Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Left/Right Nonsense

Amigos! You are being gamed by the oligarchy. The latest example of these grudge matches is the warming relations between Obama and the Castro/Chavez oligarchy. This windmill ought to keep exiles whipped into a lather as each side of the issue tries to slay the other.

What this means usually is, say I condemn one of numerous violations of the U.S. Constitution or even outright criminal felonious behavior by former President Bush. Do you immediately think, " you're an Obama supporter are you?" Admit it! This is what comes to almost everyone's thinking. It is how you have been television programmed to look at the world - from two fake points of view so the real dynamics of the question du joir are never discussed.

I watched two TV talking heads this week debating the income tax question supposedly from opposing points of view. However, both still supported an income tax! It's just one guy only wanted a flat tax. You know, like the one we had back in 1913 that was only 2% and fortunately was only levied on the rich. But somehow that became a fat tax even robbing the poorest Americans. Neither debater even broached the subject of a site value tax based on the location value of land. Hey there you go lefties. How about debating with the righties the morality of sharing the earth with each other since none of us invented the stuff and it doesn't look like we're going to make anymore any time soon? Now you righties can agree with the lefties demand for more equality sharing the land but they must agree to keep their paws off your income and capital gains.

You see? There is a real debate. Those TV pro wrestling-type "debates" made for you on the stupid tube are meant to keep the mob whipped into a lather rather than have any meeting of the minds. Therefore, you are a traditional family or pro gay. You favor having a military empire spread all over the globe, or you gather in small to moderate crowds and chant, "what do we want? We don't know... When do we want it? We're not certain..." Maybe you like owning a gun or you think that a law should be passed to outlaw guns because you ignorantly believe a law will make guns dematerialize and then we'll live in harmony. You are pro drug war. You are anti drug war. Tobacco should be outlawed. No - smoking is a right! Save the earth! The global warming sky is falling! No it isn't, you idiot! It's freezing outside and we creep closer each year to the next ice age. Pick your made for TV poison, amigos.

I could go on and on for days giving you lefties and righties more examples while you munch your Wheaties. However, the best one is this Department of Homeland Security report on domestic terrorism. Among other non violent American groups of individuals, the report singles out returning veterans as possible terrorist suspects. Nowhere does it even mention Hamas or Al Qaeda or Hezbollah. Seeing an opening in the Obama defenses the right Republicans rushed in and cried bloody murder.

But here's the thing amigos. That report was made during the Bush days over a year ago and we can prove it. If you would ever bother to take a look and think analytically rather than be programmed to think anal-litically over the TV set then you'd wise up fast. The good news is our oligarchy is screwing up badly and they appear more obvious everyday. But only if you look with an open mind.

Get off this fake left/right fight. You have been played for too long amigos.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Janet Napolitano

What's that you say, Janet? You don't feel I've treated you fairly and that I've maligned your character? Well now you know how I feel. While you are supposedly "protecting" me try acting more like an American. How dare you send young boys and girls over to die in what now are civil wars and none of our business - then have the audacity to label them terrorists! Shame of you!

But look on the bright side Janet. My drawing of you makes you look better than you've looked in many years if ever. My computer kept crashing so I said it must be Gods will. Thanks a lot God.

Take A.I.M. America

That's the Alternative Internet Media (A.I.M.). Please boycott the big bankster media and only use trusted sites like Breakthematrixtv, Alex Jones' Inforwars, Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty, other trusted sites and blogs too. Use these sites as your information home base. They will steer you away from the hoax sites put up by the traitors to America as well as explain what is really going on in the world today.

These and many others will be the vangaurd directing us to reclaiming our liberty.

Take A.I.M. America! Throw the big media out with the rest of the trash!

Homeland Security Smear

In the video seen below there is a discussion of Homeland Security's secret document identifying domestic terrorist threats. The brief version is disturbing to say the least. But I have a feeling the full version will knock your fascist socks off. Why? Well the brief one that got out named people opposing abortion and veterans, if you can believe it, as potential terrorists. I think they have a problem with us Constitutionalists as well.

However, if this secret document is as bad as I think it is then many individuals within the Brownshirt Homeland Security Administration are very shocked at who is being smeared for future persecution. The Nazis did the same sort of thing with the Jews using films such as "The Eternal Jew" which forwarded the notion that Jews were somehow rat-like and should be exterminated for the good of the planet. It wasn't long before they began doing just that. Now you combine that with the absolute fact that the ruling oligarchy in America today has direct connections to the Nazi Party as well as holding firm belief in that sick eugenic system based on them getting to decide who is worthy of life - and a guy like me gets kind of nervous.

I sure wish that secret document would fall into the hands of the alternative Internet media somehow. I'm positive there are thousands of dedicated Americans working for Homeland Security out there who recognize this smear document for what it is - ruthless propaganda meant to demonize patriotic, nonviolent Americans so they may be eliminated if necessary.

Remember, if you are thinking of exposing this smear, do not give the document to anyone connected with the big mainstream media. They are in collusion with the traitors to America who admire Hitler so.

Have a look and hear what these brave Americans are warning you of or I fear the future should you choose ignorance.

Tea Party?

People...have you gone mad? You are throwing away your own tea! When our forefathers did it they were using the tea that belonged to the British. Admit it people! You all feel good now and have gone back home feeling content. Then next election you'll belly up to the polls and vote for the same unAmerican scum who got us in this mess in the first place. You have to because the media tells you to and lambastes you for wasting your vote if you choose to vote for one of the none media anointed candidates.

