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GORKI AGUILA (PORNO FOR RICHARD) .... You can talk to him by calling 787 758-7230.....


...Inmediate release ...


GORKI AGUILA (PORNO FOR RICHARD) .... You can talk to him by calling 787 758-7230.....
Be ready to record this will be awesome..
You can tune in here domingo 13, 8 pm -11pm EST
Este domingo en una entrevista exclusiva desde la habana cuba en vivo el tiempo que sea necesario el gran musico y valiente cubano GORKY AGUILA....TODO CONFIRMADO...SU MUSICA Y TODA SU VIDA CON JAY MARTINEZ Y EL DREAM TEAM DE LAS 9PM POR NOTIUNO 630 EN SAN JUAN PUERTO RICO.

Slave Diets

Slave Diets

Since 1962 Cubans have done without many things Canadians, Europeans and other take for granted like food. The fact is the King's slaves were accorded more food than Castro's slaves.

Food Ration in 1842
for slaves in Cuba:

Meat, chicken, fish -- 8 oz
Rice -- 4 oz
Starches -- 16 oz
Beans -- 4 oz

Castro Gov. Ration since 1962:

Meat, chicken, fish -- 2 oz.
Rice -- 3 oz
Starches -- 6.5 oz
Beans -- 1 oz.

This is but one of the reasons why in Cuba the main cause of death for people 15 to 48 is suicide. Eighty-three thousand Cubans died in the Straits of Florida trying to escape that despair - the despair of having no future in Cuba, nothing but regret for ever supporting the big liar Fidel in the past and a present filled with hunger and fear.

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The house that you see there...
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by mannymiami

The house that you see there with that big hole in the wall was ocupied by a family.These people had no running water ,so they had to collect water from a water truck that would come by every other day and then drag and carry there buckets up to there apartments. As far as the toilet system, everytime they went to the bathroom they would have to toss out there unwanted excrements through that big hole in the wall. It was shocking to see how these people live.Walking through the streets of Havana you can help to realize that the smells of excrements is in the air, only because the sewage system in that city is a disaster. Sometimes when I talk to people that are traveling to Cuba, I tell them to get away from the touristy areas and to go out and see for themselves the true Cuba. Thanks to the revolution full of lies, the revolution that was to help the people of Cuba , once one of the richest countires in Latin America and now the biggest Favela or Slum. Now I wonder, why is it that Varadero Beach looks like another country with all its modern amenities and luxury hotel and town houses???

Gorki Rocks!

Sex, Lies and the Cuban State

Sex, Lies and the Cuban State

Cuban society is marked by sexual permissiveness and, though prostitution is illegal, a relaxed, laissez-faire attitude toward jineteras and foreign tourists. Casas particulares in many provinces are legally permitted to register chicas as the guests of their foreign clients. In the few municipalities that have ordinances forbidding such intercultural dalliances, casa owners complain that they are unfairly singled out and losing money because they are unable to rent out rooms to their most habitual clients. The shameless selling of sex may very well shock and repulse some visitors to the island. For Cuban tourism, it's a large and growing problem, no matter how blasé Cubans may appear to be. Foreign men on the prowl are a dollar-earning component of tourism not just for the girls but for the state, and the Cuban government, which touts itself as an exceptional promoter of social justice, can hardly be seen as complicit in the systematic abuse of its young women. Equally damaging for the state, the current situation harkens back to the rampant prostitution sex shows of pre-revolutionary days.

Castro Defenders

Castro Defenders

While surfing the net I come across many defenders of Castro. They cry about the "blockade" as if Cuba is ringed by naval warships stopping all goods from entering or leaving the country. They praise Cuba for free health care even though that myth is a cruel hoax on the poor Cuban people left dying for medicine. Most of these useful idiots are just dumber than a rock and are fools who are easily duped by the Castro regime. A small percentage do it for fun and profit. However, many Castro supporter are growing more quite now as the truth that we have been screaming about for decades is finally leaking out. But it is too late for you supporters who have been spouting off on the Internet to find cover. Your words of support for the tyrant will be with us for eternity. In many ways Hitler's supporters were much more fortunate in that there was no world wide web during Nazi Germany's war years. My advice to Castro cheerleaders: Shut up and change your name.

