Saturday, May 21, 2011

Each New Lie

The networks and criminals in the U.S. government have been so busy lying over the past few decades that they haven't notice the cumulative effect of their deceit. Everyday more people here and around the world realize this truth. How?

Here are just two examples where the liars lied to everyone including experts in the field of the lie. When the traitors imploded three skyscrapers on 9/11 just about everyone bought the official dog wag fable that cave Arabs pulled it off with jet fuel. However, architects, building engineers, scientists, explosives experts and the like who were not on a government payroll all immediately knew these towers were taken down with explosives. Some began asking questions but found themselves fired from their jobs for doing so and many were actually murdered. But all this did was confirm the worst fears of the other experts. Many formed a group call Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Thanks to their efforts many other non experts like yours truly were made aware the ugly truth about this inside attack by filthy traitors.

Also the just released birth certificate has been accepted as Gospel by many people though folks are getting suspicious of everything governmental claims these days. However some like topographers, desktop publishers, Photo-shop experts, etc. knew right off that the document was fake. I have worked in these fields a good part of my life. So I snatched the electronic document off the White House website and took a look. Immediately I saw damning evidence proving the document was a fraud. This was repeated by countless others working in this industry. We don't know many things but we know the birth certificate is a fake.

The emperors don't realize how naked they have become because they are so busy thinking up the next lie to cover for the previous ones. They think themselves so clever. They fail to notice the cumulative effect of their lies. Once you know you have been deceived by networks and government you cannot ever trust them again. I literally don't believe a word they say. If the networks say the sun will come up this morning I'd have to look out the window to make sure it was so. Today everybody knows the government and network media lies to them but many think it's for their own good. Those who noticed the just mentioned lies understand these lies are a cover-up of high crimes and treason. Those involved are criminals and enemies of America who must be stopped. We are at a tipping point where enough Americans realize the truth so something is going to happen one way or the other.

The traitors are boxed into a corner like the vipers they are. There is absolutely no way they can retreat. Therefore, they must strike out at us and they must do it soon or they are finished. Once the dam of lies breaks the traitors will be swept away in the melee. Cracks in their wall of deceit have become apparent to me. There is division and dissent at the top. Soon this gang of murderous scoundrels will be fatally betrayed from within as various players are positioning themselves to save their own asses. The networks know they have to ride these lies because to do otherwise would seal their fate. Many in the halls of power who had nothing to do with the treason have kept quiet for fear of losing their jobs or life. But they leak the truth nonetheless.

Will the birth certificate be the snag that causes the final big run? I don't believe the current criminal power structure controlled by foreign bankers can continue the charade much longer so something big must be done soon or they are finished. The traitors control the most nuclear weapons on the planet. They have the most toxic chemical and biological weaponry. They may be able to effect the weather and plate tectonics. They control all network television broadcasts and national newspapers. So if they don't actually use one of the weapons at their disposal they can always fake another Gulf of Tomkin incident.

Here is something to think about traitors. If you try to pull off the next staged attack, how certain are you that others inside will go along with the treason this time now that so many know you are stinking traitors?

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Birther And A Truther

I don't care what clever labels traitors like Chris Mathews or Bill O'Reilly smear me with because they are both professional liars or a couple of the stupidest people ever. I can't say for certain because I have no first hand knowledge. They broadcast some of the most ridiculous nonsense that defies scientific and physical reality. So they come up with catchy little junior high school names to tag people like me who dare question them.

I noticed right away the Obama birth certificate, just released after a few years of asserting that the Notice of Live Birth was the birth certificate, that the document had numerous questionable areas not questioned by ANY person in the media like Chrissy and Billy. Instead the duo sling mud and call me a "birther," for wanting an answer. The most pressing question about this forged document is the presents of computer generated "kerned" lettering on a supposedly typewriter generated birth certificate. This is the easiest aspect of the forgery for Americans to understand if they stop helping the networks smear me for asking this naked emperor question. Kerned lettering was only made possible by modern computer generated documents and consists of lettering that occupies the same vertical space on the page. It's done because it looks nice, conserves space and make it easier to read. Typewriters on the other hand put each letter in its own spot on the page from left to right. Kerning did not exist in 1960 yet there it is on Obama's birth certificate. It like telling me Ford Model T's came with cruise control and satellite navigation. So I'm a birther for noticing then daring to question these emperors.

Then once I realized 9/11 defied gravity and the laws of motion established a few hundred years ago by Sir Issac Newton I again dare question our noble emperors of government and media. Instead of giving me an explanation of how the only three steel frame skyscraper ever in history fell at free fall speed onto their own footprint from fires, they call me a truther. I'm supposed to be insulted for advocating honesty?

These are childish tactics from school days but they so far have been effective for the emperors of lying. Chrissy and Billy are some of the BS'ERS.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Explaining Radiation Danger Misconception

How doth the government lie to thee? Let me count the ways. Nah... There is not enough time. But here is one very dangerous lie that's going to kill many of your children. The lie is how the official liars in government explain radiation dangers over their official lying network media.

Basically, the dangers your kids face is ingesting radioactive material and not so much simply being around radiation like chest X-rays. That's what statistics show. However when government is assuring parents that this level of radiation or that is safe what they are saying is radiation on the outside of the body like we are exposed to everyday from the sun.

