans would put into reality. I dream that Cubans, who are so desperate now, would one by one spread these simple truths to one another until every Cuban understood. Then they would rise up as one and make my dream become a reality.

If Cubans did this they would also be freeing the people of the world as well. Now there is a truly revolutionary idea.

Merry Christmas amigos!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cuba Exposed

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