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Tourist Warnings Escalate

Discovery Network Duped

Discovery Network Duped

Are they complicit or just lazy? I suppose you would have to examine each media outlet on a case by case basis. But why did the Discovery Network last week broadcast a program on Cuba that asserted among other falsehoods that, Cuba has free health care widely available for all Cubans and also that Cubans own their homes? Ethical reporting demands that you check sources yet the Discovery Network obviously took the Cuban government's propaganda verbatim. Maybe they were just duped? Maybe they are co-conspirators with the Castro boys? Either way their credibility with me plunged off the radar. If they wanted to get their credibility back they have to get one of their reporters to dress up like a tourist and go into Cuba. Leave the tourist resorts immediately and go among the people. Ask everyone where this all inclusive free health care can be found. Ask them if they own their own house and can prove it by being able to sell it or remain in it if Castro become cross with them. Goebbels said that if you tell a big enough lie often enough it becomes the turth. The true problem is that these elitist media snobs think they already know the truth and won't even go here to see another perspective.

Chavez Silences Media

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More Laptops to Cuba

Dengue Fever Again!

$20,000 in Charges

Don't Go To Santiago de Cuba

Kangaroo Court Jesters Crying

Kangaroo Court Jesters Crying

I've about had it up to here with all this babble from Havana about the release of
Luis Posada Carriles. The man HAS been acquitted twice in open court - a concept unknown in Cuba. Rather, Castro organizes a squad of goons to try the accused in the streets or homes of crimes that are not crimes. What the hell is "Dangerousness?" Then the newly street-convicted are beaten by mobs on the spot or haul away to a Castro gulag for slow death. So shut up about Luis Posada Carriles!

Tourists Jailed!

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Obsene Contact with Children

Canadian: Poor Reviews Accurate

Canadian Tourist Get Spy Treatment

"Unaffordable Free Cuban Health Care"

Castro Can't Blame USA for Hijacking

Castro Can't Blame
USA for Hijacking

No he can't because he can't afford to give the hijackers a public trial. What really happened in Havana last week no one on this side of the Caribbean Curtain knows for sure. But it certainly was not a hijacking to the US. That flight would lead to a long jail term for air piracy. Something else definitely was going on. Maybe Castro will cut a deal with the conspirators for a show trial and a promise of leniency. But they would be stupid to follow through with any deal and should double cross the Castro boys and just tell the truth. It's their only chance of survival. Naturally the junta is already threatening their families with death and misery should they not cooperate. Was this some kind of coup? If they do have a trial no foreign observers will be allowed in for sure. They can't risk it in the event the defendants double cross Raul and tell the truth. So we'll get a final video edit complete with all the scenes the regime wants our side of the curtain to see and all the ones they don't conveniently deleted. So they can't blame the USA for this one...not without a good old fashion trial. A Cuban kangaroo court won't suffice for this scapegoating.

Unidad Cubana


A principios de 1991, convocados por Armando Pérez Roura, un grupo de cubanos y cubanas, preocupados por la situación de la patria, se dieron a la tarea de constituir un Comité Gestor, para darle vida a la Unidad Cubana. A instancias del Comité Gestor, comenzaron a reunirse diversas organizaciones. En esas reuniones, se puso de manifiesto que existía, entre todas ellas, la misma preocupación por lograr la unidad del exilio. Posteriormente, comenzaron a reunirse las delegaciones de las principales organizaciones existentes en Miami. Se organizo un Comité Ejecutivo que estuvo integrado por patriotas como el Dr. Manuel Antonio de Varona, Pedro Encinosa, Dr. Luis Figueroa, y Andrés Nazario Sargen, Juan Pérez Franco, y Jorge Mas Canosa, entre otros.

