Saturday, November 27, 2010

TSA Gropes Secretly Designed To Criminally Coerce

The big difference between today's corporate/state fascist thugocracy and Hitler's Nazi Germany is the Internet. In both cases the filthy slime operating officially in the halls of government direct the levers of tyranny in the dark.

These traitors to their own people slither around in the dark and operate in secret. But the reason these miserable excuses for people usually fail is because most people are good people. Good almost always rats out the bad.

This was the case with the MIAC report where the Department of Homeland Security labeled about half of the American public as domestic terrorists. Of course we were not meant to know about this fact. Fortunately there are many good people working honestly within the DHS and the numerous police agencies around the country. Someone from the inside leaked the MIAC report to the public then it hit the Internet and went viral. Americans in the majority now realized that their own tax funded government labeled us as terrorists. That is a two way street because we now look at the government as terrorists.

In fact the federal government has been caught again acting just like Nazis right down to their arrogance driven ignorance. They just don't get it. They feel they are so genetically superior to the rest of us apes, so righteous in their use of power over us that they feel as if they are a higher being like gods on earth. Another paper was leaked from Homeland Security which you might eventually hear about on the enemy television networks. Basically it sets out the policy with regards to these TSA scanners. Everyone who opts out of the scanner is being put through this sexual assault groping and humiliation intentionally to intimidate the rest of us into submitting to the TSA scanners. This official public humiliation and sexual assault policy is intentional despite claims of innocence from high TSA officials.

I believe willfully humiliating and sexually assaulting individuals for the purpose of coercing them to submit to the attacker's demands IS a crime. Up til this point the government has stated all of their suspect behavior was meant to protect Americans. Now in their own writing we learn that the TSA groping policy is meant to coerce and not protect. But you and I were never meant to know about it because it's a secret. was a secret but that's the beauty of the Internet combined with good people including those inside of government. They are our French Resistance undermining the fascists from the inside every time they leak the secret evil unAmerican plans of the traitors among us.

My thinking is everyone who submitted to the humiliating sexual assaults because they were told it was for their safety has a criminal and civil case against every single individual in the chain of command from the groper with the gloves right up to John Pistole the head of TSA. A class action suit is appropriate and some astute lawyers I am sure will jump on the TSA scum committing sexual assaults for the willful purpose of intimidation and coercion.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Love That Max Keiser!

The Real Terrorists' Commercial Interests

The majority of Americans think the terrorists who want to attack us are in a gang called Al Qaeda which exists only because Americans are just so dang free that it really cheeses these Muslims off terribly.

However, this is utter nonsense and the timing of past attacks shows the real story. Take yesterday for example. All of the traveling Americans heading to their Thanksgiving destination were made to go through Nazi-like checkpoints to assure all were safe against Arab extremists. But I knew everyone was safe. How?

That was easy for me because I know who my real enemies are while a majority still remain clueless and in fear from all directions everywhere all the time. My real enemies depend on the commercially funded enemy television networks and they depend on sport's broadcasts, especially football. So naturally, yesterday being Thanksgiving with three NFL football games playing on the enemy networks it was a sure fire lock that everybody was safe against Arab extremists. You have to go back to the seventies to find an example of terrorism during a big sporting event and even that Olympic terror didn't actually harm the commercial advertising profits. It just delayed the revenue stream until the terrorists were finished and the games and ad revenue resumed naturally with even more fan interest because of the terrorism.

The fact is there has NEVER been an attack during "America's Game." Isn't that convenient? Imagine during a football game the broadcast cuts away to some horrible act of terrorism. Whoop...there it is. The ad revenue goes right down the drain as the football game continues but without the network broadcasting the sports spectacle because they have cut away to bring news of the terror. Even more terrifying than the terrorism would be thought of missing the game just to show a few thousand Americans getting murdered. In fact it could cause many American to want to declare war on somebody for missing the game - even Heidi.

Here is a tip for the bettors of the world. Take any bet at any odds that no terrorism occurs during an NFL football game. The same holds true for March Madness. Baseball also has been immune to terrorist times as has NASCAR. The NHL is a terrorism free sport along with the NBA. The fact is now that I have pointed this out no bookie in his right mind would take the American sports terrorism bet from here forward.

So with next year looking like an NFL strike/owner lock out year along with a canceled season I suspect any big terrorist attack or other staged event will most likely happen in the fall of 2011. Gamblers may want to bet on it if someone can be found stupid enough to take the bet. Until then most likely the terrorists will fiddle around and printer bomb us and go from one TSA controversy to another staged struggle. The public will be like kittens focused on fast moving events dangled in front of their eyes meant to distract and confuse but amuse those directing the distractions.

