Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Critical Mass And The Doomsday Option

What I've just realized is the ruling oligarchy and their top minions in the spy bureaus have possessed the ability to gauge the mindset of the American people for a number of year now. Put simply, they have giant computer that suck up every communication, organize, analyze and finally spit out what kind of situation they are in with respect to the American public opinion. For example, when the oligarchy attacked us on 9/11/01 they knew that the people bought the official fable about cave Arabs hitting us, because of the NSA spy grid assets which told the elites what we thought was secretly in our hearts. Sadly, it only emboldened them.

Fast-forward to the present several years and wars down the road. The surveillance state always knew this day would come and they have doomsday plans for it. What I mean by that is, it's clear to me that people have finally awakened about one key piece of information. The American leadership actually funds Al Qaeda in Syria - Al Qaeda the very organization the police state purports to be the culprits in the 9/11 attack. The American public is on fire about this treason and the NSA knows it. In fact the NSA also knows that the American public doesn't go for the lame fairytale about Assad attacking his own people because he was already beating the daylights out of the CIA backed Al Qaeda rebels. Nobody believes it not even the neocons playing video poker conning America. So do you think these psychopaths are going to roll over and let the American people give them a dose of justice that they have willingly earned?

NOT A CHANCE! So let this be your warning - perhaps your last warning. The NSA knows everybody isn't going for their story or has big doubts. The doomsday options has been triggered. The oligarchy using traitors within the security state will launch a massive attack on the homeland then blame it on their enemies. Those enemies will include anyone who did not favor war. The doomsday option is designed first to murder millions of Americans to put fear in the surviving Americans so they can be re-controlled. Nukes have gone missing at a base in Texas this week and Senator Lindsey  Graham interestingly warned Columbia, South Carolina could be nuked soon if we don't bomb Syria. Being an Al Qaeda supporter certainly Lindsey Graham would be in on the doomsday option. Will this happen?

Well all I can predict is the psychopaths in charge, who have committed countless murders and treason will attempted it rather than face justice. That justice is just around the corner too if they do nothing. The only variable is their duped, compartmentalized minions who they count on to do the job. They have wised up too. If they out the traitors plotting to nuke America, the American people are finally ready to believe the truth and mete out the justice these vipers so richly deserve. It's a tricky time. Even if the traitors are successful and set off a nuke or two for scapegoating and chaos for control that may very well fail too.

What if everybody already knows who the real terrorists are in America? There will be no place to hide from the American public and their rage. In fact, I expect to see many of the traitors already out of the country before the attack ensues simply because it is so precarious even if it succeeds and kills millions of Americans. What if this is the last false flag attack because people see the truth of the matter? So look for the traitor rats to jump ship before the attack this time in case the American public doesn't buy it. What if the traitors were successful pulling off the last false flag that everybody knew was coming? Do you think the rank and file military, police, the people in general already awake will continue aiding the traitors after they have stabbed America in the back - again?