Friday, January 28, 2011

FOX News Airs Truth About Underwear Bomber

Thursday, January 27, 2011

High Prices And Fiat Money

First let me point out the obvious. The goods and services that have seen the greatest price inflation over recent years coincides with deep government involvement in these same markets.

Let's begin with Real Estate. The government and the private Federal Reserve offer very cheap money to just about anybody to buy a home. Suddenly millions of previously unqualified home buyers enter a Real Estate market with the same amount of houses available to buy. This central bank Jerri-rigging caused home prices to explode due to simple demand/supply dynamics.

Next look at higher education. Government offers very cheap loans to just about anybody to go to school. Here again the supply of higher education institutions is the same but the supply of buyers of college is artificially increased by providing money to any moron who will put down the comic book long enough to fill out the applications.

Moving on to medicine the federal government offers pretty much free health care to everybody over 65 and to the poor and disabled. However, the government doesn't actually provide care but rather pays private providers like doctors to do the medical work. Unfortunately the government only pays the medical providers a pittance and only after completing costly paperwork requirement unnecessary for actual medical treatment. To compensate for the loss of revenue, doctors simply raise the price for their limited time for everyone else seeking medical care.

Government meddling in economic affairs has many ways to drive up prices. Insurance is mandated by government through law but generally using market sharing monopolies restricting consumer choice of providers. So government makes us buy things which have not increased in availability and we see prices skyrocket.

We could look at food stamps and here again government food stamp programs offer free food to the poor but only pay a percentage of the market price to the grocery store and again only after much official paperwork has been completed. The supply of food remains flat so the artificial increase in poor customers must drive up the price for everybody who actually pays.

Put simply, the government and Federal Reserve Board create fake money right out of thin air which has the effect of a honey pot available to certain industries such as the just mentioned Real Estate, education, medicine, insurance industries, etc. None of these commercial endeavors operate as non profits and follow market signals to price their goods and services. That means as long as your goods are selling off the shelves as quickly as you put them there prices are going to be raised. So normally, historically speaking, the government and central bankers responsible for these distortions in the economy will demonize and call for price control like Nixon with the gas lines of the 70's. These same financial criminals just mentioned are already shaming the poor dupes who bought the homes at inflated prices for supposedly being greedy.

When are we going to hold the real culprits responsible for this quagmire - the government and the Federal Reserve Board?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

U.N. Official: 9/11 Done By U.S.

Boy the oligarchy is sure in a snit over Mr. Falk's comments on 9/11 which I course are absolutely true. I even emailed Mr. Falk to personally thank him and commend him for his courage to stand up to these weasels doing the cover up.

Notice how the ruling oligarchy like Mr. Ban the U.N. head liar who attacked Mr. Falk for his honesty. As usual the smearing suspects who probably have complicity in the 9/11 attacks as well, only condemn character but never discuss facts - facts like only three steel frame skyscrapers have ever been brought down by fire supposedly. The fact remains 100% of all steel framed skyscrapers that have collapsed at the speed of gravity onto their own footprint has been due to controlled demolition.

Mr. Ban and the entire U.N. should be smashed onto the rocks of history honestly speaking. But speaking honestly is not something that is done by traitors desperate to save their own asses.

The time runs out for the traitors once the majority of Americans wake up to the truth. Hell, the rest of the world already knows the truth and they are starting to feel badly for the duped American people. But many people around the world don't hate the American people as much as they use to because of the 9/11 coup. They see that we all have been victimized by these rogues in high places.

Thank you again Mr. Falk!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Other People Of The World

Well amigos in America, let me tell you about so many of the other people around the world. Unlike most of us, they have suffered poverty and death mostly due to having to suffer dictators installed then backed by America through the C.I.A. But the vast majority of Americans never gave that a thought because the well fed and funded majority were too busy lapping it up to notice.

So while Americans were easy chair checking the T.V. news to become informed, the vast majority of the planet knew damn well their nation's mass media was a crock of cow dung. I mean really! How many record harvests can you have in a row on the news but still have to line up in rows to wait to buy bread? In Cuba the news is always good unless it can possible be blamed of the U.S.

Then the Internet arrived, the local tyrants didn't have a clue about the ramifications of these all-powerful personal information weapons but he people everywhere have taken to the technology with a vengeance. Sadly, for most Americans this has meant using the computer to shop especially for dates or sexual gratification for dollars. But the rest of the world was a bit too hungry for such nonsense. It is because poverty, tyranny and injustice forces individuals to seek the truth searching for a better way of life. They have a keen sense of the truth and know when smoke is being blown up their donkeys. Just look at Germany where 90% of the population knows more than the American majority about what really occurred on 9/11 regarding rogues within our government. Look...I'm not America bashing either but people from other nations are very enlightened and thirsty to know more. When the stomach is empty while knowledge is available for the taking the hungry take advantage of the opportunity to forget their hunger pains as well as gain hope that this knowledge will lead them one day to a wealthier life with a full stomach.

