Friday, June 25, 2010

Blue Print For Truth

International Bank Tax

If the global tyrants actually implement an international bank tax then Americans must immediately remove all money from banks. This will crush the banks and stop the globalists in their tracks. Remember, these illegal international taxes will not be paid by banks. They will be paid by bank customers.


List Of Congressional Traitors

If you want to know who not to vote for this coming November here is the list of traitors to America and the U.S. Constitution. These filthy unAmerican scum have continued adding new laws that violate our First Amendment rights. Steny Hoyer, my embarrassment for a congressmen is at the top of the list.

The truth be told, something these parasites on the Hill would not recognize if the truth were a two by four that hit them dead in their ass, the majority of Senators and also these disgusting Congressmen should be doing hard time in the penitentiary. In addition, there are a good number of these traitors who should be dangling from the end of a rope. That is what traitors who stab their own country and countrymen in the back deserve.

The majority of Americans would not hesitate to agree with me on this but for the fact that they have not yet learned the whole truth of these liars, scoundrels and thieves. The most recent unconstitutional law which these domestic soviets have just signed is but another one of their futile attempts to keep that from happening.

Reelect any of these usurpers and you deserve exactly what you will get. Actually, I don't believe the majority will do that mistake again this election. That is the reason why I am not certain we will even have an election this year. Instead, I think the government will hold an emergency.

Also, all NRA members should quit this statist gun grabbing organization. The NRA has been infiltrated by the enemy on Capital Hill and is colluding with these snakes to muzzle the American people.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

IS Obama Kenyan?

Right in this forgotten video Obama himself admits he was born in Kenya. But today since the corrupt network media says that ain't so the majority of Americans are naive enough to lay down and believe this nonsense that he was born in Hawaii. One way or another Obama IS a liar.

He is either a liar now asserting he was born in Hawaii or he was a liar on this video when he states that he was born in Kenya.

So which way is it Barrack?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Founding Fathers And Our Illegal Money

Do you still think the paper fiat dollar is just swell? If so you are a dupe...a sucker for the elite. Here is what some of the Founding Fathers had to say about this toilet paper money:

George Washington: “They may pass a law to issue paper money, but 20 laws will not make the people receive it. Paper money is founded upon fraud and knavery.”

James Wilson (PA): It will have the most salutary influence on the credit of the United States to remove the possibility of paper money.”

John Langdon (NH) warned that he would reject the entire plan of a federation if the government had the right to issue fiat money.’

George Mason (VA): Said he had a ‘moral hatred’ against paper money.

Thomas Paine (not a delegate) wrote that fiat money was a counterfeit to the state, and that he hated legal tender laws, which FORCE people to accept the counterfeit. He said, speaking of legislators, “The punishment of a member who should move for such a law [legal tender laws] ought to be death.”

The result was a Constitution that gave the power to the Congress to COIN money, and prohibit specifically the states from issuing bills of credit (fiat money). Sound money backed by precious metal reigned free, and the results were economic prosperity. The Pennsylvania Gazette stated that since the Constitution removed the possibility of paper money, their trade increased 50%. The US exports jumped from $19 million to $93 from 1791 to 1801. By 1802 THE DEFICIT VANISHED, and the country experienced a surplus almost as large as the Government’s spending!

George Washington wrote in 1789, “We may one day become a great commercial and flourishing nation. But if in the pursuit of the means we should unfortunately stumble again on unfunded paper money or similar species of fraud, we shall assuredly give a fatal stab to our national credit in its infancy (emphasis added).

I know most Americans still don't understand the fiat money swindle because they haven't revolted yet and the Federal Reserve Board is still in business. They still have a monopoly over money creation. Your government has anti trust laws to supposedly prevent monopolies but something as important as our money supply is totally monopolized by foreign bankers.

Americans still have kooky ideas about why the economy is ruined. Pssst! Pass the word. It the dollar stupid.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kill The Income Tax

No one will disagree with me that governments are around to protect the people. However, in every case, governments evolve and become corrupt. So they must be replaced from time to time. The modern American government is no exception.

Our government spends the majority of time and resources collecting taxes and covering up the truth while they devise and implement new ways to cling to power. That alone is nutty because they have punched a hole in the ship of state, it is sinking fast and yet they still want to be in charge to ride the boat to the bottom.

If nothing is done our once great nation will be taken down and broken apart. The quickest way to prevent this and kill the federal beast is to eliminate the income tax. Ending the income tax would spur an explosion of job growth along with independence. The most dangerous threat to Americans is not Iranian military might. It is job security. Remember this...if enough Americans lose their jobs then these hungry humans will do what the French did in the French Revolution and violently revolt. How safe are you going to be in a civil war?

