Saturday, March 19, 2011

Credibility Meltdown

This is the big one. The international corporate/banking thugs really hoped they could pull off another snow job. They used their total monopoly over the networks to oversimplify and minimize the dangers of radiation. FOX News is even resorting to the usual video trickery of showing old footage of the blown up plants praying the public doesn't notice.

The Japanese Prime Minister was overheard screaming at power company official demanding something be down or they could lose large parts of Japan. If they do not get these things snuffed out they could lose all of Japan, amigos.

This is by far a threat mostly to the Japanese. It's not as if a cloud of radiation will move into California and suddenly millions keel over from radiation poisoning. In Japan however, this is a real possibility. But it's not that type of threat here. Ann Coulter even swears a bit of radiation is marvelous for you. For Ms. Coulter time will tell how good being irradiated is for her. Has she left for California to meet the next more radioactive cloud set to begin arriving anytime now or is she remaining in the East giving radiation advice?

Ann, life has a way of paying you back for evil - even if you honestly didn't realize that you were doing evil. Don't be surprised if a few years down the road you develop one of the malignancies that you told others who trusted you would not affect them.

Here is as close to the truth as I can muster, amigos. A measure of radioactive fallout will reach our western shores and continue to do so for the duration these plants hurl it skyward. It will not be enough for an initial lethal dose and most people will never be bothered by it - especially older people. But for the young right down to and especially the fetus that's an entirely different matter. These tiny radioactive bullet can damage the DNA especially during the time when cells are dividing as is so often the case with the young. So if you can't get your kids and pregnant women out of the region for the duration of the threat then don't allow them to be contacted by the rain which may be radioactive. Be mindful of all food and fluids they consume because this is the worst threat.

As for the globalists hoping to cover it up here is their plan. First establish how much the public can figure out on their own despite the best efforts to hide the truth. Then put a nice shine on the story and let it out bit by bit so there is not a general panic. But this time their absolute power over information will most likely fail them forever destroying the credibility of the globalists and their network assets. What will happen if a million Japanese die from radiation poisoning and I don't mean in ten years from cancer? What if this is like Pompeii where most sat tight because the priests said everything would be fine? We should get a much better idea of the real dangers posed to Japan as soon as a weather front that will be blowing nuclear smoke up Tokyo's ass arrives in the next day or so.

What if it kills thousands of Japanese citizens and makes millions sick? What if the authorities know this but realize there is not enough time to evacuate millions safely from Tokyo? What will Americans do upon witnessing such carnage brought about by the hubris and collusion between corrupt government and the corrupt corporations and banksters controlling it? Time will tell.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Honesty Report

Well amigos, things are changing rapidly - more so each day. We are overwhelmed with information such as this nuclear meltdown situation that the government is saying is no danger to Americans 50 miles away or further. Who are we to believe?

If you are still getting any of your information from the mainstream media this would be a great time to break the habit. They are passivising you so you don't stampede. They've even sacrificed some of their big media mouthpieces like Anderson Cooper, Solidad Obrien and Dr. Sanjay Gupda by having them standing outside giving reports to calm the American herd. Expect to see these media dupes coming down with cancer in 10 or 15 years - mark my words.

Rather than listen to even one second of network reporting go to and get the truth from Alex Jones. Lew Rockwell is a brilliant mind regarding economics and monetary systems. Gerald Celente is an honest guy that uses his talents to see the truth to correctly predict the future. Max Keiser does several reports each week that I cannot possibly miss because besides telling the truth about the banksters he is a riot! Ron Paul's middle name is Earnest. That says everything about this great man of our times.

There are many other great honest intellectual thinkers that will tell you the truth. You can find them by first trusting the above gentlemen. They will lead us to honesty, peace and prosperity. The television will lead to our ruination.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lying Geiger Counters

Who are you going to believe? Will you believe your government or will you listen to those lying Geiger counters. That's what it will come down to, amigos.

The vile, filthy, disgusting, unAmerican scum that is the heart of our government and the Japanese government have gotten away with lying to us for decades. The reason they continue to do so is they have been very successful - as quantified by the number of citizens that trust and still believe them.

It is why a fool on Facebook a week or so ago was deploying straw men to deflect and obfuscate the obvious scientific flaws in so many of the official fables of 9/11. Now I can't say for certain if he was a shill being paid by the traitors or if he was merely parroting the official fables he heard on TV. It was interesting to note that the others in this particular thread seemed to see clearly that this guy was uninterested in honest debate with many asserting 9/11 was an inside job.

Still, their is enough sort of technical questions about such things as the speed of a gravity free fall that cause most public school educated Americans to glaze over. In fact many flat-earth Americans believe that the planet has variable gravity with it ever changing speeds of free fall. It is not possible to debate or inform these dupes because they have no knowledge of even the vocabulary of what is being discussed.

Well that was yesterday. Like spiders and snakes, radiation is a boogie man everybody knows about and the vast majority of us prefer to stay way clear of any. So the main strategy these criminal governments deploy is to keep us in the dark while we were being irradiated accidentally or on purpose as with the nude scanners. We lab rats have been exposed unknowingly to radioactive contaminants since the criminals learned how to do so. Each new experiment or murder perpetrated by the global serial killers gave then more boldness to see what else they could get away with - what new risks they could sneak by the trusting public. That's over now with the reactors melting down in Japan.

