Saturday, July 25, 2009

Homeland Security Post Racist Remarks

This is what I'm talking about amigos. Our government, in this case the Department of Homeland Security has been caught red handed posting racist remarks online. They like to keep things stirred up between different groups causing chaos so the government can validate their existence when they break up the fighting that they themselves caused. Their motto: Order out of chaos.

Remember though, it is our very own scumbag government that is usually sowing the chaos. They are a pack of criminals! Audit the Federal Reserve now!!! Prosecute the traitors to America!!! To hell with their snake oil medicine show swine flu vaccine!!! You would have to be mad to let criminals stick a needle in your arm.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dr. Darsi Ferrer

The good doctor has been harassed and jailed by the Castro regime for telling the truth. The Cuban model is what awaits you America unless you wise up, get up and take back your country from the same bankster scum that is financing the Castro regime.

To Bonus Or Not To Bonus

That is the question...being driven by the left/right media to keep the duped masses squabbling amongst themselves. Before long we'll have a department of bonus's and pay raises. Have any of you looked into the pay raises at the very, very top? How about checking out the Rockefeller balance sheet? What's the Rothschild's pulling down these day. Let's not forget about the lucky boys and girls connected with the Federal Reserve Board.

You see amigos, the wealthy and poor alike should be on the same side. There is only a small number at the very, very top connected with a monopoly cartel that completely controls our money supply and basic natural resource needs like fuel and food. They employ their media network monopoly to feed the envy and avarice that does sow most of the conflict and chaos that plagues our world.

We will all continue to suffer at the hands of each other driven by the greedy manipulations of the international corpomafia/bankster elite until we realize this. Forget about how much your neighbor makes and concentrate on what the very top earn.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

John Yoo

The Health Care Debate

The fact is there is no debate as usual. The rulers are talking about two different sides of the same coin. So lets stop all this nonsense and get to the crux of the issue. Americans who are still working who have not been put out of work by sorry government policy earn plenty of wealth to afford fine health care. The problem lies in the absolute reality that much of our wealth is forcibly stolen from us to pay for the international bankster military empire. Our troops are the mercenaries that prop up tin horn dictators, banana republic generals and royal rulers in order to exploit the resources and slave labor of the occupied nations. To sum up, the international corporate and bankster elite reap trillions in cash and prizes and we the people of the United States of America get to pay for their priviledge.

This lack of health care therefore is the fault of our own government for stealing the income we need to pay for health care. Yet many Americans believe this gang of thieves should run a health care system. ARE THEY MAD?

Our bankster controlled government sees us as cows to be milked for labor. They are ruthless to maintain this free range slave operation...but people are waking up and the banksters are losing control. Health care is one of their stabs at regaining the control they only recently held over we the people of the United States of America. The plan it to cut their operational medical cost by rationing care as is the case with every national health scheme like in England and Canada. Basically it's a two tier system. Those free range slaves working and earning revenue for the bossman banksters go on the A list where the service is not too bad. But others not working go on the B list where they usually die with the condition they got in line for as is the case with retirees. The other part of the plan is for you to be bio-chipped to received your free medical care. From there forward you will be broadcasting all of your vitals. Your branding by government will close the noose for the bankster free range slave plantation and the irony is their top manager will be a black man - Obama...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Senator Joe Lieberman

Rockerfeller: "Better if the Internet was never created..."

My Lame Shill

The shill sent to monitor my blog and blogtalk show is at it again. Shill pretends to be fantomas and says derogatory things about me in order to get me off the Federal Reserve Board topic, 9/11, and other topics concerning the traitors to America whom shill works for. Shill employs standard false flag tactics pretending to be someone else then attacking me to sow chaos. But shill has failed again.

Go back shill and tell your traitorous employers you have failed again and I will continue to discuss the topics that cause them to lose sleep at night. Your bosses are wasting U.S.taxpayer money paying you.

The Naked Currency Emperor

Every time the idiot seen below starts to yammer about what the Federal Reserve does and how important it is I start to scream at the TV set. However, he knows that he is stating nonsense and possesses the nervous demeanor that goes with that territory. I especially yell when emperor Ben talks price stability as a reason for the existence of the Federal Reserve.


