Saturday, May 04, 2013

Elimination of the Federal Government Amendment


This Amendment to the U.S. Constitution will dissolve the federal government and return all governing power to the states and the people respectively. The federal government having fallen under the control and domination of foreign interests, is thoroughly populated by traitors to the Republic and beyond redemption. Therefore this Amendment will eliminate the federal government of the United States of America, return sovereignty to the individual states as well as the people, define how the national affairs will be attended to by the states and finally spell out an orderly system to divide all federal assets justly among the states.

Article I - Upon ratification of this amendment all appointed or elected federal officials and office holders shall be immediately terminated from their positions. Rank and file federal employees shall fall under the jurisdiction of the individual states in which they are located with the state legislators deciding upon the fate of these employees.

Article II - Design and appointment of a new executive national branch of government. The states shall appoint a new president, vice-president and cabinet for the remain federal functions as decide upon by the convention. The President shall carry out the orders of the states who will shall apportion a part of each legislative session to attend to the national affairs of the republic. All debate on legal constitutional proposals shall be done via teleconference and votes tabulated in a similar open and verifiable manner. The U.S. Congress shall lose all governing power and be made ceremonial for a tourist attraction.

Article III - Dissolve the Federal Reserve Bank and transfer all assets to the National Treasury. Order the Treasury to begin issuing both greenback dollars and gold and silver coins. Treasury shall create and spend greenback currency for national infrastructure projects to get the nation working once again.

Article IV - The literal meaning of the U.S. Constitution shall be readopted including any portions of the document that may be amended by the convention. A Judicial Review Committee will study the prior rulings of all federal judges and compile a complete list of all judges who violated their oaths of office by not upholding the U.S. Constitution. These judges shall be removed from office by the convention.

Article V - Amnesty and Reconciliation. The Convention shall set forth provisions and parameters to permit those with information of the high crimes and treason such as the Fast and Furious gun running crimes to come forward with information so as to mitigate their criminal and civil liability. The plan would trade information about the criminals in the highest offices in the land for leniency in sentencing or even complete amnesty where the convention deemed it appropriate.

Article VI - The convention shall terminate all federal laws and regulations. Henceforth the states and localities shall craft all laws and regulations within their respective states provide they do not conflict with the Constitution. National laws and regulations would be proposed and ratified by the states using systems provided for by this convention.

This document should be considered a starting point and used as a boiler plate to return America to freedom and prosperity. This is just a beginning for the tremendous quantity of work that needs to be done by patriots of the republic.