Saturday, September 20, 2008

You Want To Know Who I'm Voting For?

Yeah I was disappointed Ron Paul didn't win the Republican primary. We could really use a man like Ron Paul in the White House to fix this terrible mess that the neolibs and the neocons along with their international bankster backers have caused.

Fortunately we have an excellent alternative. Take a good look amigos at Chuck Baldwin. Like Ron Paul he is a strict Constitutionalist who understands the economic problems and will fix them fast if elected. Instead of worrying which one of the other economic bozos in the hip pocket of the international bankers might win you'd better wise up amigos and quick! This is go time if you believe in maintaining your liberty much less your fortunes! You better get on radio bemba and spread the word about Chuck Baldwin because the big bankster media sure as heck won't do it for you.

Anyhow amigos this is the only way I can see us having Secretary of the Treasury Ron Paul in the next cabinet to save our economy and help preserve our precious liberties. Take a look please.

Don't Be Suckered Again

This economic situation has happened many times before. It is not happening because of speculators. It is not caused by "Wall Street getting drunk," as Bush asserted. It is not caused by short selling or the sub prime debacle. These are symptoms of the real cause of our collapsing economy.

Here is why we really have a bad economy about to turn drastically worse. The Federal Reserve private banksters and their pals in the other nation's central bank (including Castro) have a little monetary scam going that they don't want you to know about. So their shills in their big media will never discuss or admit it to the duped individuals around the world and will give every crazy reason they can think of to find a scapegoat. I even heard one of these shills blame the economy on "fear mongers." That would be people like me who speak freely about the truth to warn people like you about the money Pharaohs. What these banksters have done to us since they took over in 1913 is create the boom/bust cycles in our economy. First they print up huge amounts of money which drives up costs for things like houses, cars and stocks. Once the bankster snakes have the prices inflated high enough, they shut off the flow of money and credit. This pops the economy and causes prices to fall once again.

The scam is, these unAmerican scum in three piece suits know when the economy is going to pop before hand because they control the deflation timing. So the banksters sell high and sit with cash on hand ready to buy at fire sale prices. This is due to the fact that even though your house, for example, may be worth only a couple of hundred thousand now you are still on the hook for twice that much in your mortgage. The weakest are thrown into the streets and their homes and businesses reposessed.

The trouble is an economy is a hard thing to predict and an even harder thing to manage centrally. This go around the Fed printed way too much money and now so many things like stocks are greatly over priced and that means they must come back down to their actual value. The government is trying to delay this until after the election but I don't think they can. The Russians are saying Bush is going to declare an economic emergency in October and cancel the election. I don't know if he will or not but Bush IS a bankster backed snake in the grass. So anything is possible.

Again amigos, make sure you have plenty of food and water stored and a gun and lots of ammo might be called for. Maybe you don't believe me about the economy quite yet. Here is what Pat Buchanan has to say about the problem.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Darn Shame

Bankster Weasels

The Fed swells the cost of your life,
They pump in lots of money,
Just when you think you are rich,
Pop! Goes the money...

Paulson's Band-Aid

Let me break it down to you simply amigos. Before 1913, with a few years of exception, Americans worked hard, created wealth and converted it into real tangible money made of gold and silver. After 1913, the Federal Reserve private international bankers began creating money and calling it wealth. These banksters have created trillions of these fiat faux wealth units right out of thin air, lent them out but received repayment with interest based on our labor output that is gauged by the value of these units. Because these crooks can secretly create more and more of these faux fiat wealth units it diminishes the value of all our wealth units.

At the least it means our labor value is constantly devalued along with our purchasing power, and at worse when the astronomically huge number of these wealth units created secretly by the bankster cabal flood into an economy it shatters the stability of the entire pricing structure. This crushes the weakest businesses and throws the weakest among us into the streets. Ask yourself this simple question: If printing fake money could make us all rich, shouldn't Zimbabwe be the richest country in the galaxy? Mugabe hyper-inflates their currency about a million percent per year. But people there don't know what to charge and generally horde instead.

