Thursday, October 18, 2012

Free Energy On The Near Horizon

Basically, innovators are doing things that tap into energy available from the earth's magnetic field and we are on the verge so hang on and don't riot. With free energy you can homestead anywhere and live off the grid. The cities would have a harder time cramming in desperate people looking for survival.

Check here:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Plan To Defeat The Bankers

Henry George wrote about the main cause of poverty and explained what to do about it. Basically, stop taxing anything involving human labor but instead tax land based on location and resources. No your house would not be taxed. It's based on human labor which we Georgist believe is the individual's property. Read about this great work here:

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Election Stage

It is obvious the global bosses have decided to dump Obama in favor of Romney. This staging is accomplished every election by the media telling everyone who is winning the race. Because the majority of voters don't have a remote clue about reality they fall into three voting camps. Two thirds of the voters are solidly in one camp or the other having been totally programmed to do so. Then there's that mushy middle group that doesn't have a clue about anything, who or why they should vote so they vote with the herd just to be safe.

Naturally the collaborator media reports on which candidate is preferred by the elites by saying how he is surging in the polls and winning the horse race. The mush lines up every election and picks the globalist foisted choice tipping the balance.

Don't get me wrong - normally they are happy with either pick. This election they've realized Obama's a bit nutty and want him out. So if the pattern holds true with Americans once again being duped by this fake left/right bull, then Romney will be president. It's a lock just like I told you Obama would win the last go around. I'm not a soothsayer.  This is simply the method used successfully every election so the real rulers of America get the guy they want without fail.

This is not to say some earth shattering event could shake Americans out of their staged election stupor and get them to vote for an American candidate this time like Gary Johnson. We will have to wait and see if the meteors appear this election and on whom they land.