Saturday, December 20, 2008

Incompetence Or By Design?

You tell me. In the clip seen below Ron Paul clearly explains the SEC is incompetent and calls for less regulation. Then the big-mouth-media starts running a banner on the screen saying, "Ron Paul calls for more regulation." Don't you see how these maggot are manipulating you?

Okay...I'll explain one more time. These shills for the greedy incompetents who run the country now are busy airing Pollyanna pieces soothing you sheep into believing all is fine and well in the hands of the new administration. It's a ruse. They are desperately trying to save their shell game but doing the same sort of things that preceded the Great Depression. Basically they are calling for more oversight paid of course with more taxation. This go-around we might even get international taxation as well as money. But to solve this monetary crisis we don't need more fake money that's legal in several more countries while losing its value. Give us real gold and silver money in which to transact then get the hell out of our way and watch us work! We don't need your stinking oversight or income taxation either! Let us be free again you low down stinking tyrant dogs ruining America. Give Americans back their liberty! Or I fear they might take it.

Just watch these shills propagandizing away.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bill Clinton

An Economy

It's a complicated, living thing just like you and I. It has a circulatory system whose heart pumps are the various banks and lending institutes. They create and pump the life's blood of an economy - the money. And therein lies the problem.

You see amigos, in a true free market economy the money is based on gold, silver or other valuable commodities. Therefore, it is not possible for banks to "create" wealth unless they hold mining operations as well. The fact is the fiat banks that we're saddled with now don't actually create wealth. By the Federal Reserve constantly creating money and lending it out they are actually removing a portion of everybody's wealth already created by those laborers without their knowledge. In other words they water down our money via devaluation of our dollars through inflation. They "inject liquidity" by creating more money right out of thin air and lending it out, usually to somebody else.

Here's the rub. Because economies are dicey organisms they are crazy hard to control, much less predicted. You poke an economy over here and it says "ouch" over there in the least expected places. Add to the mix criminals and all sorts of unprincipled individuals given control of the reigns of the economy with this funny money and look out brother!!! With ample time, greed and avarice these fake currency economies historically have always collapsed like a house of cards. This one should be a doosey too as we are a far more complex and specialized society than any other in the past. What to do? What to do?

Well we're Americans and more fortunate than most if we just wise up fast. The longer you believe these tarping fools who try to steer the economy the worse if will be for everybody. Even if you put Jesus, Gandhi and me in charge of the money supply we'd tell you to get lost. Who can know precisely how much fake money should be in the economy at any given time? Certainly not even the A-Team of J, G and me. No - only an automatic system based on reality could work to remedy this question of stabilizing the money supply and stopping wild price swings.

It's called gold and silver based money people. Legalize gold and silver money and then you can tell me we're running a free market economy. Prices will stabilize under a real money system almost over night and the economy will turn around fast. People around the world would be fools to invest their wealth anywhere other than in the U.S. In fact to staunch the flow of capital other countries would very quickly be forced to convert to a hard currency system. The local banks would love this system but the world central bankers will be a bit cheesed off about the switch. But as things stand now nothing from nothing is nothing. Under this honest money system the price of things and salaries automatically adjust via pure supply and demand. Central planners and other Soviets need not apply.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mi Amigo Oscar Biscet

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

George Bush

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I've Been Busy

Sorry for not being around much the last couple of days. It's just that the weather has been great for Washington, DC this time of year. I took advantage of it and did lots of outside work around the house.

Also I'm still waiting for the Castro spy to go around registering to leave comments. He said it would only take a minute. That Havana minute sure is a long while.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cuba Exposed - 8:30 Tonight!

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio

Maybe one of Raul's lame spies will call in.