So you go right ahead and vote for either of the two main party Federal Reserve bankster candidates in the main parties and hope for change. And change you shall get...a change for the worse starting with the small change left in your wallet. But not Tomas Estrada-Palma.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Plunge Team Working Overtime

What I'm trying to do amigos is break it to you that the leaders and media personalities that you trust and respect are actually snakes in the grass. For example there is the plunge team. This secret cabal operating out of the White House manipulates stock prices to prevent a sudden drop or plunge of the stock market. How? Well first they whip up a batch of freshly created electronic funny money. Next they begin buying futures of key stocks to drive up, or at the very least, stop the drop in stock prices. Here, read this my friends:

According to John Crudele of the New York Post, the Plunge Protection Team's (PPT) modus operandi was revealed by a former member of the Federal Reserve Board, Robert Heller. Heller said that disasters could be mitigated by “buying market averages in the futures market, thus stabilizing the market as a whole.” This appears to be the strategy that has been used.

Former-Clinton advisor, George Stephanopoulos, verified the existence of The Plunge Protection Team (as well as its methods) in an appearance on Good Morning America on Sept 17, 2000. Stephanopoulos said:

“Well, what I wanted to talk about for a few minutes is the various efforts that are going on in public and behind the scenes by the Fed and other government officials to guard against a free-fall in the markets….perhaps the most important the Fed in 1989 created what is called the Plunge Protection Team, which is the Federal Reserve, big major banks, representatives of the New York Stock Exchange and the other exchanges and they have been meeting informally so far, and they have a kind of an informal agreement among major banks to come in and start to buy stock if there appears to be a problem. They have in the past acted more formally… I don't know if you remember but in 1998, there was a crisis called the Long term Capital Crisis. It was a major currency trader and there was a global currency crisis. And they, with the guidance of the Fed, all of the banks got together when it started to collapse and propped up the currency markets. And, they have plans in place to consider that if the markets start to fall.”

What Georgy Step-on-top-of-us was actually admitting to was that private bankster snakes create electronic dollars right out of thin air and buy stock futures in a willful effort to trick YOU into believing stock are going to go higher. The plunge team is in effect the worms that keeps you on the hook for the bill when the economy corrects itself. It's the invisible hand that Adam Smith wrote about so long ago. You can't fool the invisible hand of the economy and those who try are arrogant windbags. So now my friend Crystal is stuck paying into a 401 K which has lost all the gains of recent years and as soon as the money is taken from her check for the 401 K it vanishes. It's a negative investment that she's stuck with and forbidden to get at.

Now the great American National Socialist George Bush is on TV bragging about running Freddy and Fannie and AIG, and the rest of the nationalized commercial sectors just like Hugo Chavez did but Americans don't blink an eye. His plunge team spent last night buying futures to fake you out and thus far it appears to be working since the market is up 121 as I write. But the big guys are both greedy and aware of the workings of the plunge team.They know what Bush and Paulson did last night and they jumped on board. Then this morning the masses believe we've turned a corner as the marker rises. But the in-the-know big investors realize this is a ruse and sell short for a big profit and leave the ignorant masses holding stocks that begin to plunge once more.

In short, the Federal Reserve banksters and their buddies wanted to actually deflate the stock market in what they hoped would be a controlled operation favoring themselves. They are deluded. Economies are chaotic systems with too many variables to consider. They are like the weather - difficult to predict. Now these elitist frat boys who thought they were so damn smart because they were so successful fooling YOU are in trouble and they know it. They are just trying to keep our economy from total collaspe until after the election. Then they will Blame Bush and hope in four years they can fix the mess. However, collectivist cannot correct collectivism with more collectivism.

You don't realize this so most of you exiles will vote for the collectivist McCain rather than the collectivist Obama. Neither has said one word about the Federal Reserve banksters. And you think they will fix things and make your life better. You better strap in for a rough ride amigos. You are due for a hard lesson in economic realities.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Follow The Money Clowns

Listen to these clowns:

Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain assailed "greed and corruption" on Wall Street and promised to clean it up, while his Democratic opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, blamed White House policies and said his opponent would only deliver more of the same. Obama called it "the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression." McCain declared in a new TV ad that "our economy is in crisis" and that only he and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, could fix it. McCain also told voters in Jacksonville, Fla., "The fundamentals of our economy are strong."