El 12 de Julio de 1991, mas de cien organizaciones se reunieron en el Dade County Auditorium, y desde allí, en una velada memorable para la patria, formularan una declaración común, que revelaba la unidad de acción y pensamiento del exilio. Esta fue la estructura inicial de la Unidad Cubana.


En su primera declaración, Unidad Cubana se comprometía a luchar por establecer en Cuba, una genuina democracia, que garantizara al país un régimen jurídico, enmarcado en la interdependencia de los tres poderes del Estado, que asegurara, a todos los cubanos, el respeto a su plena dignidad y a sus derechos civiles, políticos, económicos y sociales. Unidad Cubana abogaba porque se restablecieran, después de derrocada la dictadura, el derecho a la propiedad privada y las mayores garantías a las empresas, pero en función social, de modo que estas ultimas otorguen a sus trabajadores adecuadas condiciones laborales y salariales.


Desde su primera declaración Unidad Cubana ha rechazado el dialogo con los usurpadores del poder en Cuba como solución política por entender que paraliza y desvía la lucha por el derrocamiento de la tiranía, y porque tiende a establecer formulas mediatizadas de arreglos políticos, y compromisos con los responsables de la tragedia nacional cubana. Desde su fundación, Unidad Cubana ha apoyado a la resistencia interna por todos los medios a su alcance.

Cuban Investment?

Cuban Investment?

By now investors in Cuban joint ventures, like Thomas Cook, Spanish hotel operators and Sherritt International, know they are in trouble. Here is why.

The trial lawyers are already circling Thomas Cook like buzzards on a dead carcass. Sure when the first cases of tourists receiving negligent treatment at the hands of their partner, the Cuban government, foreign companies might have been able to claim ignorance. Now, after a decade of ever declining horrendous "service" by the operators of tours to Cuba, these unscrupulous, greedy profiteers have no excuse. Manny Fontanova knows full well he is sending his clientel into a no fresh water zone in Cuba. Worse yet he conspires with his Cuban gang to hide this fact from the unsuspecting customers who are becoming sick in increasing numbers. From my little unscientific research I found that the people who seem to have the most fun in Cuba are the people who stay completely drunk while there. But do not let the percentage of alcohol in your stomach drop to unsafe levels or salmonella can easily take hold. Mind you - from what I reading from these tourist chat boards somebody is going to die. At anytime during this very day and everyday there ARE tourist sick in Cuba or at home having recently returned from Cuba then becoming ill. Everyday this continues Thomas Cook risks corporate suicide when one or more of their customers dies. Worst of all for their defense, I can prove they knew everything and did nothing. We warn you once again. Stop booking tours to Cuba before you kill somebody.

As For Sherritt International and the Spanish hoteliers, I've seen what you and your Cuban gang have done to the Cuban landscape and Cuban moral respectively. You have scarred the nation while exploiting Cuban slave labor. Dump as much cash and equipment as you wish into Cuba but you are very shortly going to lose everything. Your former fifty cents a day slaves will be the new owners of all your equipment. The maids, bellboys and waiters of the hotels will own an equal share of their tourist facility formerly owned by a Spanish investor, for another example.

Since you are soon to lose everything in Cuba and legally banned forever from doing business in Cuba again, wouldn't it be better to cut your losses? As it is now you are burning your bridges. If you pulled out now and made a public statement about your mistake, maybe Cubans would let you back into Cuba in the future. But you continue with your arrogant enslavement of the Cuban people then expect to be welcomed back in by the freed slaves? Get real! Divest now, admit your error publicly and contact us about reparations. You see unlike American slaves after the civil war, the Cuban slaves will control their government soon and their leaders will surely vote you off the island. Act appropriately now or suffer the consequences soon.

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JFK Plot Finally Uncovered

Excellent Chavez Analysis