I'm telling you all these things amigos because the fall of the autocratic government in Tunisia will not be the last and the course each nation charts after a new government is toppled will not be to the liking of the CIA. Oh sure the agency will try to get out ahead of the various coups with all the actors that they already have in place to do the play. But that Internet rascal just keeps popping up getting in the way. Once any one of these governments falls to the point where the secret files fall into the hands of the people then the fireworks will really start.

These revolutions will come about because of this new enlightenment by the people at large. In places like Ireland the people know the basic reality of their plight and how it compares to Iceland's situation. The Irish man-in-the-street understands that mostly English banks and those of other nations needed to be bailed out so the taxpayers of Ireland get to pay them more than the Germans paid for WWI reparations. The Irish have also been following the news of Iceland which told the bankers to bugger off and began arresting and prosecuting the guilty financial swindlers. The bankster media went into full swing demonizing and warning of doom and gloom for Iceland because the Icelandic people refuse to pony up half their GDP to the banksters. Naturally they've had a couple austere years in Iceland but now they are on the way up while Ireland sink and appears more like Atlantis every day.

Do you think the Irish don't know these truths? Do you think they will take this laying down? Do you realize there are scores, perhaps a hundred nations around the world with angry people who feel the same way as the Irish?

Now you see the trouble that the CIA and their meddling has stirred up. The Agency thought they could derail the train then send the people down the wrong track again. This 19th Century tactic will prove useless in the lightening fast information age.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Blowing Away The Smoke Meant For Your

Sunday, January 23, 2011

WeeklyciaLeaks And Cuban Exiles

This is what WikiLeaks is for certain. WikiLeaks is the 21st Century rudder the elite banking/bombing oligarchical alliance hopes to deploy to replace the now widely discredited old television networks and national newspapers and magazines.

You can thank Cubans for being instrumental in the destruction of the just mentioned old guards of disinformation dissemination. You see amigos, it's not that we Cubans are smarter than the rest of you but I have heard there are two kind of people in the world - Cubans and those who wish they were so. It's just that we were getting the tsajob (tus-say-job) way before the rest of you Americans woke up to the gropings of government gone wild. How's that?

I suppose the best example is the universal world-class health that Americans were told that those luck, luck, lucky Cubans had on the island. Surely that alone would give most any sick American reason enough to switch to a communist system. Matt Lauer broadcast only a few years ago from Cuba about how marvelous the health care system run by government was to care for the people. Most Americans just took Matt at his word and never looked any closer. But this is the reality of Cuban universal health care and please do not go to this link if you are a bit weak in the stomach. It is very gruesome and is reminiscent of holocaust photos. So for decades all the same centrally organized national media we have today was telling American it was raining down free health care in Cuba but it was we Cubans who knew from the pain and death of our friends and relatives there on the island that the Cuban government was pissing on everybody's leg using the happy-to-oblige western media.

Before being too smug I must say that most Cubans in the exile population have been fooled and manipulated by the old media about everything else but perhaps less so more recently. Cuban exiles have mostly marched lockstep into the fake right camp right at the head of the front lines against the best the fake left camp can muster. This "what's left of our rights" battle is absolutely vital if the government and old guard media are to be successful manipulating the population.

Sadly for the manipulators who plugged Cuban style and now Obama style health care, everybody knows government and big media are deeply in bedded with one another. This could not come at a worse time for the banking/bombing elites running a goodly part of the planet and wanting it all using the big media, sold out or duped American politicians and our military to get the job done. The last thing the banking/bombing oligarchy needs is for Cuban Americans to awaken to this treachery against America. You'll never see anything like it when these political hornets get to swarming around an issue such as American freedom.

This is precisely why the CIA, which is a division of the banking/bombing oligarchy at their disposal and not the American people, had to create WikiLeaks. The agency had to have a new Internet mode to continue the manipulation and with it the infighting between Americans about distracting nonsense. How do I know that? It is all about the content of the WikiLeak releases and whose oxen get gored and whose oxen are left unmolested. When Assange asserted 9/11 was a distraction from "real conspiracies" well hell - I knew for sure WikiLeaks was an Agency asset.

But then the question begs, if 9/11 really was an inside job done by rogues within our own defense/political structure, why the hell wouldn't Castro get on his high horse and start calling the U.S. government out for murdering its own citizens? The reason is the banking/bombing oligarchy tells the Castro boys how it's going to be and have the damaging information about the brothers plus the worldwide big media monopoly to air it out any time Fidel or Raul feel like wagging their tongues a bit too much about such things as 9/11. The truth is the Castro boys are employees of the banking/bombing oligarchy in their communist division.

So ask not who is damaged by WikiLeaks. Notice who is left unscathed - the banking/bombing elites manipulating us like the wizard behind the curtain in the Land of Oz. Forget about clicking your heels amigos. Just snap out of it.