The Geiger counter will prove two things - the amount of radiation actually being released from the crippled reactors and the vastness of the lies being perpetrated by the U.S. and Japanese governments to cover it up. There is a cover up because neither government will give the actual numbers for the radioactivity at the plants. They claim they don't know. POPPYCOCK!!! The U.S. government can read your car license plate from space so they know exactly what the levels of radioactivity are but choose to not release those numbers to the public claiming they don't know. The reason is the truth would lead to the demise of both governments overnight. So for now they lie.

The plume hits our shore during the next few days and thereafter for the foreseeable future. Despite distractions and other propaganda the American people have their heads up about this quagmire. There is no way to cover up the thousands of clicking Geiger counters going off in the western states. What's DHS going to do, outlaw them as illegal terrorist devices? No the truth will get out this time. Once millions of American parents realize these criminal governments have set in motion the death of so many of their children with these lies it will be over for the ruling scum.

This is the big one that the globalists didn't see coming and I believe it could be their undoing. So despite the destruction and pain on the Japanese people - nice bit of work God exposing the globalists' big lie with your earthquake and tsunami. Like variable gravity, expect the governments to use more of a sliding scale now when it comes to your being irradiated. Perhaps it will be included with the weather report - sunny today with a 50% chance of radiation exposure that will still not harm you one bit according to the scientists that discovered human caused global climate change.

But here is the truth. You take old guy like me and expose us to a bit of radiation that is not a lethal initial dose. It's probably not going to be the thing that takes me from this earth. I'll be 57 later this year. But the younger you are the more prone you are to radiation damage that shows up decades later as cancers. I'm glad my kids and my granddaughter are all here in the east. If any of my younger loved ones were out west I'd be trying to figure out how to bring them east. Finally, I'll be examining where my food comes from and that can't be good for the west coast economies. But that's not my problem - the health of my family is.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How Were The Nazis Different From DHS?

In this Reality Report it shows the outrageous theft and abuse of rights under the Patriot Act. This can and will happen to you eventually if you sit on your ass and think this type of treatment will only happen to the "bad" guys.

It is exactly the same Nazi deal done initial just on Jews, Gypsies and commies. However, eventually everybody was doing and believing what they were told or faced the Nazi treatment as well.

The situation in fact is so exactly parallel to Nazi Germany that I think America is being setup to be taken down by the rest of the world just like the Adolph gang. First of all there is no dispute that the same cabal of foreign bankers bankrolled the Nazi takeover of Germany. Mein Kampf left no doubt what Hitler's plans were for the Jews either. So Rothschild, Rockefeller and the like knew who they were installing in Berlin and what his plans were. Once Hitler had done enough genocide the banksters did what they always get around to doing and double crossed the Führer.

Hitler's horrors were newsreeled into the movie theaters of America and our collective outrage was harnessed to crush the Nazis. Our government has done bad things to people - good people like on the video below, who's only offense was speaking truthfully of our Constitutional rights. But that isn't the half of it. The things done around the world such as firing at Iraq civilians, even hitting children, is done everyday in multiple countries. Today's newsreel, WikiLeaks, is showing the rest of the world what awful people Americans are doing these evil things like killing women, children and the old indiscriminately.

But here is what the bankers plan is. As usual they have instigated chaos which they want to lead to a greater worldwide conflict. On one side will be America and her remaining allies. On the other side will be the rest of the world including the Russians, Chinese, outraged Muslim nations currently being butchered and raped by our boys and now even the girls, and many others as well. Many of our former allies will not be there for us and will have ample reason. The world consensus will be that America is a rogue, Nazi-like regime that must be stopped.

But that is banker plan B. Plan A has America going for oil and minerals of the middle east including Iran. So either way the bankers always win.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time To Start Listening To This Guy

I bet lots of people wished they'd have paid attention to Piers Corbyn's prediction that an earthquake and volcano would occur in Japan right before it did. Apparent, this really smart guy believes the earth gets hot or cold because of the sun and that the global warmists spout nonsense - a faux science easily dispensed with using real science - not political science.

He has a amazing track record for predicting quakes, volcanoes, bad weather, etc, by examining the discharges of particles from the sun that result from sun spot activity as well as lunar effects. Check out his recent video predicting a Japanese quake and volcano and pay particular attention to the picture of the sun. The sun is crazy active now spitting enormous amounts of charged particles and they are heading our way like space bombs.

The next super moon is the end of the week. Don't travel to the New Madrid fault region or the west coast amigos.

The Nuke Plant Satellite Pictures

I'm glad the mainstream media is finally showing the satellite pictures from space proving those containment vessels are intact and holding in that radiation. Now we don't have to worry about those big explosions appearing nuclear. Because I was worrying there only seeing those far off shots which made the facilities look like electric plants for ants. Seeing those zoomed in space pictures really soothed my fears.

What? They haven't shown the pictures from space? Not even doctored ones to sheep dip our nerves?