Today, our government has its big fat ass in the way of making new jobs. Just the paperwork, reporting and employment related fees that employers have to contend with to ensure government gets its cut of the pie, is money that cannot be employed to employ. Add to these costs the fact that you have to ask permission from these little red assed bureaucrats to do anything constructive or productive and the government has become one giant job killing machine. Let me remind everyone that these "regulations" are for the little people like you and me and Joey Six-Pack. Regulations are not meant for the BP corporate elite who also can write off 100% of all costs to market their goods or services. Human individuals, on the other hand, must pay tax on our food and drink. We are taxed for medicine, transportation, clothing, shoes, much of our housing, education, recreation and in short, just about everything right down to toilet paper that we humans need to exist.

The crazy part is there are way more of us then there are of them. So which ever way Americans choose to revolt will happen no matter what the tax collect wants. I would advise against violent behavior as it's dangerous and not as effective as other methods of dissent that are still at our disposal.

The jury is the most effective direct way for individual Americans to revolt against tyranny. On the occasions where I have been serving on jury duty I sat there quietly listening to the Court official lying about the juror's job. I ignored the traitor and knew that if they dared put me on a trial where an American was being charged with a crime that was based on an unconstitutional law then no way in hell was that American going to jail on my watch. But I'm very open about this to educate the other American serfs who think they have to do what the tyrant traitorous Court demands. So any smart prosecutor can Google my name and jury rights to strike me from the jury pool once they discover that I'm an enlightened American individual and not your run-of-the-mill compliant serf.

The fact remains that most Americans want out of the empire business and back into the business of building a strong nation right here in America with good roads and bridges and even recreation centers to give the kids some physical activities and structure. We are tired of subsidizing the mega corporations while we submit to regulations for which they are exempt. We are sick of the very government given the responsibility to protect us now bleeding us dry causing millions of families to be hungry and homeless.

So become an American juror and never convict a fellow American for violating the income tax laws. The fact is there is no income tax law which is why the IRS has lost a string of cases. The jury has done their duty and acquitted the defendants. The rest of you that claim to be Americans had better quit listening to the TV and do likewise before it is your turn. It's easy, effective and painless to everyone but the tyrants. Just say, "Not Guilty" and that's it. If the government wants to make a stink about you being a juror who ruled against a law you can just say, "I was not persuaded by the evidence." If they ask why say, "I did not find it credible."

As a juror you have the last say. Save a fellow American today and strike a blow for liberty.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Iran War Hidden Agenda

How many boogie men does it take to scare Americans into doing anything? The answer is as many as will fit into a TV screen. America has been suckered by the usurpers into going to war against Iran. The usurpers have deployed their total control over all of our networks to dupe Americans into believing it is but a matter of days before Iran makes a breakthrough permitting our living rooms to be targeted for instant annihilation.

But the reality is much different. The real reason for war with Iran is to cripple the American economy turning the majority of Americans into beggars desperate for a way out of poverty. The only way out offered by the international bankers who are orchestrating the Iran war will be a world government complete with an international currency that can be inflated and deflated without all the complexities of each country having its own monetary system.

Once the war begins the best we can hope for here in America is that the Israelis are moderately successful and blow up Iran's laboratories. Then Iranian missiles will devastate Israel and probably be successful at hitting U.S. Naval vessels in the Persian Gulf. However, the Iranians will definitely be able to hit tankers in the Straits of Hormuz which will effectively shut off the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf. That will translate into seven to ten dollars per gallon gasoline and the final nail grinding our economy to a screeching halt.

If you think Americans will revolt they have concentration camps all ready.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

War Hidden By Leaking Oil

While the nation is focused on the oil leak in the Gulf, just as we were obsessed with the disappearance of Chandra Levy in the days before the filthy neocon traitors to our country murdered 3000 of our countrymen, these same vile snakes are taking us to war with Iran. Here is the most likely scenario.

First an armada of ships will head through the Suez canal to position themselves in the Persian Gulf. This is occurring as I write these words. Next Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities. Then depending on how the war goes and how Iran responds the U.S. will counter Iran's response even using the nuclear option. It the U.S. goes that route this will be bad for our sailors. The reason for that is our despicable traitors controlling our government will have to use chemical and or biological weapons against our very own military men and blame it on Iran. This final false flag attack will let the usurpers press the nuclear button on Iran and maybe get away with it.

So far they have gotten away with the 9/11 treason and I'm not hopeful they will be caught this time either. The traitors control the networks and can steer the Americans wherever the snakes want us to go. In this case it will be to our ruin if this war with Iran goes forward.

Let's see if my version of the future happens again.