Saturday, June 12, 2010

Something Is Up In The Gulf

Should any of you military members receive orders to fire on the American people you must disobey those unconstitutional orders. If the generals become belligerent and threaten you then you may defend your principles, people and country as well as remain faithful to the Constitution.

There is rumor that the Gulf situation is much worse than admitted. One aspect of this affair that has bugged me from the start is the members of the oligarchy who sold their BP stock just before the well explosion like they knew BP was just about to have some big problems. However, it is possible the sea floor may be spewing oil from numerous cracks and the well fire is just a cover.

There are orders leaking out that the entire population of the coastal Gulf region are going to be evacuated to some place inland. Motels already have been booked for some Americans but camps are the destination for the majority. The motel Americans most likely are for the TV news to pacify the other Americans in the rest of the nation.

It might be a good time if you live in this region to take a vacation real soon away from the coast.

Friday, June 11, 2010

False Flag Imminent?

The government is running terror drills in Chicago starting on Sunday. So watch out for the next false flag attack happening there. If we look at the most recent examples of these attacks we will see clearly that those perpetrating the attack conduct drills that coincide with the attack. In London on 7/7 the government was conducting a drill in which it would be simulated on that morning that some trains and a bus would be blown up by terrorists. It was the same thing on 9/11. Our government was holding a drill that morning which simulated planes crashing into the World Trade Center at the exact hour which they in fact did. FEMA had arrived the day before in New York for the drill.

The reason for this is now also clear. Here is why they drill when we are being false flag attacked. Even the idea of this is so shocking that it might mean a huge amount of people in the government involved in a conspiracy that most people dismiss the possibility without thinking. But you do not need thousands of conspirators to pull off an inside job. Whether it be the Kennedy assassination by his Secret Service driver William Greer or 9/11 - nothing is done to stop the attack from occurring. The government stands down. Why? Because they are holding a drill. The very protectors and responders are told it is only a drill so stand down. Well, stand down was Dick Cheney's words anyway on 9/11.

Doubter are right about conspiracy. Thousands of regular Americans would not participate in such a treason. They don't have to. All that's necessary is to stop them from stopping the false flag attack from going down. The Secret Service agent in charge of Kennedy's Dallas detail waved off the agents standing on the President's flank then made sure his limo was the lead car. In the case of the 9/11 attack no one can say the military saved the day having disappeared during the entire time of the attacks. They were off drilling with their jets hundreds of miles away heading in the other direction. Isn't that convenient?

So if you are taking a plane for the next few weeks or going to Chicago you'd have to be crazy.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Clues To An Inside Job

Let us look at a number of facts and allow you to be the detective to solve this question. There has been only three steel frame buildings said to have been brought down by fire alone. These buildings it is said suffered a structural failure due to these fire and came down crashing through themselves exactly onto their own footprint. One can view these collapses and time the events oneself and discover the Twin Towers fell in 10 seconds while the 47 story CIA Building Seven fell in 7 seconds. In the case of the towers, ten seconds to the bottom represents the time of a free fall from that height. But it is stated by officialdom that the buildings crashed through themselves requiring much more time if this actually had happened.

Building Seven's speed of decent to the bottom was actually even faster than a free fall. The building fell at free fall speed in a vacuum meaning even faster than a rock takes to free fall to the ground. Again officialdom explains the building crashed through itself. If you believe this then you are dumb as well.

The only plausible scientific explanation is explosives that were placed in these buildings before nine eleven. The other stuff is flat earth fairy tales. The buildings were highly secure so I'll let you deduce whom to investigate to establish the origin of those expertly placed bombs used to bring down the towers.

However, these buildings were dropped too fast for fires. These building were dropped too fast for an earthquake. The structures actually did fail but not due to fires. The structural steel supports that held the building in the air were blown allowing the buildings to drop as fast and even faster than a rock.

Deal with it.

Meet The Bilderbergers

The Bilderbergers, our owners, meet regularly to decide the fate of society. We have some great picture of the filthy inbred scum right here. This includes my old boss Donald Graham who owns the Washington Post. Somebody tell Donnie that I'm penning a little story of a mockingbird that flew the wrong way and crashed. He'll know what I mean. It's a quaint story of deceit, murder and treason perpetrated upon the duped American public by a trusted public institution.

Of course Donnie might have to do what he is doing. His father committed suicide and perhaps the elder never knew about it. The CIA's favorite weapon to silence is the suicide by proxy.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Where's Tomas

I'm right here. It's been one thing after another that has conspired to keep me from this blog. First off let me say that my daughter will be getting married in a couple weeks and this has set in motions many time sensitives things. My in-laws will be arriving from England starting next week. So we want to be sure the place looks good. So for example this morning Deni and I get to start finishing the basement shower we're putting in. It really looks great but we need to finish cutting tiles or we'll have the privilege of renting the tile saw for another day at $45. Then my son calls early in the morning to say my car won't start but he's worked all night long and needs a ride home. He says he'll deal with my car when he gets up after crashing all day. Two days later my wife and I went to his Safeway parking lot to see if I can get it going - no car! We figure the Safeway's towing company must have mistakenly towed it and head back home to tell Mathew to deal with it. However, on the way home there sits my car on the exit ramp to route two. That's where my idiot son actually broke down, didn't convey that fact to me then used this ramp as his parking lot for two days. So I guarded the car while my wife went home to get AAA.

Then the tow truck driver feeds me a lot of bull about my car. I had already established it was the timing belt and figured I get around to doing it in a couple weeks since I am so busy with other stuff and to teach my son a lesson about not abandoning my car by the side of the road. Then the driver gives me the bad news that my car is an interference engine and it's destroyed now because the belt went bad.

So I'm bummed all day about it because I've dealt with this tow truck driver before and he knows cars especially Toyota's...perhaps a bit too much. That evening while searching around for a replacement engine I decided to check his facts about my car that he was raving about otherwise. Funny thing is nobody on the net has had this problem with the 1991 Celica. NADA! That's strange I thought. Then I found this nice website that told me the truth. It's lists the cars that have engines with pistons and valves that can smash into themselves should the timing belt ever fail and ruin your engine. If I ever buy another car (because my 91 Celica is so sweet I never want another vehicle - EVER) I will check this site to verify that the cars is NOT an interference engine. Only damn fools manufactures or purchases tens of thousands of dollars worth of complex machinery that is held together with a rubber band. Mine wasn't and the Toyota is so easy to work on, I installed the new belt as well as a new oil pan gasket and front main seal and she's running just fine. The tow truck driver just though he could sucker me out of the best most reliable car manufactured since the days of the slant six.

Then there's the garden. I still have one more brick garden wall to do next to the winding garden path I built linking the brick and slate patios I built. Add to these the veggies I've planted then cultivated and life get real busy. But I'm not complaining...just explaining. I still need to frame up and finish a new room in the basement.

I'll put picture of everything up on the net to prove I'm not lying. Everything is starting to look great too! So look for it and some wedding pictures too.

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