Saturday, November 08, 2008

Speak Your Mind

Jose Reyes of Cubanology will interview me about the Federal Reserve and their fiat money. There is a reason I could not vote for either of the two big media collectivists. Follow the money if you want the answer. You cannot ever hope to be free if you are still using the same slave money system that Castro uses.

I know for sure that the vast majority of voters do not understand the fractional reserves banking system because if they understood this swindle they sure would not vote for it. So call in tonight at 7 PM with your questions. My answers will be in lay terms so you understand.

Go right here at 7 PM tonight.

Here Peter Shiff on CNBC explains how Fed fake money screwed up our economy.

Friday, November 07, 2008

The Real Republican

Shunned by the big media manipulated masses, here is the true Republican. Check your history if you don't believe me. You follow socialists.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Falling Prices Are Not The Problem

I heard some talking heads yesterday, as they we're trashing the free market, say that keeping prices from falling was the problem...the root cause of our problem. Don't you see amigos what your government of Obama/McCain is saying? They are telling you that they are smart enough to know what the price of everything should be. They are not even acknowledging the real root cause of our bad economy is the Federal Reserve and fiat money.

Is there anyone foolish enough here to not see that government setting the price of goods and services, price fixing by another name, is fundamentally what communism is all about. The top apparatchiks, vainly attempt to jerry-rig the economy in this manner - in absolutely every case right into the ground. Take a good look at Cuba amigos! That is what awaits you for your blind trust and foolish ways.

However, the good news is there is now an army of opposition. It is the Ron Paul Republican revolution that so many of you have personally scowled at to me about. You take your operating cues from the big media that steers you closer to your final destination - the Cuban model everyday. These million or so great Americans have broken through the big media matrix to discover the truth about what has been going on here in America. They see the scoundrels in our government for what they are. These awakened Americans understand the Federal Reserve money swindle and they are mad as hell about it. Most of these patriots are young Americans and that makes me proud as well as hopeful.

But the majority? If you cast a vote for either of the two big media banker backed socialist candidates then you obviously remain duped. You still believe this organized criminal gang, that is getting more disorganized everyday, is your friend and is here to protect and help you. Those unAmerican scum have told you so many lies now that they must counter themselves almost everyday. But your collective memories remain childishly short don't they? Remember about 4 weeks ago they were saying the economy was fundamentally sound? They were not mistaken - they were lying.

So what are you going to do about it amigos? Are you going to remain duped by your rulers just because these politicos call Castro a son-of-a-bitch? Will you continue to watch and believe virtually everything as long as it is aired on television? Will you not bother reading the U.S. Constitution and the history of why we have a Constitution? When are you going to join our revolution?

I know some of you have said some pretty mean things to me and also condemning a great American like Ron Paul. Now that everything Ron Paul and I have warned you about is coming true you might be feeling a bit silly or at the least a bit doubtful of your once strongly held opinions. But it's okay - we forgive you. Come on in and join the revolution - no hard feelings. We need all the soldiers in our army of freedom we can get to do God's work.

You have two choices amigos. You can join the revolution or continue your ride on the Havana Express. But here is a tip for you if you think you want to think. I go here very often, usually first thing in the day, to see what the top minds in the liberty movement are saying:

Break The Matrix TV

Besides being inspirational, I get valuable info about things like which banks will collapse and have a run on their deposit like with the case of Indy Mac - about two weeks before the rest of you slaves found out from the big media that there is any problem whatsoever. Break The Matrix TV is the vortex of information on the liberty movement and one reason I am doing as well as I am doing. I am informed while most are steered by big media and remained duped until it is too late to do anything about it. It is why bastards like Treasury Secretary Paulson cashed in a few years ago and pocketed a half a trillion, yes that's 500 billion bucks, while the rest of you have lost most of what you thought you had. But you still mostly still have your freedom right? Tune into the Matrix TV and find out about the Americans who are losing their freedom. You can watch as the tyranny creeps closer and closer to your door until you realize you would have to be a simple fool to ever vote again for one of these socialist banker backed politicos that you have been saddling me with every election.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wasted Vote

I warned you last year that if you nominated McCain he would be annihilated by either Hilliary or Barrack. But you chose to listen to the big media instead that has lied to you about Castro for 50 years. I, on the other hand, wisely picked Chuck Baldwin. By doing so I let both the new president and the Libertarian party know what I want. My vote leaves no doubt. I want Constitutional government and I won't vote for a libertarian presidential candidate (this was the first election that has been the case) just because you put the word libertarian before the name on the ballot. I will also keep my registration Republican until I see what direction the Libertarian and Republican parties go.