The real danger radiation poses is when a nuclear plant like Fukushima explodes then constantly belches radioactive "MATERIAL" like uranium, cesium, plutonium, etc. These particles have become air born then are carried by the wind all across the planet. If your children inhale even the tiniest bit of these deadly radioactive toxins or drink a bit of it in their milk then they will be dead as a doornail in a decade or so from an excruciatingly painful cancer death.

Way to go mom! Keep listening to these murderers lying to you over the networks. You are child abuse enablers.

Fukushima Not News

How much proof do you need that the networks are against the people? Fukushima has been spewing radiation our way since March but you'll hear nary of word over the MSM. This is the 800 pound gorilla in the media's living room. It won't go away so more dog and pony show distractions must be produced.

The most sickening aspect of this cover up is these traitors still pretend to care about us and our kids. Despite what their words say their actions say we are no more than animals to them. But Fukishima may be the linchpin that is the globalists undoing. It may be the final bitch slap of the people that awakens the justified rage that is building worldwide.

I really like Christopher Busby because he tells the truth which is a commodity rarely found on television. Television "news" is a deception meant to aid in the destruction of the American republic. As such many in this industry are filthy traitors who WILL pay for their crimes against my country. Watch the video and ask why these facts remain buried by the networks.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FEMA's Animal Pharm

Here is another project for you tech' savvy lovers of liberty. Set up a website where Americans can log-in and say if FEMA is conducting any activities in their region. FEMA is always deployed whenever disasters occur - man made done intentionally or otherwise.

The traitors had FEMA in New York the night before 9/11, scheduled to conduct a drill the following morning where planes would be flown into the World Trade Towers by terrorists. Did the agency just get lucky to be in the right place at the right time? If you believe so then you probably have a very dim understanding of statistical probabilities and regularly play the LOTTO because you are convinced you are going to win very soon.

You are "pharm" animals without souls in the eyes of our globalist rulers. They always send in their ranch hands to minimize the possibility of stampede when they are culling the herd. Even though humans are not farm animals, most people have little understanding of the ways that they are being exploited by the ruling banking class of mostly foreigners. So because the majority of people do have this trait in common with all farm animal, the elites feel perfectly fine with treating us both the same. We are dumb enough to allow these people "pharmers" to exploit us using the most obvious rudimentary scams so this confirms to the rulers that we deserve whatever treatment they choose to dish out.

In short, the modern people pharmers are far worse than the royalty of old and new alike. The royals had a kingdom to run that had to be defended from other kingdoms. So there was some mutual needs between the subjects and the sovereign. Sadly, today's hidden rulers feel no allegiance to a nation or a need for any particular groups of humans. The elites have themselves convinced that they are enlightened visionaries and we are a genetic sub form of human that can and must be exploited for the good of the planet. This includes eliminating us as well because the elites have big plans for the earth which won't include most of us. Very soon what you know will mean nothing. Who you know with a good bomb shelter with lots of suppliers will mean everything.

It's ironic that these "enlightened ones" like Prince Charles, Rockefeller and Rothschild want to save the planet by unleashing toxins, germs, nuclear weapons and even the weather to save the earth from people. The tricky part is to not cause a stampede once the final solution becomes too obvious to ignore even by the feeblest of people. Humans, unlike animals, will revolt once they realize they are being lined up for elimination. Animals just follow one by one into the slaughter house unaware of their fate until it's their turn.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You're An Animal

So the government, according to state and federal law, consider us to be animals and not human.


Why I Don't Own A Cell Phone

Here's One Of Obama's Boys

Webster Tarpley briefly explains Obama's Science Czar and his delusion to cull the earth's population by billions of people. Holdren is a fan of forced abortion and infanticide. Well...that's what he says in his writing.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Boycott These Genetically Altered Crops

Soy Sugar from sugar beets
Corn Hawaiian papaya
Cottonseed (used in vegetable cooking oils) Some varieties of zucchini
Canola (canola oil)
Crookneck squash


In the video below Ben Bernanke is confronted about him selling out America at the Bilderberg meeting a few years back in Virginia. Basically he and the globalist bankers decided they would destroy the American economy making us desperate and willing to accept their next currency scam. The new money will be electronic and global. He is a filthy traitor and looks the part. In a word he looks "guilty."

Look if you think the main stream media or your politicians will inform you about this treason then at this point you are stupid as a rock and no longer capable of thinking logically. However, if you can easily see as I do this take down of our republic then you better get off your ass and spread the word. The networks are in on the corruption so we have to do as Cubans do on the island. They all know their media is complete bullshit so the people rely on "radio bemba." That's word of mouth from one neighbor to the next. I've completely shut off the networks now, which they know since I receive digital video, and see no reason to do otherwise.

Once you look into the activities of these sellout traitors their previous crimes surface like a dead body on the lake. They have to complete their globalist plans and finish neutralizing the American public or the vipers will pay for their crimes. It's them against you and your kids and grand kids. You can still have an effect on who lives and who dies. If you love your children then do not let their future be destroyed by these vipers. Spread the word...