Weren't they just telling us that the economy was all in our heads? Now amigos, if you listen to these fools then you get what you deserve. All these clowns are desperately searching for scapegoats that will stick to blame for the economy that THEIR unconstitutional gang caused. All you have to do is get smart amigos, look at some history books and see that these very things have happened many times before. It's the reason that our wise founders, whom so many scorn today, wrote into the Constitution the legal requirement for only gold and silver as currency. Just because you can't see HOW much money the illegal Federal Reserve has printed up, nor the damage done to Americans by this constantly deflating fiat faux currency, does not make any of us immune from its ravages.

Pssst! Amigo...if you want to know the reason our economy is out of whack - follow the money.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Legally Stuck With Dollars

Sunday, September 14, 2008

World Peace

Last night I was watching a re-run of a Penn & Teller "Bullshit" episode which I hadn't seen before discussing how to achieve world peace. I usually agree with this duo and they were spot on with this show. They brilliantly displayed the old left and new right implementing their respective strategies for achieving world peace. The old left prayed and protested in flashy costumes while the new right counter protested and profess that to have peace you must go to war. As we can see historically both of these strategies has failed miserably. Why?

Confusion and manipulation are the two main culprits which Penn & Teller aptly pointed out. On the left most are confused because they have been manipulated from the left stooges and shills. Therefore, one well meaning lefty was interviewed about why and how he was going to stop war with a Che picture hanging just behind him. I suppose the youngster didn't realize that his hero was in fact a genocidal maniac responsible for thousands of deaths including my cousin's John's grandfather. Che murdered thousands but really all he'd have to do to get one of you worshipers to understand what he was all about would be to kill your grandfather. Then you'd understand - like cousin John.

On the right the neocon stooges and shills have the rank and file duped believers whipped into a frenzy. They are manipulated hypnotically hour after hour by FAUX News and other electronic media - bombarded by threats of instant death for themselves and their families. The neocons manufacture their own top quality TV terror productions to scare the bejesus out of regular Americans right in their living rooms. One co-worker of my wife right after the failed September coup commented that she would never feel safe in Manassas, Virginia again. She actually had been manipulated to believe some super Arabs in caves had that little squedonk town targeted in their cave crosshairs.

This is why I don't get mad at you amigos. Most of the exiles align themselves with these neocon traitors because they have been manipulate by them most effectively.These snakes play you like a Stradivarius violin. They are the best and their crime syndicate is worldwide. So some of you shake your head and think Tomas has gone crazy. He doesn't believe the TV. Everybody believes TV? He'd have to be crazy not to believe TV. Some exiles attack me as well as each other. My only response is to shake my head in frustration but never to counterattack. I save my scorn for the maggots who have been manipulating my friends.

Also, I know for certain some in the Cuban liberty movement are paid shills by the left and right. Their job is to sow dissention amongst our ranks so as to split us and they have been very effective. Naturally exiles suspect infiltration from Castro and his left stooges and shills. But we are penitrated from the neocon right as well. So when you attack fellow Cubans in public you have struck a blow for your enemy whether you know it or not. If you respond to such attacks you have done likewise.

Penn & Teller's answer to achieving world peace - freedom. The kind of freedom spelled out in the old U.S and Cuban Constitutions. That old fashion notion that a human owns their time, body and wealth. It's the stuff that your neocon buddies on the right detest as they flag wave and give lip service to liberty. Those snakes who own absolutely ALL the media that you view daily make big money with war - billions. They own all the central banks issuing the fiat deflating currencies around the world that pays for their free range slavery operations. It's rats like these on the right and co-collectivists like the Castro boys on the left that I will feel no hesitation to attack. They are different teams playing in the same league - government. Both own you and spend you while they scare you into believing they protect you. In both cases they are social cancers that can only be cut out with your enlightenment.

So my suggestion is to wise up amigos.