Saturday, May 03, 2008

Don't Listen To Ron Paul

Why should you listen to Ron Paul? The banker cartels' media shills have already told you everything they feel you should know about.

Vote The Tri-Lateral Ticket

So you think one of these three stooges of the international bank cartel will bring you change do ya now? They will bring more change alright but we'd be more secure if we had dollars. The bank cartels' media shills
tell you who to vote for every election and you slaves ALWAYS do as you're told.

Friday, May 02, 2008

History Of Your Masters

Just Tomas The Kook Again

This is the form of government that Mussolini had in mind...a corporate/government "partnership" where private security guards can kill us when the government gives the go-ahead and not be prosecuted. You see like I've been warning you, these idiots have ruined our dollar and now are so worried we are going to revolt they have implemented the system to kill us off. When are you slaves going to realize that you are a nuisance whenever there are too many of your mouths to feed after a banker cartel economic collapse?

Look at the family name of the writer.

The FBI Deputizes Business

Today, more than 23,000 representatives of private industry are working quietly with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. The members of this rapidly growing group, called InfraGard, receive secret warnings of terrorist threats before the public does—and, at least on one occasion, before elected officials. In return, they provide information to the government, which alarms the ACLU. But there may be more to it than that. One business executive, who showed me his InfraGard card, told me they have permission to “shoot to kill” in the event of martial law.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Good Morning Cuban Youth

I have noticed many more of you coming to my blog in recent weeks. Something is going on in Cuba to make this possible. For whatever the reason I thought is wise to address you all personally to point out some facts.

Firstly you will not find any lies here. I tell the truth no matter how ugly. Secondly, our governments are a pack of scoundrels, liars, thieves, cut throats and murderers. I have no use for either. While there is no Miami mafia per se, the U.S. federal government is a criminal gang like the mafia - but without the code of honor. The difference between most Americans and you and I is we know our governments are deceitful and selfish while the duped American public believes the U.S. government is working on their behalf and honest. They are also under the delusion that the media here is independent from the government and reliable.

So amigos, you have come here searching for answers to your dilemma. You will find them here if you study these pages hard. Basically, what is wrong with both our countries is the belief in "collectivism." Collectivism comes in many forms like communism, fascism, democratic socialism, etc. but they have a unifying factor. In all these collectivist systems the rulers get to issue group rights, responsibilities, rewards and punishment while forcing the individual to sacrifice their time, body and money to the group. TO HELL WITH COLLECTIVISM!

Join the INDIVIDUALISTS' INSURRECTION!!! Neither George Bush nor Fidel Castro gave you these human gifts - the creator did. Therefore how your personal assets are used should always be YOUR business as long as you are not hurting someone else. I want you to own your time, body and money because I know of no other way in which you will be able to secure your future but with your own mind and hands. You have been led to believe that collectivism will make you rich and set you free. Fifty years of this nonsense proves that belie3f to be ridiculous.

I have laid out completely in these pages a new economic system for Cuba for you to examine. It is based on individual liberty and honesty in government. It forbids the fiat monetary system that both Cuba and the U.S. employs to aid in enslaving us. The plan recognizes that wealth is the stuff we want and need to lead a decent life like food, toilet paper and even some luxuries. It explains that wealth is a combination of human labor and the land. It recognizes that for all of human history society has been built on the backs of labor while allowing the land barons to monopolize and horde the land tax free. My economic plan for Cuba will reverse this stupidity and leave human labor tax free and while taxing the market value of the land to pay for society's needs.

So if you young people are tired of being poor and bored then read up on this economic plan. Feel free to ask me any questions as I'm sure you will have many. Spread the word and we will build a wealthy, peaceful Cuba faster than you could have ever imagined. You can't get back time. If you waste it all it is gone and you're dead. Almost 50 years is a long time to waste. Is is a shame that so many have already died and never known peace and a decent living. It would be a pity as well for you young people in today's Cuba to waste your whole life. Remember, the individual is the most powerful when he is joined by other individuals who are unified in their demand for their own liberty. If you all believe then you cannot be stopped in your march to peace and prosperity.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Slave Reminder!

