Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Message to Manny And Rosa At Yahoo

Manny you and Rosa are in a ring constructed for you by your real enemies. This ring is made of television shows, movies, college courses and other walls of opinion designed to have two sides called the left and the right. In its simplest terms it's defined by our real enemies that people on the left are for private personal freedom but love to mess with economic freedom and those on the right want free market economies but hope to regulate private personal behavior. These traditional lines of demarcation have blurred in recent years.

On all issues not blacked out in the media by our real enemies we are offered two solutions to all problems especially the problems that our real enemies are causing secretly like having the CIA run al Qaeda and providing them weapons to overthrow Syria. Should we invade to stop Assad from using chemical weapons or shouldn't we? What the real enemy doesn't discuss in any of their information dispensaries is the CIA gave chemical weapons to the al Qaeda rebels in Syria. Hey! Holder gave the guns to the Mexican drug gangs too! Are you seeing a pattern here?

Of course if one is so manipulated by our real enemies that these life or death realities that will one day soon come back to haunt us all, then one might believe the the solution to life's troubles is to really insult or put someone in their place on the other side of the fake left/right paradyne. Our real enemies actually get a thrill out of that. It's like when they manipulated the American people to elect the first sort of black man to be president who then turned around and aided a genocide of black people in Libya. Our real enemies hate everybody especially darker skinned people.

Who are our real enemies? They are meeting right now in Watford, England to discuss our futures. The are called Bilderburg and five years ago the New York Times publish that if you believed they existed you were a conspiracy nut. Now they say that, okay they do exist but if you are concerned about Bilderburg you are a conspiracy nut. Are you seeing a pattern of manipulation here amigos? You don't have enough time to fight each other when these snakes in the English grass are busy planned our extermination. If you have heard about the great extermination then you are already dead from the weapons in the water, food and medicine here in the states. Of course you would be forgiven if you believe that Americans having the highest cancer rates on the planet by a wide margin is just gosh darn bad luck and believing otherwise makes you a conspiracy theorist.