The trouble you face, amigos, is you still only see with the eyes of the big bankster media. You can only hear what they assert to be the truth and you have lost all ability to think for yourselves. Maybe I'm wrong and I sure hope I am. But recent history being what it is and all...

Look...if you want to do something positive put your tea bags in hot water. Put your politicians in hot water by refusing to vote for the maggots. Find out who the pro Constitution candidates are and only vote for them. If the big media is giving any sort of coverage to a particular candidate that probably disqualifies that person to be your representative. Your choice America is so easy today. Provided you do not live in Congressman Ron Paul's district you must fire your Congressman and U.S. Senator at the next opportunity. You should also fire your state representatives and governor too unless they can prove to you they are avowed constitutionalists with a track record of doing so. As for Tomas, every person who represents me will not get my vote - as usual.

If you guys would have been voting with me all these years we wouldn't be in this mess now. But you didn't want to waste your vote. Remember?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CNBC's Steve Leisman

Tomas Interprets Obama Speech

Yesterday, Obama said he understands that Americans are scared because of the economy. He says that is the reason Americans are not spending their money. He says that this was all caused by the sub prime lending mess and bad lenders and investors who didn't have enough regulation. He says that he can cut government spending by nationalizing health care.

However, his reasoning about health care being our biggest problem is based on the notion that the Medicaid/Medicare entitlement time-bomb will soon blow a huge hole in the federal budget. His answer: Create a brand new bureaucracy to take over health care responsibilities, not only for the poor and elderly, but everyone. He says this will make that government program become somehow efficient - you know sort of like the Post Office I suppose. But he keeps talking about standardizing "medical records" as the panacea for all health cost overruns. That to me sound like having a bio-chip branding your free range slave asses so you will be much easier to corral and milk for labor. Of course he is right about that and that alone. You will be much easier to track and extract once you have been chipped.

As for the sub prime mess he claims caused the problem along with under regulated lenders, he is one step past the actual root cause. As usual, Obama proves he is a tool of the international bankers just like George Bush was when he was president. He did not mention that the Federal Reserve lent out our labor output in the form of fake fiat reserve notes perhaps, a hundred times over to who knows whom. In other words, since these illegal bankers that Obama never brings up, have been lending out our labor instead of their gold they had no trouble over doing it a bit. Under that arrangement, no amount of regulation will protect the economy because the lenders will be rolling the dice gambling with our labor output. So a sub prime fiasco is the result. Perhaps the government will patch up some regulation that will stop that from happening again. But they will be a day late and shy of enough tax revenue to prevent the next misuse of our personal labor mal-invested by the banksters.

Finally, since we are not spending our money because the government along with their gang member, the Federal Reserve Board, has ruined the economy, Obama will spend it for us. Here is how that will work. Since we are holding our money to protect our family, Obama and the Federal Reserve Board are creating up zillions of new reserve notes and spending them for us. By now you must know that this reduces the value of all of our notes for which we depend on to base the value of our labor, purchases and items for sale. In short we call this "inflation."

All of this to save the "system." Obama has you suckered into believing that if the system fails you are doomed. But that is stupid and the sooner this criminal enterprise fails the sooner we become the owners of our country again. I might add that this will also mark the beginning of the extensive jail terms of the traitors to America. Americans will be using gold and silver again which they will save in local banks. Those local banks will lend out only a portion of those deposits and no more or be guilty of fraud. All debts owed to the Federal Reserve Board will be null and void freeing Americans from trillions of future labor output obligations as well as those of private industry.

To sum up, kill the system, abolish free range slavery and begin to own your time, body and money once more like real Americans. Are you all really dumb enough to go for world government, world currency and nationalized health care?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Change In Cuba Policy?

To the untrained eye this is what appears to have occurred. But in reality nothing substantial has changed except some Cuban exiles will be able to visit their Cuban relations if the Castro boys cooperate. I don't see much coming out of the telecoms being allowed to do business in Cuba. In this economic climate any capital they might put at risk, if they have much, will likely be stolen as soon as the oligarchy running Cuba finds new suckers.

For the time being the oligarchy here is offering them a much bigger cut and criminal immunity for doing the spying for their hired hands - the federal government.

Dutch Scientists: WTC Imploded Using 100 Tons Of Explosives

Now the Dutch know pretty much what really happened on 9/11. But most Americans? No...they remain sadly duped by the real murderers and their co-conspirators in the big bankster media. Here is another piece of condemning evidence that you have never seen on American mass murderer television. Is everyone on TV guilty of the 9/11 murders? No...the vast majority of talking TV heads are merely duped. Look at the top for the list of those who need to be prosecuted then sent to the gallows along with the military and civilian ring leaders who actually pulled off the mass murder. The number of guilty parties will be in the hundreds to perhaps no more than a thousand if we stick to those who knew about the coup before it occurred. Since that time they have been aided by several thousands more criminal like the scoundrels at "Popular Mechanics" magazine who vomited up their faux report on 9/11 to give cover to the killers. Those criminals after that fact must do hard jail time.

This only takes ten minutes to view and it has English sub-titles. Do you have ten minutes, amigos, to see if you've been suckers for almost a decade? There is a good reason why Bin Laden has never been indicted by U.S. authorities. Look at this Dutch TV report then you will know the answer.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cuba Exposed