Just a word of caution to you slaves. Remember, you don't have rights any longer. All you have is what you can get away with when nobody's looking. So be mindful of your masters' whereabouts.

Price Control Gas & Diesel?

Some truckers were here in town a couple of days ago protesting about high diesel prices. They were calling for a cap on diesel prices which is a nice way to say price control. I feel their pain but alas they fall into the category of members of the vast majority of duped ignorant Americans.

I recall not so fondly the United States last go around with price controlling gasoline in the 1970's. Then, as now, the bankers using their government assets were trying to hide inflation. Gas became scarce and I wasted much time in a gas line on my odd day. My license plate ended with an odd number so by law only odd days were available for me to fill up if gas could be found. Some people waited for hours creeping along a snaking gas line only to reach fuel nirvana at the pumps then discover the station had just run bone dry. They ran out of gas right at the pump but on the bright side the government was keeping the price of gasoline artificially low to hide the bankers' inflationary madness. For my time and money people I prefer to buy very expensive gasoline and diesel rather than the cheap government priced stuff that can't be found anywhere to buy except at the end of another snaking gas line.

You see economy-ignoramuses, though I'm wondering if you'll ever have the capacity to grasp this fact, these high prices for commodities are cause by the vipers in the international banker cartel printing up oodles of currencies. "Vipers" is how President Andrew Jackson referred to them - right before he kicked their asses and their fiat money schemes out of America. Then the value of the dollar grew stronger every year. Well that is until 1913 when the bankers got back in with the private Federal Reserve Board and some dirty laundry on President Wilson to get his signature on the dotted line of the Act. Thanks to these "vipers" today our dollar is worth a crisp 3 cents in 1913 figures. For those still slow of cranium that means you could buy in 1913 using just 3 cents what it now requires one dollar to purchase. What it means amigos is if the Federal Reserve Board was never begun you'd be paying around a dime a gallon for gasoline. Sure you'd be making less money as well but your pricing structure would at least be stable and your costs predictable. The reason the truckers are so angry is they are having a hard time figuring out how to make a profit. Well good buddies start by stabilizing your currency and that's a big ten four!

Are you beginning to see the big picture suckers? I call you suckers because that is what the banker cartel has made you until you WISE UP!!! Then you will join me as merely an angry victim who is looking for some justice. You'll join a growing group of individuals who know the root cause for these ridiculous price increases and like weeds this cause must be ripped out by the root. We must rout out the bank vipers in the central banks the world around and abolish the fiat money systems. So if you truckers want to keep on truckin' you'll learn about the fiat monetary system and read up on how good old President Andrew Jackson routed the vipers out.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hello Cuba!

You have been totally disillusioned by the broken promises of communism. But you see pictures of people living in the streets of America and you hear about all the violence and this sure does not sound appealing. What's a disillusioned Cuban to do? Tomas is feeling your pain. You see my amigos the evils that you experience in Cuba as well as the awful stuff you hear about that goes on in the states has one main root cause - collectivism.

Certainly these two countries of ours have developed their own nuances of collectivism like two hybrids of a rose plant. However, roses will always be roses and a collectivist will always be a collectivist. They are "groupers." In both nations we are more alike everyday however. Here's how:

1. We both use the same monetary systems - the fiat type. In your case Cuba uses two fiat money systems but the net result is the same. The government can print up as much as they like and reduce the purchasing power of us regular slaves.

2. Both our nations the government is in charge of and owns our bodies. They prescribe what is legal to ingest and violations of the government's edicts can result in long prison terms.

3. Our governments are heavily involved in human sexual behavior and reproduction. Though not consistent over the years our rulers have set forth varying legal sexual behavior and contractual relationship laws for private consenting adults. Tax law has been employed to manipulate birth decisions and at the same time tax money is spent on abortions. These decisions are made in both countries in the highest political offices in the land.

4. Cuba and the U.S. have governments deeply involved in the rearing of all children. In both countries the government can and does remove children from their parents' custody then requires the parents to plead and prove themselves worthy to merit return of their own children.