Let examine this one question of price stability and that alone will be enough reason to abolish the Federal Reserve Board in lieu of a legal currency based on gold or silver that cannot be inflated like paper and now far worse, electronic money. First let us look at the price of gasoline. It soared to $4.50 a gallon last summer along with the supply of money. Then the supply of money collapsed when lenders quit lending. So due to economic law the dollars that remained circulating in the economy gained in value. That meant gasoline fell to less than a buck fifty a gallon since the few dollars still available for transactions were worth more due to their scarcity. So what does the Federal Reserve and the Treasury do? They start creating more currency and just give it away or loan it for zero percent interest. Economic law kicks in again to reflect the increased number of dollars artificially created then injected into the economy. The price of gasoline roars back up by forty percent. Currently the initial effects of this fiat stimulus dough are running out so the price of gasoline is declining once again and all this has happened just over the past year. How's a business fella supposed to price his goods and services with these kinds of wild cost fluctuations?

Now you understand why so many businesses are failing. Everyone is trying to figure out how much things should cost - using Federal Reserve notes of course. Unfortunately the value of these notes changes every day because emperor Ben dicks with the supply of his currency crack in our economy. This creates artificial demand for wealth, but not wealth itself. Wealth is created by workers like you and me doing a physical or mental processes that aides in the creation of goods and services that people either want or need to live as humans and not as animals in the forest. People like Ben and his bankster buddies the world over have merely devised a sneaky way to milk the people of the planet of their labor without these workers knowing it. The banksters don't actually aid in the production of any wealth because they are too busy stealing it from those that do create wealth...workers.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Great Wizard of Odd

Minding The Shills So You Don't Have To

Please! Amigos...stop watching network so-called information type programming like CNBC. Let me do it for you and decipher what they are doing to you. Speaking of this General Electric owned network for example, they had on a Federal Reserve Board shill on this morning. He even named Ron Paul and his bill to audit the Federal Reserve then he insinuated that if passed the bill would harm the economy. He spoke about the independence of the Fed as the reason the bill was bad. But amigos, how does the Congressional Budget Office having a look at the books of this group of private banks which form the cartel that supplies our money harm the economy?

On the face of it the idea that the Federal Reserve Board is somehow independent is ludicrous at best. Even the most unschooled individual on economics can see this is a bold face lie just by the actions that the board has taken during the past year. The reason for the very existence of the Fed if you can believe it is to, "maintain price stability and be the lender of last resort." Almost five dollar a gallon gasoline followed by one dollar fifty cents petrol all within six months blows that notion right out of the water. Then in three months the price jacks back up forty percent. Fuel is our economy's life blood. How the hell are you supposed to price anything with these types of price mood swings never before seen in our nation's history?

No sirree! The fact is the Federal Reserve Board is not independent from the Treasury Department and U.S. government. They are part of the group of private individuals who control the Treasury and the U.S. government. Luckily, the American public is waking up to this fact and wondering what the devil the Federal Reserve Board has to hide? Even the Congress has awakened to this undeniable reality of twenty-first century American society. There is serious rumblings about a second revolution and even my almost ninety year old mother asked me if I thought we would have one. I told her yes I was certain we would. However, I explained that I hoped it would not be a violent one but that it was a distinct possibility.

Wouldn't it be better to just audit the Federal Reserve Board...especially before we let the government hand over even more power to this collection of private bankers who have their shills all over their airwaves these days putting the full court press on your thinking? Think of this moment as the time when the British were invading and you are Paul Revere. It's time to spread the word and rally the troops! Mount up on your computers and ride out onto the Internet plains with the warning: THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS COMING!!! THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS COMING!!!

Deliver many of these calls to your Congressmen and Senators and demand that they support the bill to audit the Fed. Explain that any who fail to do this will be defeated in the next election by our overwhelming numbers and the ability to use those numbers against them in November and beyond. This American rabble will soon become impossible to govern as the truth emerges. This is especially so if we can get the Fed audited by the C.B.O. But doing this will prevent another violent revolution because it will be obvious once the books have been briefly scanned that this banking cartel is the real cause of our economic woes. The audit will show that this economic terrorism was done intentionally and for sinister purpose as well. Then we'll not only have proper trials and punishment for these scoundrels, we'll begin to repair our economy virtually overnight. That we should all abandon Federal Reserve note fiat free range slave currency will be obvious. After the audit everyone will see the wisdom of having sound money based on gold and silver as called for in the Constitution. So with the criminals in jail and the economy roaring again with real money who will have time to fight when they can be earning lots of that real money?

So get on your Internet horses and ride...
We want to know what do they have to hide?