Saturday, June 07, 2008

Classic Propaganda

The classic propagandist establishes the concerns of the public then designs lies to allay the publics' fears. This obvious propaganda article goes to great lengths to make it appear that John McCain is in great health. Despite the absolute fact that he looks more haggard everyday, this article goes into great detail about McCain not having skin cancer.

Therefore, we can be certain that John McCain's skin cancer is not in remission and he is in fact suffering a relapse. He's lost some weight which, along with the fatigued appearance and media going out of its way to convince us otherwise, makes it almost certain that he is receiving chemotherapy. With the melanoma doctors discovered almost ten years ago on big Mac' his chances are not good to be done with the problem. It is particularly prone to spread. Usually the skin cancers are easy to treat but once they spread to other parts of the body it's just a matter of time. The deterioration can be very rapid leading to death in only a matter of months.

What about the doctor's report stating he has a clean bill of health? Come on people! You have never gotten a little doctor's note to get off work? Why isn't the reverse possible?

The neocon plan is to first destroy Obama with the dirt they have on him. They are hoping to just get McCain into office before he croaks. So the VP slot is your real presidential candidate. Pay close attention to who that is. Of course it may be a moot point if Ron Paul has accumulated enough stealth delegates and swipes the nomination. If God is listening to freedom fighters like me then hopefully he might bring Big Mac in for that little chit chat sooner than the neocons might have liked.

In the mean time Bush will try to throw enough freshly printed money to stave off a free fall collapse of the economy until after the election. But the 400 point drop in the stock market yesterday and the jump in price of a barrel of oil combined with the bad unemployment numbers and things don't look good on that front either.

So now everything comes down to timing. In the past our rulers could lie us into a war as with lies like the now admitted phony Gulf of Tonkin incident or even have navy men murdered by unmarked Israeli jets when they purposely attacked the U.S.S. Liberty during the Six-day war in the hopes of blaming Egypt. Then the rogues spin a web of disinformation until nobody knows what to believe. When the truth finally is admitted, as is now the case with the Gulf of Tonkin, no one cares about it any longer. The spinners win the match because Americans aren't able to connect the phony incident with the 58,000 dead GI's sacrificed in Vietnam.

Unfortunately the spinners have run up against the Internet just like the Castro boys. They are spinning away but I have told you that McCain is toast. Even if the neocons are successful getting McCain elected, when what I have warned you about comes true, you will see they are the liars. It will be a far shorter time period from the initiation of the lie till its exposure as a fraud.

How many huge misinformation blunders can the media spew forth while people like me tell the truth before everybody realizes the big media stories are crap? Soon more and more people will be checking the news here everyday or other places on the net for more reliable information than they have EVER gotten from the big media. The Internet is like an asteroid hurdling towards the corrupt big media dinosaurs. These dinosaurs are juggling several huge lies currently and they are asked to take on more lies everyday. The asteroid hits when any one of the current big media lies are exposed and become common knowledge. But the big media dinosaur graze below apparently unaware of their fate.

I believe the big media wall of disinformation will be broken by a break in their ranks as they try to save themselves. Like grains of sand through an hour-glass readership and viewers of the networks has been steadily declining. Whenever someone like me arrives at the reality that the big media product is absolute unreliable hogwash we tune them out. They make money selling ads and business has devised ways to quantify how many people are watching. As fewer people watch the ad revenue automatically goes down.

The only thing I wonder about is, which one of the big media liars will crack first?

Friday, June 06, 2008

Break The Matrix

As more and more time passes, you will come to see that I always tell the truth and I am rarely off the mark about what I say. No one debates me anymore. It is a futile effort. I always have a reasonable explanation for every objection thrown my way. Some have turned away in anger at me just because I respond with a truth that does not comply with what they wish to believe. A small number of smaller minds attempt to strafe me with mere insults but that actually brings me joy. It means I am getting through to the point that they feel they must attack me. Of course then I make them look the fools that they are as with Buck.

Truth, is the biggest chip on one's shoulder that could be imagined. Armed with it in this century makes one very dangerous. That's because everyone wants to know the truth unless they can live a lie that painlessly hides the truth. Of course that condition never lasts forever and the day of reckoning brings with it the pain of decades of avoiding the truth.

So the truth is almost ALL of you are still being spoon fed by the big media about the politicians running in the upcoming election. Big media has told you how you should "feel" about the various candidates so at this point in your programming you feel good about this candidate and that. But you don't know a damn thing of what they stand for nor do you have any clue about what policy they will foist upon you after November. In fact, the majority of you have been rendered helpless in comprehending today's vital economic policy questions that were omitted from your government controlled mis-education. All that most really understand is, let the good times roll or buddy can you spare a dime. During the dime borrowing eras like now the dumbed down start to ask questions. Normally the collectivist rulers then find some scapegoats for their political malfeasance and criminal activity to act as cover. Perhaps it will work this time as well but lets hope it's not one of you or your family. When this happened in the 1930's the Congress deported millions of Americans of Mexican decent that were born here and owned land stolen from Mexico so they could protect jobs for "real Americans." Just look up Mexican Repatriation Act if you don't believe me. Now they and their descendants are banned from returning to work where they once lived. They had lived many generations in America yet were thrown out. Exiles have barely been in America by comparison.