Mark my words. I warned back in 2006 the economy was heading south while experts like Ben Bernanke assured everybody that the economy never looked better. I warned we would have a swine flu outbreak a year or two before it happened. Just recently I warned that we would have false flag attacks before the election and bingo - out pops the printer cartridge bombs. So next year things look very ominous. You have to look at it this way. America has been the military whores for the foreign bankers who operate in collusion with our secret police agencies. All of our foreign policy for decades has been geared to protection of these banker's interests like in Iran where they lost the oil fields they had stolen during British occupation in colonial times. They are obsessed with getting them back. Because we have been whores doing the dirty work for the bankers militarily we should expect to be treated like whores and kicked to the curb now that the banksters have finished screwing us. Still, 300 million American whores can be a dangerous bunch to mess with if this brothel wises up to the truth. This means we definitely must be fractured and set against each other. America must be neutralized as a threat to the ruling western oligarchy even more so than the Chinese communist oligarchy. Although it is possible that the Chinese oligarchy will be instigated into war against the American people eliminating both of us as dangers to the western bankster oligarchy. They, along with the traitors allied with them in the American halls of government, have the very best bomb shelters and could hold out for years while the rest of us are extinguished on the surface.

So unless everybody wises up we have less than a year till the big event that will change the future of America forever.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

History Of Our Intelligence Elite & The TSA

As usual, the oligarchy has Americans debating nonsense about the TSA. Lets get right to the heart of the matter and reexamine the history of the top dogs who are responsible for our protection.

In the late 1940s the National Security Act created our secret police apparatus initially consisting of the CIA. They got right to business overthrowing the prime minister of Iran because he had a mind to steal back the Iranian oil fields which the British had originally stolen during the UK's colonial occupation of Iran. It worked too for several decades meaning the oil was flowing west with the foreign bankers raking in the profits under the Shah of Iran's rule.

Just when things appear rosy up pops Fidel Castro in Cuba...but the CIA had plans for him. But none seem to work so they come up with this scheme during the Eisenhower administration to get the growing number of exiles to launch an attack at the Bay of Pigs. Then Kennedy got elected and instead of being a hawk he saw the writing on the wall. When the Cuba invasion resulted in fiasco Kennedy was determined to smash the CIA apart because they had become a shadow government with power over the elected civilian government. Kennedy was not going along with the program with respect to Southeast Asia either.

Then Kennedy even goes as far as talking with the Soviet leadership during the Cuban missile crisis and smooths the entire affair without so much a firing a warning nuke over the heads of Muscovite's. That was the final outrage for the CIA who now felt this president was a traitor for not risking the American people to a total nuclear war. Plus Kennedy also ordered the Treasury to begin issuing silver money challenging the currency monopoly of the Federal Reserve Board's foreign bankers. So they jumped onto the kill Kennedy bandwagon along with Lyndon Johnson who just wanted to be president. The Zapruder film shows rather clearly, despite the FBI's best 1963 efforts, that Kennedy was shot from several directions a distance away but the fatal shot came from his limo driver who turned in his seat and capped Kennedy with an exploding shellfish toxin pellet delivered from an air pistol. Americans, though suspicious, bought the story because it was confirmed on TV.

The networks had become propaganda tools of the CIA and were instrumental in their next operation. It was a completely made up, tail-wags-the-dog, conflict that never occurred but was broadcast as fact over all the networks of which there were three at the time. Supposedly the Vietnamese had fired on our destroyer in the Gulf of Tomkin. It never happened which even the complicit networks now admit but this TV lie led to over 50,000 dead GI's and millions of dead humans in Indochina.

With all the ensuing presidents after Kennedy's elimination the CIA got basically what it wanted. When the Israelis and the Arabs went to war in the late 60's the CIA and President Johnson, as an insurance policy should Israel be losing, decided to have unmarked Israeli jets repeatedly fire on the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean. In fact Johnson was heard to scream, "I want that ship at the bottom of the goddamn Mediterranean Sea!" But the tough American ship stayed afloat, the surviving officers and crew were given medals to shut up about the facts, and the whole incident was blamed on mistaken identity by the victorious Israelis who didn't need to blame the Egyptians for bombing the American ship giving the U.S. the excuse to invade and save Israel from defeat.

