Saturday, August 04, 2007

No Coopero Con La Dictadura

Never work for fifty cents a day! Steal
what you need until we can bring provisions.

Boatload of Trouble

Boatload of Trouble

Well I finally got my boat down to Maryland from where I've stored it at my mom's house in West Virginia. I strategically chose the hottest day of the year. My truck ran smooth and quiet in the cool of the night on the way down. Then deceivingly, it ran well pulling the boat, but about an hour down the road I noticed she was running hot. I pulled into the first station and she boiled over. The top radiator hose was hard as granite confirming my suspicions - stuck thermostat. At least I could jerry rig the truck to get it down the road by removing the thermostat and cutting a temporary gasket. But in the heat of the moment with burnt fingertip my gasket was half ass and it block the water passage partially. So the truck never overheated but it ran hot whenever I was pulling uphill. And I don't know how it is possible but it seemed I rode uphill all the way from the mountains of West Virginia down to the shore. I was screaming as my truck chugged up hill getting hotter and hotter, "Jesus! How is it possible there is another hill? How? Tell me God? Please not another hill..." The trip was stressful but I'm back now in case anyone was wondering where the devil I've been. I've been to hell and back. It was hot...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Murdered For A Bicycle In Cuba

We have no idea how good or bad it is, or if there is anything to admire. I don't know what information you have to even suggest it.What I know is 2 other aquaintances I know were murdered over the past few years. Another 3 survived serious stab wounds. One tourist friend knocked out, robbed, and left unconscious and naked on the street. Three other mutilated by machete, hands chopped off. All people I know. In my life in Canada I have never known someone who was a victim of crimes like that. I feel one hell of a lot safer in Canada despite what I read in the papers. At least we know what our problems are. Anyone going to Cuba thinking it is safe is living with a false sense of security.

That Ain't Fidel

That Ain't Fidel

When did Fidel ever remove himself from center stage? That ain't Fidel writing. That was an agreed upon spiel compiled by the junta to say what they want everyone to believe. Therefore they are saying that Fidel is gone (most assuredly mentally) and that the people of Cuba should follow the orders of these junta cats who are writing for Fidel. Also they are warning that since the same guys who have been ruining things for 48 years will still be in charge, don't expect to see normal ties with the US. And finally the people of Cuba should continue to expect poverty, misery and strict disciplinary measures to keep the slave labor output at as high a level as possible under that antiquated backwards system of government.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cuba Vacation Getting Worse

Cuba Vacation Getting Worse

It appears the severity and frequency of complaints about tourism to Cuba are dramatically increasing. If it weren't for the good reviews written by the Cuban spies pretending to be tourist there would not be one single positive thing uttered about vacationing in Cuba. It's a raw deal folks.

Read all the complaints.


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dr Molina Silenced

blog radio

Dr. Molina Silenced

Actually Dr. Molina could be heard Sunday night on my Blogtalk show but only to say that she could not hear us and that the government was blocking our questions to her. The funny thing is the Cuban government thinks it was successful Sunday night. However, what my listeners heard was the doctor, imprisoned by the regime on the island gulag called Cuba, being blocked from hearing us by the government followed by my panel of esteemed guests discussing her situation. All the government of Cuba did was confirm Dr. Molina's story by their actions.

Raul says he wants efficiency and rationality but is this possible when his social and economic policy causes the most intelligent and educated to want to emigrate even at the risk of death? People and capital always move to where they can operate most freely. This is natural because capital is just saved up labor output not consumed maintaining the person or his tools of the trade. Trying to keep people and capital from moving to freedom is like trying to make water flow uphill. You can never succeed but you can waste enormous efforts hoping to do so.

What has happened to Cuba is it was violently taken over by a gang of greedy rhetoric spewing pirates who crave wealth but haven't a clue of how it is produced. If all they wanted was money they could have installed an economic system that would produce so much wealth that one percent of it would have made these disorganized criminals richer than their wildest dreams. Sadly they equally craved importance which they assure into perpetuation by impoverishing the Cuban people. They call it "the revolution" but these shenanigans have occurred throughout history under many different names. It's the same old protection racket offered up by Al Capone in Chicago. Do what Raul says and nobody gets hurt. In reality, grammatically speaking, when "nobody" gets hurt everybody gets hurt. And in this case it is, "work hard for Raul's revolution, allow Raul to grab 100% of the profit, allow Raul to control all production decisions, allow Raul to own all the stores as well as set all the consumer prices and finally permit Raul to set an allowance that the worker will receive for that hard work. Today in Cuba that allowance for everyone, including doctors, engineers and other professionals, is 50 cents per day. No that was NOT 50 cents an is 50 per day.

So if you think Cubans want to leave Cuba because of the phony embargo go ahead but if you really believe it then call me. I've got some steady work for you. It pays 50 per day.

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Recession & Cuba

The Recession & Cuba

The approaching recession will be bad for many Americans but it will be a nightmare for the Cuban regime and their failing economic system. This recession will be worldwide and greatly affect disposable income levels and therefore the tourist industry. People will vacation close to home or not even at all. Combine this with the fact that the Cuban regime has screwed lots of its recent customers with bait and switch vacations that turn into nightmares and you have killed Cuba as a tourist destination. The few who still dare go to Cuba will be victims of desperate starving Cubans.

Then there's the decline in oil consumption as the recession dampens world demand. Hugo Chavez will probably not even survive in Venezuela due to this sharp decline in oil revenue. He's not going to be able to give oil to Cuba which means the lights go out. You don't want to be connected to the regime with millions of angry Cubans living nearby - in the dark. Burn baby burn.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Visa Circumvention?

Visa Circumvention?

Has Raul found a way to get around the squeeze play put on by the US government's slowdown of visa processing? Raul can release those ten thousand bottled necked Cubans and turn a buck too. Mathematically speaking you add Cuban people desperate to leave for America, unscrupulous human traffickers as well as desperate family members of trapped relatives on the island and a maximum leader desperate for hard currency to keep his floundering regime afloat, equals thousands of dollars per dead of the night emigrant just for looking the other way. Low costs, astronomical profit potential and if independent contractors are employed the risk to the Cuban government is greatly reduced and harder to expose. I guess we'll have to wait and see how many Cubans are found walking along southern US beaches saying their boat sank and they just swam the rest of the way even though they appear dry and manicured.