But the anointed preferred choice of the Republican Party hacks, John McCain, whose presidential run was sabotaged by those very same party hacks to assure he did not win the presidency, has a long history of socialist policy he has favored. Except on the fringes of their rhetoric, McCain and Obama are ideological brothers from another mother. The most stark example is the bankster bailout which both rushed back to sign. Then the banksters spent that money on whatever they liked except saving the economy. I don't like that one damn bit and I am righteous and without hypocrisy in saying so. You McCain supporters, on the other hand, just voted for this socialist theft by the banksters. Their accomplices include both McCain and Obama. But it doesn't make a damn bit of difference to these two snakes as you voted for it whether you picked Obama or McCain. So you will get what you deserve. I will be okay since I have known for awhile that America is a socialist country. The big media mierda has no effect on me and instead I am able to see through it to establish what is really going to happen. I am not clarvoyent. It's just I know when I'm being lied to and I use what is being asserted by these liars in big media to deduct what is really going to happen. It gets easier everyday. So while millions of you duped Americans are suffering, my family and I are doing the best we ever have. If over the past few years you would have been listening to me you could have been in the same situation. But you chose to listen to Bill Orielly and Sean Hannity instead.

This is how I figure out what will happen. I ask myself: Why would the Republican Party leadership anoint McCain, the guy they use to hate, as their presidential choice? Then once nominated, do everything possible to sabotage his chances like pushing the PA trailer park huzzy's story that was an obvious hoax and let a comedian punk Sarah Palin pretending to be the French president. Obviously to assure the ticket would lose...

That the party does not want the White House this go around is obvious. The reason is because the economy is in for total collapse. The socialists monetary system favored by McCain and Obama is a fraud just like Castro's similar fiat money system. It's days are numbered. The Bush Treasury will stop manipulating the stock market now that Obama has been elected and we should see some dramatic declines in the near term. The foundation has been laid to blame Obama for the economic crisis looming on the horizon but the neocons timing was off by two months. If only Paulson the plunger could have kept the rigged economy going until this morning then no one would have doubted Obama was to blame. Certainly, he has his fair share of blame as I've not heard one word from his lips about the criminals at the Federal Reserve nor their fiat funny money that is the root cause of the sinking economy.

In the end, the international banksters hope this crisis they caused with their fake money will allow them to get away with creating a whole new fake fiat money system like the Euro but for North America. The Amero... They will probably get what they want too because if you were dumb enough to vote for either McCain or Obama you will fall for anything. They will put the measure before you on TV to assure you support it. You will support anything if televised.

However, stop your crying over the coming new socialist policies heading our way amigos. You voted for it Mr. and Mrs. Majority. It makes no difference that Obama won instead of McCain. It matters not that you delude yourselves into believing McCain is the second coming of Adam Smith. The fact is McCain nor Obama would recognize a free market if you turned it into a two-by-four and hit them dead in the ass with it. They are collectivist and so are most of you.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

To My Enemies

My enemies are in many places. For the most part they are located in Washington, DC and Havana. Apparently neither appreciates what I write or speak about. Both groups of my foes prefer things the way they are now and regularly attack me on this blog with silly accusations. Let me say that I do appreciate the feedback. It is far better to be attacked than ignored. When you attack me you tell me that my words disturb you and make you feel uncomfortable. That's very good. I want you to feel uncomfortable. I want you to have health problem, difficulty getting and staying asleep as well as a shortened miserable life. deserve it.