Through the 1970's and 80's the American secret police murdered and bombed and committed acts of treason domestically and genocide overseas. They were destabilizing government's all over the world. CIA bombings were big in Europe so it could be blamed on "leftist" sympathizers.

Then, our secret police agencies had their worst nightmare come true. Their number one boogieman, the USSR, collapsed. So they formulated an entirely new boogieman, the Muslim radical. This was especially convenient since the CIA needed to invade oil rich Arab nations
to get the oil necessary to hide the inflation by the agency's allies - the foreign bankers controlling the Federal Reserve Board. CIA funding depended on fiat inflation as well as their black ops revenue derived from sex trafficking, drugs, arms sales, etc.

When one of the CIA's stooge presidents, Clinton, was getting flack from a growing militia movement and constitutionalists, they saved his presidency by loading a building full of federal sacrificial lambs in Oklahoma with high explosives killing even the children of these bureaucrats in a daycare located in the building. They blamed a patsy named Timothy who was in on the plot but not as a militia member. His sister claims he was working for U.S. intelligence.

All of this history aside, the CIA's crowning achievement was the 9/11 coup. They planted high explosives in three towers even though most Americans only think 2 buildings fell that day. But the CIA blew up their own building too because that was the command center from where they took down the twin towers. To throw off suspicion the traitors fired a missile into the Pentagon as well. If that fourth plane would have made it to its destination at the U.S. Capital building and taken out the Congress then all of the clues left behind by these traitors would not have mattered. Fortunately, the plane was shot down in PA and the coup was incomplete.

Still, the coup plotters got the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA each with gestapo like powers. The current CIA stooge president only on his orders can designate anyone a terrorist and have them imprisoned without trial, tortured and officially murdered. And you expect these guys to protect you?

Ask not what the TSA should do to protect you. Ask what you can do to smash the TSA, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and all of the other secret police agencies responsible for so much bloody treason into a million unrecognizable pieces. It would be appropriated to arrest the traitors to American, try, convict and justly punish the scoundrels currently ruling over us.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Statist Democrat & Republican Party Leaders

Are the Republicans so very different or do they merely advocate spending our labor output on different social engineering? As long as Republicans join Democrats to conspire over how my labor output will be used by them - they are both a pack of thieves.

Do Republicans really want to try a different approach? Not the party leaders, who like their Democrat counterparts are a band of statists. You go ahead and kid yourself that they are different while they are still rummaging through your wallet for revenue.

If there are Republicans in Maryland that want to change tax systems from this slavery based plantation model to one that is fair, principled and that will actually improve society for just about everybody then outlaw income tax and replace it with a sort of rent payment. Rent payments would be based of the location value of land - period. No longer would taxes be based on slave labor output from such sources as taxes on building, sales, wages, other personal property, etc. All of these are based on labor output which morally belongs to only the rightful owner - the poor individual that earned it and not the gang of thieves stealing it.

But the earth is another matter altogether. We must share the planet and that provides a tremendous opportunity to fairly pay for society at the same time.

However, before anyone could possible go forward to understand how brilliant the proposal is, one must admit to being completely ignorant about the outcomes of such a bold economic move.

It doesn't have to be that way though. Your homework is to read "Progress and Poverty" by Henry George. It is about an eight hundred page book so that means the majority of Americans will never turn the first page. But if I could get enough people in key positions to read this masterpiece then it might just get them to ponder how Mr. George's plans could be implemented today.

Should that occur, do I have a plan for you! Once I understood the economics in this book, in which Henry George explains everything including what is going wrong and why, I knew we were fast approaching today's depression. I also understand things are due to get a lot worse too. But I figured this was also the best chance I have to get people to look into this intelligent reform now that the slavery based economy is crashing and burning - again.

I could turn any country in the world into one of the wealthiest most secure nations on the planet in five years with this plan. Wouldn't it be great to start with the Freestate?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korea Fire Artillery

Where are the bankers going with this number. One must assume that these financial attackers arranged the first shots of this skirmish. North Korea naturally would respond in kind. But what's it all about?

Is this the launch of the big one...the beginning of world war three and the culling of world population? Or is this just another dust up to keep us interested in this conflict and not the other big one which of course is the economy. How do you tell?

Well one sure fire way is watch for the rats to abandon ship for the safety of their first class bomb shelters. The elites have top-of-the-line bunkers with all the amenities. One thing the elites have in common is everybody near to them and far knows who they are. When they all hit the road at the same time and go missing this is not a good sign. If the top players are still dining at their regular haunts then not to worry amigos.

