Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Patriot Act And Steny Hoyer

I won't bother contacting Steny Hoyer to ask him to not support the Patriot Act. In fact from his perspective he must vote for the Patriot Act. Why?

Well I could easily prove Steny is guilty of misprision of treason and with a bit of subpoena power probably outright treason. So he needs these usurped unconstitutional powers to round up people like me and you like the Nazis had to disappear us. They don't even have to give a reason or admit they've snatched us in the first place.

So guys like me they will eliminate because I've figured out too much about Steny and the gang. Maybe they'll give you the Nazi group shower because you have some things they want to steal. Perhaps you might be one of the people who Steny and the gang feel, as the Nazis did, are a subhuman - one of the profane. You should know who you are because you possess all of the deadly traits. You are lazy, slovenly and undisciplined. This has led to ignorance which allows the Steny to manipulate and exploit you right into the camps thinking you are going on holiday.

So of course the Steny is a definite "YES" on the Patriot Act. He's saving his donkey. The two Senators from Maryland are another story. Mikulski and Cardin are more likely dupes. If they are dupes and vote for the Patriot Act they will hand the Steny and gang to tools necessary to remove the dupes in the Senate while they are rounding the rest of us up. Just check your history, Senator Barb and Senator Ben to see what happened to many of the political leaders in Germany when the whip came down. So if you are dupes you will be Senators Dogmeat and Dirt if the gang gets their way. Just the notion that these violent extremists in government believe that they can decide whom is worthy of right and not the Creator should give the good Senators pause.

If the good Senators were wise as well as innocent they would be filibustering the hell out of the Patriot Act thereby acting like patriots themselves. Ben and Barb should talk it to death. We'll see...

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Your Internet Tattle Tail

Here is a perfect example of how the oligarchy knows what you are likely to do next as well as know a nation of Egyptians and Tunisians are about to revolt. Your computer is a window into your preferences and decision making processes. You tell your computer everything. Your computer and many others remember everything you assert or want in life. Therefore it's easy to know what's on your mind and millions of other minds as well.

If you don't believe me go to this site. Type in your tweet name such as: @yourtweetname. Very quickly you will receive a report about what's on your mind and what is not. Now imagine the oligarchy begins to get millions of people curious about some topic such as the flu vaccine and its safety and effectiveness. This tells the oligarchy that there is growing suspicion among the people that vaccines are harmful and ineffective. This allows the oligarchy to get out in front of the crowd before the majority becomes concerned about vaccine safety. An information campaign is tailored to address concerns about vaccine safety before the bulk of the people every realize they are going to be asking questions about the topic. Once they do so they will have already been programmed to think that vaccines are safe and effective plus anyone who questions this notion is a nut with foil haberdashery.

This tactic works every time too! The Internet is a two-way street with which the rulers play the people like a banjo. However, once one understands this tactic it become strategically worthless. Even worse for the oligarchy, once an understanding of this tactic is gained by an individual it become easy to see what the oligarchy is up to. So please stop being toys for the elites to play with and wise up. Whenever anything is asserted over television ask why the networks want you to believe those claims. Who benefits? Is there money involved? Who is the source for the information? Why are the networks bringing up this information now?

So now that you know this foreign banker controlled government knows what on your mind isn't it time you started to mind this government?

Monday, January 31, 2011

Egyptians Prove National Governments Obsolete

Now, at least as long the national governments refrain from hitting the kill switch, the Internet gives the people the tool necessary to eliminate national governments.

Watching the revolt in Egypt has really opened my eyes. The veneer of the national government in Cairo has been ripped off by the people and we now see Mubarak's organization for what it is - criminal! Mubarak's cops are stealing and committing murder trying to regain power. But before I become too smug and self righteous I must admit that my own nation government's criminal activities make Hosni Mubarak look like that of a common pick-pocket.

Of course the bad thing about the Internet which most are unaware of, is it tells the criminal syndicates what's about to happen. How that you may ask? Think about it. Millions of people bitching about what's bugging them to all their friends and family thinking of course that it's private. The National Security Agency captures every communication and Googleation, filters and organizes each by topic to know basically what's on the people's mind like they are real pissed off and even organizing for a revolt. So the government has a heads up to things like the revolts firing up in the middle east and can position themselves strategically to take advantage of the situation. That means, in Egypt's case and every other as well, find a suitable replacement acceptable to the global elites to replace the old ruler.

The reason the elites pull this off every time is we are all stuck on the idea that each of us has to have a big nasty central government to protect us from the other big nasty governments. But that was before the decentralized Internet arrived giving individual's eyes over the horizon. As they say, "trust but verify." All of the regulatory agencies are obsolete and bought out anyway by the industries they supposedly regulate. Individuals only need the Internet and the Courts to protect against and receive compensation for damages.

The longer the standoff goes in Egypt with the Egyptian people for the most part acting sensibly the more apparent a national Egyptian government is not important now. What's important now is all Egyptian's return home and to work. Forget about the question of who shall rule Egypt. If you insist on a national ruler it will surely be one who will favor the globalists before the Egyptian people. Instead, wouldn't it be better to continue organizing locally to see which neighborhood could be the best in Egypt?

Egyptians should continue taking control of their own neighborhood security and all national laws should be null and void having no bearing on individual Egyptians. From what I've witnessed the Egyptian people are mature and enlightened enough to govern themselves from the local level. All that is really needed is a confederation of Egyptian neighborhoods working together independently from central control to create wealth and protect it along with the people themselves. If the Egyptian people could pull this off it would be a beacon for the rest of the people of the world to follow.

Think about it - Egyptians being the first country to be free of a national ruler governing themselves locally and independently. Naturally the global elites are going to use all of their crime syndicate assets in Egypt to sow chaos so Egyptians should be forewarned. I would suggest each neighborhood establish local justice systems for anyone caught now committing crimes meant to sow chaos. Punishment for those caught and convicted should be swift and just to put fear in the mind's of the thugs doing the dirty work for the elites. The longer you Egyptians hold out against your national government the more people from other nations that will join the revolt.

If things go really badly for the global elites and the people of the world seize control of the own time, body and fruits of their own labor then we Americans might actually have a shot at freedom from our national crime syndicate. We'll see how it goes. I'm pulling for the Egyptian people.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Warning To The Egyptian People

Elbaradei is not your savior. He is one of the choices the global elites have picked to replace Mubarak. Please do not willingly return to the same trap.

Here's an idea. Be the first modern country to decentralize. The way most Egyptians have conducted themselves has been impressive. Egyptians have seized control of their country from a dictator and now are rapidly developing local neighborhood security systems. My question is why go back to a central power to run your lives?

The longer this stand off goes the more apparent it becomes that Egyptians can live just fine without big brother stealing their time and money. Naturally, the former police were always criminals themselves and they will do anything to regain power over you once again by sowing chaos. The answer to this is swift and certain justice by the Egyptian people whenever one of these thugs is caught harming people or their property or stealing.

Soon, the Egyptian people can tell the army to go back to defending against outside threats and that Egyptians will continue to handle things locally. In other words why concentrate now on national leadership that will only enslave you once again when Egyptians should concentrate on local leadership positions? The young men defending the neighborhoods are great candidates for these new local leaders.

Think about what is important now.

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