But me? I have led a great life! I would not trade it with ANYONE. I have a nice family and a terrific wife. I live in a nice house two blocks from the water. I have a boat to go fishing and crabbing. My wife and I make a very good living. In short, I have no trouble sleeping at night nor do I dread the coming day. In fact, I go to bed at night just raring to get up in the morning to sink that first cup of espresso.

I don't allow anger to crawl into my life because it consumes you and ruins your health. Many of the angry commenters here will actually wonder one day in the future why did things like cancer strike them down? Let me enlighten you amigo. You cannot lash out at me in anger and expect anger to leave you unaffected health wise. You may smugly deny this reality - perhaps right up to your deathbed.

The important thing to remember however, is your anger does not trouble me in any negative way whatsoever. I look forward to it because your venom confirms what I warn the duped ones about.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Real Republican Form Of Government

Many Americans worry that we are becoming a socialist nation. Get over it. We HAVE been a socialist democracy for quite awhile now. Most of you do not realize this because you were educated by a socialist public school system designed to make you compliant and ignorant rather than enlightened and independent. Therefore, the majority tomorrow will pick one of the two socialist candidates offered up by the two big socialist parties - the Democrats and the Republicans.

Not Tomas Estrada-Palma! I will choose a Constitutional Republican form of government. The reason is quite simple. I believe the more important the decision the closer to home it should be made. That means things like the various republics that use to make up the United States of America would place defense as a national responsibility. It makes sense to do it that way. One unified military derived from 50 individual states is a much more formidable adversary than 50 individual states all doing their own defensive thing.

The great thing about the Constitutional Republican form of government we use to have is those decisions concerning state and county/city matters are enacted by state/county/city voters' elected representatives only from each particular state and respective locality. So Maine cannot enact a law that effects Alaska. But the best part of my favorite form of government is that the decisions that only pertain to the individual are left up to each individual to decide. Now according to the Constitution what is a personal private matter and what should be under the purview of the state (and NOT the federal government) is a subjective matter. This means that while a Republican form of government should in effect have private adult drug use legal since there would not and should not be ANY WAY WHATSOEVER for the government to spy into our homes to verify if we are consuming drugs. Having said that, the state and local governments certainly do have the Constitutional power to regulate and protect the public in public or should private behavior spill over to infringe on others peace, prosperity or privacy. So states and counties can legally ban public drug use. They can ban house parties filled with hopped up revelers who annoy their neighbors disturbing the peace. Or course how much revelry that would be legal would depend on if you were in the French Quarter or main street in Tiny Town.

In short, a Constitutional Republican form of government will give YOU and your family exactly what you want in your personal liberties. It will allow you and your neighbors to have exactly what most of you want in your neighborhood. Every county/city will choose the laws for each particular locality. The people of each state decide only state laws for that state. Naturally, a question like abortion is Constitutionally a State/Individual issue. So a state could outlaw the procedure but an individual would be free to travel to anyplace in the world to seek the procedure.

To sum up, I shake my head in amazement whenever individuals blow off the importance of the Constitution. The Constitution is just the best damn documented form of government thus far created! Plus, it even has methods built in to amend the provisions to meet changing times. Your slave masters just ignore the Constitution and say the clearly written English means something else now or this new "interpretation" is really how the founders would have wanted it.


This IS socialism so quit deluding yourselves and go ahead and pick either of your socialist choices. I'll be choosing the Constitution again and hope one day you'll come to your senses. Maybe when you guys have been left flat broke next year by this socialist economic mismanagement? But by that time it may not be as simple as voting for the Constitution. You might have to fight them for it.

Slaves Vote Tomorrow

Remember, tomorrow is the day for you slaves to vote for one of the two candidates that were chosen for you at an earlier date by the masters. Most of you slaves will pick Obama because you have been duped into believing he will give you want you need even though he is the banksters first choice. The minority will pick McCain even though his handlers clearly do not want him to win. But in either case you are both wasting your vote.

I'll pick Chuck Baldwin.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Cuba Exposed

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

Telling the truth and shaming the devil!