So what will make your lives better? The truth is freedom will. Therefore you should only vote for freedom advocating candidates. You won't find any accurate information about any of the freedom candidates aired in the big media. If they say anything at all it will be a slanted attack piece. Fortunately, with the Internet and websites like "Break The Matrix" you can find out who the good politicians are like Collins Bailey who is running for Congress in my district. So the good news is you do not have to become an economist to know whom to vote for in November. Just take my word for it that candidates who favor freedom will be found on this website and if you elect them your life will improve.

Should your cowardice of the unknown block you from voting for a pro-freedom candidate then you can expect the decline of America to continue and that drop may become drastic and very unpleasant. Please choose freedom while you still can.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Email Conran & Partners

Here is their email address if you want to rattle their chains amigos!

I went to their webpage and emailed them that they will lose everything in Cuba to either the Castro boys or the freed slaves after the revolt.

Individualism vs Collectivism

First, let me explain what an individualist believes so you can see why we have such a problem with collectivists. We individualists believe that when we were born we were endowed with inalienable rights by the creator. The creator gave us ownership of our body, our time, our own labor and all the things which result from that labor. These gifts from the creator cannot be legitimately taken away by other men - for ANY reason.

Collectivists, on the contrary, assert that the individual owns nothing more than their share as determined by the collectivist leadership. Collectivists believe that our rights come with the group. We don't own our bodies. The collectivists have that deed to our body and our future. We cannot decide for ourselves what we can and cannot put inside our own bodies. That is the realm of the anointed ones who have clawed their way to the top. We do not decide how much of our labor output we get to keep - our collectivist masters make all those decisions for us. Hence, we are reduced to "human resources" to be milked for labor. Collectivists at any time can declare a military draft, force individuals into the military where they are made to give up their lives for the goals of our masters. Individuals cannot be permitted to own their time on earth. We must comply with all of the demands placed on our time by our collectivist masters or face serious consequences.

To sum up, we individualists believe that since we were given these just mentioned gifts from the creator, they cannot be taken away by men. Therefore the collectivist is reduced to at the very least a common thief and at worst a murderer. Just because they have a big gang of thieves, thugs and killers who come for my time, body or money for their use, does not make their evil behavior acceptable. Our collectivist masters, be they named Clinton, Bush, McCain, Obama or Castro are all greedy collectivists who prey on the ignorance and fears of the people. I may very well go to my grave with the collectivists still in charge of the earth. However, I will never accept their lying and thievery. I will resist in every manner that I can to make it more difficult for our masters to make a profit on Tomas Estrada-Palma.

Perhaps you are not sure but fear that YOU may actually be a collectivist yourself. You are not alone so don't feel badly unless you are too cowardly to change. It doesn't matter if you are in Cuba or anywhere in the world. You are probably the victim of government "education" meant to dumb you down and keep you in the dark. But I will make it easy for you to decide if you are a collectivist. An individualists takes nothing from another to gain his inalienable rights. He was born with these rights like the right to life, liberty and to pursue happiness. The collectivist, on the other hand must get a hand out from the forced kindness of others. So when you hear the ignorant masses claiming that they have a right to food, education, clothing, housing, entertainment, electricity, water, medical care, etc. what they have been led to believe is that they are entitled to these things that will be paid for by someone else's time, body or money. You will NEVER have the right to these human needs. The best you can pray for is to one day have ownership of your own time, body and money so you can secure these needs yourself. Collectivist, in one form or another, have been promising security for the individual for all of recorded history. How secure do you feel today from their broken promises?

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

False Flag History

I thank Don Royce Roy Dominguez for sending me this link on the history of false flag operations by our government and others. I know many of you believe such a thing could never occur here in the U.S. but it has and in many cases our government actually has admitted the truth now about past operations. You know your enemy is Castro. You know this crime syndicate has been in control for too long in Cuba. Perhaps that is because you think others who claim to be your friends are actually your enemy. You are doomed to total defeat unless you know your enemy and yourself. This video will let you see who your hidden enemies are - but only if you look.

On a side note, sorry about disappearing Sunday night. I strained my back working on the farm then complicated the condition trying to treat it. Once I figured out it was just a case of me doing all the work around here while my lazy kids played - I rectified the situation. Now I mostly point and instruct the kids to clip here and weed there. Today my back feels much better. So I'm baaaack!