5. Our labor is taxed and regulated by our central national and local governments. In short, we are somewhat slaves suspended between being in the same circumstance as black slaves of the old south like convicts in each nation for violation of the above mentioned slave laws and others - and serfs having about 1/3 of our labor constantly being culled like in the middle ages. We are getting the Al Capone Special whether we like it or not because have they got an insurance policy that we'd have to be crazy to resist.

6. Americans and Cubans are numbered by the government and each individual must carry travel papers and present them any time a government official demands to see them.

7. Both nations set up road blocks, stop all vehicles and interrogate the passengers.

8. Our countries are heavily involved in manipulation of the publics' perception using media assets. In Cuba the people know the government controlled media is not reliable but in America the people unfortunately believe the media is somehow independent from the government which of course they are not. Therefore it makes manipulation of Americans' perception much easier than in Cuba. Essentially, Cubans know what is going on in Cuba but can't do anything about it. Americans don't have a clue and are not about to go about changing things by finding out.

I could go on for quite awhile amigos but I hope you get my point. We are both slaves to our government masters. I have no interest in running your life. I don't want any more power than to mind my own affairs. To sum up I want a new arrangement with a people and a government that recognizes the God given rights of the individual.

How about it Cubanos? I don't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting Americans to wise up. They still think of themselves as free. At least you guys know the deal. You know what I'm talking about in Cuba - government sucks. So if you're interested in designing an honest government that recognizes the sovereignty of the individual I've got some ideas I've been trying to run by you ALL.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Thanks Angel

I spoke with a very nice gentleman last night on my Blogtalk show. Speaking with Angel, or more precisely just listening to him talk, was a freshing breath of clean air. He exuded the confident wisdom of a man who had seen his share of adversity and overcome it. To Angel, life is a Court of Law and he is the Judge. Angel does not require "analysis" by the MSM dogs of lies to explain to him how he should be thinking. Rather, he possesses a keen sense of the difference between right and wrong. Like me, he feels he must seek the truth no matter where it may lead. Men like Angel know the sound of the ring of truth. They can hear a liar coming from a mile away too.

I was sitting in his classroom as a 10 year old boy last night while Angel told the facts of his experience at the same age when an armed soldier stormed into his classroom and proceeded to brow beat, berate and threaten the children and also their parents if they did not follow "revolutionary" thinking. WHAT KIND OF ASININE SETUP REQUIRES THIS SORT OF NONSENSE? Then Angel went on to describe how Cuban parents went about each night deprogramming their children from the lies they had heard at school each day. Have any of you American parents done that as well from some of the nonsense your kids bring back from school these days? These young Cuban kids were also warned by mom and dad not to let on that they had been deprogrammed or the whole family would get into trouble. What a terrible weight to have to carry on such young shoulders everyday! You can see how a man gets wisdom having to deal with that nightmare world being so young.

I respect people like Angel because they are reasonable which is to say they respond to reason and not emotion. That is just the sort of ability you must possess to negotiate the communist nightmare world just mentioned. You must hide your hatred for the system to survive but all the while you know the real reason for your unreasonable situation. Angel does not believe everything that I assert at this time. Fortunately, Angel is a man who responds to facts, all of which I do not believe he has yet seen stacked up in such a fashion as to paint a clear picture. However he is wise. Already he has snagged onto one key piece of vital evidence. Now he is sure to get to the truth because this evidence will lead him to the ultimate conclusion as easily as one plus one equals two. As for the rest of you whirling bundles of emotionally driven protoplasm - take a page from Angel's book.

