Friday, August 19, 2011

Needs Aren't Rights

This is my response to Freddy on Facebook:

So as I understand your thinking Freddy, the government took over health care starting in the 1960's with medicare and medicaid plus they've been taking a growing portion of our personal labor output to pay for all of the things that many consider rights like health care, food, education and such. Now it is clear that it is the government that is in the hip pocket of big pharma and the insurance industry and a bunch of other big banksters and multi national corporations.

Not surprisingly we can't afford to pay for adequate Social Security to get grandma off the cat food, Medicare has been cut and many can't afford health care now much less food and housing - but the corporations in bed with the grand arbitrator of rights du jour and general fairness, the government, are raking in record profits. So you tell me Freddy if you wouldn't mind. What's your plan to use the government to get these rights to everything we need to exist.

I'm certainly not minimizing the importance of the things you categorize as rights then demand the government make them happen. I prefer to think of things like food, water, health care, housing, etc. as vital human needs rather than rights. Is it wise to place these vital human needs to be delivered to us by a criminal organization? Is it working out currently? Wouldn't it be better to be free and control the fruits of our own labor?

There is no need to share the harvest of others at the end of a government gun. It's not labor we have to share. It's the earth. While we squabble about getting our rights by virtue of the forced kindness of others the globalist control the vast majority of the planet and all the resources. They are ranking us over the coals and renting us our rights to everything including even our money. If you want to be fair leave everybody's labor alone. We need it to buy bread and other daily needs.

Instead, go after the globalist's land holdings. Fund government with a tax based on location value as well as resource depletion. The vast majority of people own no location and would pay zero tax. Naturally, the wealthiest own the best locations and would pay the highest tax. Also, the big corpo's own all the resource rich land and would pay high tax as well. Read "Progress and Poverty" by Henry George and you will get an entirely different perspective on how we could do things much more fairly.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

More 9/11 Straw Men

The traitors have created many straw men to cover their crimes. Richard Clark, a counter terrorism official, now claims a massive cover up in this article. The narrative du jour is that the top CIA guy, George Tenet, withheld information about the impending attack by Bin Laden from the White House.

Of course we all know now that Osama Bin Laden was not clever enough to wire the CIA Building Number Seven with the high explosives that brought it down in a textbook timed implosion. So Clark could be trying to cover his ass from culpability in the 9/11 coup.

But more than likely he is aiding the traitors by creating this straw man that still pushes this nonsense that cave Arabs "done it." That makes Dickie Clark a co-conspirator.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fukushima Cracks Spewing Steam

Daily Show Notes Ron Paul Exclusion

The networks have been excluding Ron Paul to such a degree that it is laughable. So Jon Stewart couldn't help but notice on the Daily Show. Take a look at this short video of the Daily Show. It's a riot but it really shows how hard the networks are trying to steer the election like they always did before we were wise to their game plan.


Monday, August 15, 2011

How To Treat Cancer

When I read this cancer insider's words about the cancer treatment industry I nodded in agreement. But a shock ran through me when I read she treated her breast cancer effectively using essiac.

I recommended essiac to my friend Ricky's mother who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. They said she had six months to live. He got her the essiac because she refused to have her own throat, voice box and tongue surgically removed as treatment. A month or so later the doctors said there was no sign of the cancer.

This essiac worked but there's a caveat to this story. When Rick's mom ran out of essiac the lump began to return. Ricky got her more essiac and the lump went away. Then she refused to take more essiac, the cancer returned and she died. She was tired of living and decided to move on. However, as long as she took that essiac she was cancer free.

Most of the ingredients for essiac can be grown in the garden and the slippery elm part is widely available. A month's supply of essiac costs about $30 commercially and you'll want to buy it freshly produced and not sitting on a shelf. There's the problem for the billion dollar cancer industry. There's no money in it for them so they hide the truth and feed us snake oils.

Cancer patients are desperate to live so I'm hoping they get this message of hope, take essiac and live rather than chemo and die a slow death. This will expose a giant sector or the criminal conspiracy between this government and big pharma/cancer research. I'd love to have cancer surviving families joining our movement for the truth. This government is killing us.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Taking Voting Orders

Since the invention of mass media the rulers have been telling us how to vote. This was accomplished through clever Madison Avenue marketing strategies applied to a knave public that absolutely included yours truly.

One of the main tools deployed in steering the election the globalist candidates' way has been the omission - the network black out. Even though a majority of Americans are wise to this ancient tactic the sorry networks keep trying it. Here is an example where they put out another poll that excluded Ron Paul's name from being mentioned. It's like if they just don't say the forbidden, taboo name then Ron Earnest Paul cannot win.

That 54.94 % for other is of course Ron Paul's numbers. The establishment is frantic. They know the numbers for Ron Paul show he will still take the Republican nomination despite the election fraud planned to counter his real honest American candidacy. The last thing these crooks want is an earnest president.

Sadly for them that's Ron Paul's middle name. So provided the rulers don't get away with another false flag attack...AGAIN...or assassinate Ron Paul he will be America's next president. That means a few thousand of America's top political and corporate movers and shakers will be heading off to jail - or worse.

Finally, just remember this. Ron Paul as the Republican nominee will crush Barrack Obama for the presidency. ALL of the other establishment globalist puppet candidates like Rick Perry will more than likely lose because they offer the same shtick as Obama but don't read the teleprompter as well as Barrack.

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