Thursday, March 29, 2012

People Like Being Played

This network nonsense about the boy being killed by the neighborhood watch person is a perfect example of how the dino media plays people for fools. Don't get me wrong. Any time a 17 year old boy gets shot to death for any reason it is a tragedy. I feel sorry for his family because they and millions like them are being used in a much bigger game of which they obviously haven't a clue.

The first red flag in this affair is the 24/7 mass media campaign. That alerts the aware portion of the American population that the networks are running their next psychological operation on the American public whom they treat like salivating dogs that are being bell rung for the cameras.

I can't speak for anybody else but I really hate being predictable. I feel bad when I see well meaning people marching in the streets because they are pawns of the system. The networks repeatedly report that a racist white guy, who's actually Hispanic and part Jewish, guns down an innocent black teenager for wearing a hoodie. This is nonsense. I do not have a clue as to what really occurred that resulted in one youth dying. To add to the tragedy the Court system in America is absolutely corrupt. Forgive me for generalizing racially but most black people already understand this fact that most white people are only now just waking up to. We are too often tried in kangaroo courts with packed juries of duped fools who the government knows will do their dirty work for them. However, let me say this. There are many good judges still on the bench.

Here is what is actually going on relative to this national news story. The foreign occupiers controlling the levers of our government and mass media are desperate to stage conflicts. Whenever they get away with doing this, the manipulated groups will attack one another depending on what group they belong to. In our current media produced public melee, black people are being portrayed as victims of the evil racist white people. The crime families may even pull the trigger on Obama as I have warned before. Can you imagine the chaos that would cause? If the lying old guard media can still get droves of people all across the land to be dangled in the streets like marionettes for this one incident then can you imagine what chaos staging some white guy patsy doing away with Obama for the cameras would cause? There would be riots in the streets and the perfect opportunity for the foreign attackers to go for the jugular under the guise of restoring order. This could mean millions of Americans especially blacks being herded to the FEMA camps for forced labor or elimination.

Just a note to black people: The heads of the foreign crime families especially dislike you. That's most likely not news to those of you who know of their existence. One thing certain, Obama knows these facts which is why he appears to have aged 20 years. Like the Kennedy's, MLK, etc. the next assassination will be staged by rogue elements of this or allied governments. They always are and only the most naive individuals haven't realized this fact. Therefore Obama knows the score. He knows the danger he faces everyday comes from within by rogues controlled by the foreign crime families.

If Obama was smart he would have already clapped the 9/11 traitors in irons. That is where the root of the evil lays that has taken over our government. This cabal probably numbers into several thousand individuals of varying culpability. Most will be guilty of aiding in the cover-up after the fact. The rest pulled it off. Obama knows this as do most of the top political leadership of the country. Obviously, they are afraid for their lives if they are innocent. The guilty are desperate and cornered. They are liable to do anything to save their asses. Treyvon is just another part of that programming. If the traitors working for the crime families can't keep Americans divided then we will unite and crush them. It's all part of this new kind of war that uses an old tactic - deception.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Noah's Disease

I have a bad case of it. I hear the rumblings of thunder nearby and see the storm clouds on the horizon. I rush to complete an ark of life's necessities - my own food, water, fuel, shelter, etc. Most everyone else never gives a thought to what would happen if their needs were not on a shelf and their water flowing out of the tap.

There are many reasons societies crumble and reorganize. Rome became over extended militarily and corrupt from within exactly like America. Most Romans were really shocked to find barbarian tribes raping and pillaging them. The corruption in Roman society led to their slow demise over several hundred years until they were replaced by other power centers. However, many of the indigenous population carried on living even though their empire died.

I suppose the moral of the story is societies are born, they thrive, then decay from corruption and loss of virtuous behavior. They will be replaced by other power centers. The trick is to stay alive during the transition from one gang to the next. I want to grow as much food as I can and have stable sources of drinking water. I am glad I live outside the city where most will not be prepared and therefore desperate. The thirty miles between me and them is a barrier that the majority of city dweller will not be able to cross without gas and a car. Still, I think it's a good idea to grow more than I need for the few who are able to walk out alive.