I know how most feel about the world today but I'd prefer you think about it.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Evidence Or Argument

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

There is a difference between the two. Argument is when you say "that idea is kooky." Or "you're crazy to believe that." Evidence is when I say "here, look at this video and notice the large ball of now solidified steel. This is proof that steel has been melted. On this video you will hear firemen stating that they saw molten steel running for weeks. It is a well known scientific fact that kerosene cannot burn hot enough to melt steel - especially for three weeks! This is the reason jet engines are made of steel." At this point in a debate if any evidence were to exist to refute these facts then it would be up to a logical debater to bring it forth. Alas there is no one who has yet brought me any credible evidence to make me believe these above facts are not true among others. But I'm still only being argued at. Elemaza has the lastest argument. Here it is:

Elemaza has left a new comment on the post "Our Troubled Masters":


Life is too short for me to waste an hour and a half of my time watching this piece of scurrilous anti-American propaganda. Suffice it to say that I have seen bits and pieces of it over the years and find it asinine. This "evidence" wouldn't get past any well-educated person with a high school degree.

Firstly you will note that Elemaza has refused to examine my evidence like the molten steel question. Rather, she uses argument and accuses me of spreading "scurrilous anti-American propaganda." The "bits and pieces" of evidence she has not addressed is my evidence about the steel and again relapses into still more argument. Then she questions my intelligence without giving evidence of cool melting steel and still we have more argument. But I don't wish to argue even though I can be very good at it and even to the point of being cruel and hurtful. That's not what motivates me - the truth is.

Then Elemaza offers two sources which she claims as reliable:

Here are two reliable sources that state the counter arguments much better than I can say briefly. They don't take anywhere as long to watch/read as the conspiracy video:

I can see why as well. Here are her sources:

wikipedia, which I constantly hear Cubans like my friend Larry Daley complain about for in accuracy, states nothing about steel melting at 1800 degrees. The maniacworld site is what is known as a hoax site meant to confuse, divert and minimize the question at hand. Again this site gives no proof about a cooler melting point of steel. Elemaza has again resorted to argument of an entirely different question, about which she is wrong as well by the way. There have only been three steel framed buildings that were alleged to have been brought down by fire and they all fell on the same day as fast as the rate of gravity could pull them down by free fall. But here we have another argument even though the very first debating point is not address by Elemaza.

Then Elemaza continues:

I am not a structural engineer, are you? I studied structures as part of my architectural studies. The last video has excellent explanations about how structures fail, and how it is not necessary for steel to melt to cause structural failure. You can clearly see the bowing of the columns in videos just before the collapse.

As to the idea that all that concrete from the collapse "disappeared"--then what exactly was the acres of rubble that took over a year to clear and cart away--chopped liver?

Now I've got better things to do, like finish yesterday's painting so I can post it. Put this silly conspiracy to rest and go play with your children.

Elemaza questions my education but I never claimed to be involved in any way with engineering - she did. However, because I am not an engineer I thought it might be worth an hour and a half of my time to listen to what the head of this group of structural engineers and architects had to say on these questions. Elemaza unfortunately states that she didn't have time for it though. As you can read apparently there was time to pen ample argument however. Next Elemaza argues about concrete disappearing even though I never made that assertion. I stated the floors were missing or in other words in a pulverized state. If Elemaza wanted to refute this she might of sent me one picture of floors pancaked together like you will see in the Mexico City earthquake where floors actually did pancake down. Instead she argues incorrectly that I am asserting there was no rubble where the World Trade Center buildings were demolished. Again more argument about an incorrect assumption.

Elemaza sums up her argument that she has better things to do than argue. I am certain she does and I don't fault her for trying to talk some sense into my head for believing the truth about something that she cannot even contemplate or investigate it is so horrible. However, Elemaza if you ever get a bit of time please address the original debating point about the PRESENCE of molten steel at the demolition site. Specifically, do you acknowledge that there was in fact molten steel or do I need to bring you more evidence if you have the time available to look at it? Then we can address the question of how steel can "run like lava out of a volcano" according to firemen on location - for three weeks! I completely agree with you that there has been no credible evidence of a rogue government conspiracy anywhere - in the MSM. However, if you can get by the hoax sites there is an overwhelming preponderance of evidence on the Internet - but you have to look.

As far as argument goes I have no time for that either. As for my children playing with me - they are adults for the most part and play games that don't interest me. I'm happy just to get a meal in with them once in a while.