Friday, September 21, 2012

The Death Of Free Range Slavery

Modern free range slavery was a very clever arrangement to be sure. Using complete control of network media the elite ruling class could push any notion and we slaves, conditioned from birth by the television, would believe it and act accordingly.

Amigos, you'll search far and wide to find a harder working free range slave than old Tomas Estrada-Palma here. That's because I've found the secret to basic happiness is hard work for productive purposes. That's why we make such great slaves if we can be fooled. As long as we're tricked into thinking we are doing something good and productive we will work like sled dogs until we drop. Plus, if the work pays well like in the enforcement elite positions people will believe anything to keep the gravy train coming. As an added benefit if one is say a cop, FBI or CIA agent, maybe a DHS enforcer, that individual doesn't have to comply with the rules the same as the run-of-the-mill free range slave. They speed down the road even in their personal cars with insignia that lets other cops know they are part of the guild and need not be stopped for interrogation and fining. Everybody knows about the blue wall of silence which is a kind way to say criminals in blue uniforms who break laws that would send the average free range slave straight to prison, which never get reported by their coworkers who often actually clear up the incriminating evidence.

Without going into more detail about this modern arrangement where most people are free range slaves who are minded by the enforcement elites who have special rights not enumerated but enjoyed by the blue boys and girls nonetheless, I'd like to point out that this abomination only works with a duped nation of people. Once a person sees the staged, manipulated, now desperate manner in which the ruling class toys with the people to trick them into being slaves, the game is over for that slave. If you examine Tomas Estrada-Palma in the 1970s and today, my lifestyle and approach are totally different. Basically, everything I do now is to make it more difficult for the ruling class to rob me and further enslave me while spreading the word to my fellow free range slaves. There are millions more former free range slaves just like me and they have guns too. Sure there are still a couple hundred million dedicated free range slaves who don't have a clue about the ways they are in bondage by the elite manipulators and corralled by their enforcement goons with special powers not granted to mere mortal slaves. But everyday thousands of former free range slaves see the light of freedom and realize who is with the dark forces that mean to enslave us all. The top elites are scared witless about what to do to get things back to the way they were in the olden days.

What that translates into is murdering a hundred million or so of the former free range slave Americans who have wised up but blame that crime on some other killers. The governments around the world are in the same pickle with their slaves. The rub is pulling off this super 9/11 style attack successfully without tipping their hat and getting caught. The last thing the ruling elites want to do is in effect alarm the 200 million compliant free range slaves that think they are free and being cared for kindly by their government., when these dupes wise up we will have the elites surrounded by the slave revolt. My hope is the criminals at the top will receive a fair and just trial for their crimes. Probably they will be ripped to pieces by the mob of freed slaves if the truth be told. That's the way these things always go down I'm afraid.

So I don't know how this thing will go down but it's about to do so in the coming weeks. I don't like the odds for the elites to pull it off successfully but that doesn't mean they won't try and murder millions, perhaps billions in the attempt. But if I were one of the elites I'd be trying to find a place to escape instead. The same goes for the collaborators. Leave and live or stay and perhaps die. You all know who you are and had better pray the free range slave don't figure that out.