However, if you busboys and waitstaff notice important people missing in dining action then please give the rest of us sitting ducks a heads up here. Thank you for your consideration.

Al Qaeda Messages Preposterous

How does the government and big network media lie to thee? Let me count the ways. No...there are just too many lies to ever know for sure. So lets concentrate on one form of lie - the Al Qaeda message.

Haven't the majority of Americans ever had thought to question officials about these Al Qaeda messages and warnings? How does the government receive these warnings? Because the warnings are issued immediately after an event occurs it would rule out the mail as the mode of communicating these warnings right? No, a real warning would need to be communicated electronically to be received in such a timely manner.

All real warnings must be sent by phone, fax, email, etc, to arrive in such a timely fashion as this. There is no other way. So my question is why hasn't our government protectors just traced the calls? Why didn't the brave American secret police just check the IP where the email came from? You see this everyday like with the Craigslist murderer. The same holds true for pedophiles romancing the children. They always get caught because they use electronic devices to communicate and they are easily traceable.

Lets get right to the truth. There is no Al Qaeda as Americans have come to know this fake terror organization. In reality they are Al Boogieman meant to frighten grown adults like scared little children who are even willing to have themselves groped by their government parents now.

Most Americans never give these questions a second of intelligent thought. They never contemplate what I am warning about because most never read my blog. But the secret police never miss a day reading my blog. I get the Department of Homeland Security, the CIA, the Bureau, and all of the rest of the secret police agencies that have been taken over by traitors controlled by foreign bankers.

How do I know this? I told you. The Internet is a two way street. Whenever the secret police pay a visit to my blog a record of their visits is left for me. The question is why would the secret police be so fascinated by my blog to never miss a day? It is so they can respond to the questions like the ones I have pointed out today before most Americans have even thought to ask the questions.

So secret police traitors! My question to you filthy unAmerican scum is why do you read my blog everyday if I'm just ranting? Don't you have some busy work to do tracking down Al Qaeda? If what I am saying is wrong and the secret police have been right all along then wouldn't it be a crazy waste of time and resources to have even one secret police agent wasting time reading my blog? Of course it would be.

However, if I'm correct that you traitors in our corrupted secret police agencies are filthy traitors then naturally it makes perfect sense to monitor what I am warning about. So why can't you trace where these so-call Al Qaeda warnings originated from and why do you read my blog everyday? As for the American people, why don't you ask some logical questions for a change rather than settling for these silly fake warnings from the secret police trying to scare up some more tax revenue?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Gov. Connelly: Limo Driver Shot Kennedy

Today's False Flag Percentage

Today there is an 80% chance of a new false flag attack. It is the anniversary of the JFK assassination. The domestic traitors do have a wry sense of humor about dates and numbers in general. The chance of false flag terror attack will remain high through the remainder of the week except during the NFL football games where too much ad revenue would be lost.

Cubans And The JFK Coup

Below is an excerpt on Lew Rockwell discussing the book "JFK and the Unspeakable Truth." It is particularly relevant to Cuban exiles who were played for suckers by the CIA because the CIA feared Kennedy and they wanted to undermine him before he shattered the agency into a thousand pieces and scattered it into the wind. The CIA knowingly sent Cubans into a trap that the CIA knew all about beforehand yet never told the exiles or Kennedy. So you exiles can just go ahead and trust the Republican Party leadership controlled by this very same CIA cabal.

Not Tomas Estrada-Palma!

First, Kennedy, who took office in January 1961 as somewhat of a Cold Warrior, was quickly set up by the CIA to take the blame for the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in April 1961. The CIA and generals wanted to oust Castro, and in pursuit of that goal, trained a force of Cuban exiles to invade Cuba. Kennedy refused to go along and the invasion was roundly defeated. The CIA, military, and Cuban exiles bitterly blamed Kennedy. But it was all a sham.

Though Douglass doesn’t mention it, and few Americans know it, classified documents uncovered in 2000 revealed that the CIA had discovered that the Soviets had learned of the date of the invasion more than a week in advance, had informed Castro, but – and here is a startling fact that should make people’s hair stand on end – never told the President. The CIA knew the invasion was doomed before the fact but went ahead with it anyway. Why? So they could and did afterwards blame JFK for the failure.

This treachery set the stage for events to come. For his part, sensing but not knowing the full extent of the set-up, Kennedy fired CIA Director Allen Dulles (as in a bad joke, later to be named to the Warren Commission) and his assistant General Charles Cabell (whose brother Earle Cabell, to make a bad joke absurd, was the mayor of Dallas on the day Kennedy was killed) and said he wanted “to splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” Not the sentiments to endear him to a secretive government within a government whose power was growing exponentially.

It's All Security Theater

Americans have finally seen the truth of the matter of the TSA gropings. It is security theater meant to convey to the naive American public just how dangerous the traitors to this country want you to believe the fake terrorists are. It is bad acting pure and simple. The filthy scum working for the invading foreign bankers have to act like the fake terrorists are immanently threatening so the government must be extreme in their behavior to prove this nonsense.

The same holds true for torture. The filthy traitors can convince Americans the threat of Arabs is so great that we must torture them for information. If we can't half drown them, beat them, burn them with cigarettes, rape their women and even Arab children as well as outright murder a few of them, how is a government supposed to protect us?

Don't get me wrong. There are individuals and groups involved in terrorism. Almost all of them however have backing from one or more governments around the world. The largest, most expensive and cleverly run operations are those put together by the British and American secret police. Whether these false flag terror murders are in Mumbai, London or New York city they are designed to put the occupants through shear terror and open to intolerable restrictions on their own personal liberty.

Here is where the secret police made their mistake. The traitors to their own people just went to the well too often with fake terror. The reason is the same arrogance that Hitler possessed. Both Hitler and these traitorous tax funded secret police scum think they are so damn smart and that you and I are so damn thick and stupid that they could pull just about any black operation off, right down to blowing JFK's brains out in broad daylight live on the enemy television networks and we would believe that a patsy like Oswald had done it. However, we are NOT stupid. We've just been ignorant - in my case for almost 50 years. Unfortunately for the traitors I've wised up to the game and began looking back at the amply proof of the true history of those 50 years. How fortunate for me that the truth has always been there waiting for me to have a look.

This security theater includes murdering some of us from time to time to keep the rest of us in line and scared. The fact is it still works for the majority who rely on traitors for protection against murders directed by these very same traitors. Once anyone like me learns the truth of the treason the game is over. From here forward I don't believe anything emitted by this government or their enemy television networks. I still listen to what they assert because part of their modus operandi is to warn of their future attacks using predictive programming. The traitors always explain the form of attacks to be used against us that they will blame on the fake terrorists.

The predictive programming is like the program you are handed as you file into the theater to watch a play. It prepares you for what you are expected to see during the play during this act or that. The current traitor program predicts pandemic plagues blamed on nature, nuclear detonations blamed on Iranian or North Korean backed fake terrorists as well as an airliner being crashed into populated areas - most likely on the East Coast.

Now that you know the program all you have to do is wait for the next act. But remember, even though it will be murderously serious, it's just an act.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


The stupid woman shilling on MSNBC this morning was doing her darnest to convince Americans that they are crazy to not submit to the grope or the scan at the airports. She kept repeating over and over the chant used to line up American sheep...nine eleven, nine eleven, nine eleven.

Of course that is what this whole affair is all about. The rogues in this treason are doing their proper marketing to establish how many still believe the fairy tale about nine eleven and how many see the naked emperor trying to grope us to convince us he still cares for our safety.

The good news is the revolt is growing and it will take off if you see what you really look like on the scans as opposed to the ridiculous drawings aired on MSNBC by this morning's stupid woman.

Look here at my earlier post.

TSA Line In The Sand

The reason the TSA is sexually assaulting Americans is the government is trying to establish how many Americans still trust these apparatchiks enough to allow them into our most personal space to supposedly protect us. What these traitors have found, despite growing opposition, is a large number of Americans are still ignorant or stupid enough to actually believe that they are being protected and willingly submit to these assault.

The traitors running our government had hoped the TSA assaults would give them verification that Americans would fall for another fake attack on us by these snakes. Because so many Americans are revolting it may be enough of a signal to these vipers that the next false flag attack might not succeed. Millions of Americans already know about the treason committed by rogues going back to their assassination of JFK.

So even though these traitors like Dick Cheney, the criminal Bush family and all of the other neo-con scum are ruthless bastards they are also cowardly chickens. If there is even a chance that they will be caught perpetrating another attack, like little girls, they will be too afraid to commit another false flag attack.

Perhaps they might need further verification before green lighting the next fake attack. That may mean a couple fingers up your rectum to establish the percentage of Americans who remain sheep and those who have wised up.