Saturday, August 28, 2010

The CIA Had A Baby

Anne and Barack sitting in a tree
Kissing and more for the A-gency
So the CIA
a little marriage.
Along comes Barry in Their baby carriage.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Scientific Socialism And The Federal Reserve Board

One thing I remember about the old Soviet Union was a class that all good communists had to take in school to even be considered for a leadership position in the party hierarchy. It was known as Scientific Socialism. This course came complete was a large number of vocabulary terms that glorified socialism. The better a comrade was at memorizing the vocabulary and working it into political speeches the better the chances for advancement.

The whole thing was nonsense. There is no science in socialism. Socialism is one of the names for collectivism. Science deals in facts of an exact nature. In science one can even employ formulas using known laws of science to predict the future. For example, one doesn't have to be a rocket scientists or even conduct an experiment to see how fast objects will fall to earth. It is settled science. The law say objects fall to earth at a rate of 33 feet per second, per second until reaching peak velocity due to air resistance. Therefore, if someone wants to know how long it will take for a rock to hit the ground from a forty-seven story high rise all one has to do is the math. It takes around six seconds - every time.

Now back in the old Soviet Union days these scientific socialists were forever making projections and coming up new five year plans that would solve their problems like not enough food being produced for the worker's paradise. They were always wrong and as it turns out scientific socialism was as well - about everything.

Central planning is always a dismal failure especially once the region becomes bigger than the local area. As a father I can say central planning my family even teamed up with my wife is a very hard task but thus far not impossible. However, as far as I can see the bigger the government the bigger the centrally planned failures. Number one would have to be our centrally planned money supply. The Federal Reserve Board centrally plans how much money is created and who gets the first shots at spending the cash. The Board uses CNBC shills to explain the science of this centrally planned money and speculate if we are having a double dip our not as if we're all trotting down to the ice cream parlor for two of our favorite scoops. Still most people don't know what to think. What's going to happen?

Let's look at history. Everything based on central planning has failed in the past. There are no working example of centrally planned systems that have ever been successful. The ones that still operate today like the centrally planned fiat dollar will do what all centrally planned currencies have done in the past - collapse. It happened in Germany before WWII. Same for the Ottomans and WWI. The dollar supply has been centrally planned for almost 100 years and this has been responsible for all of the recessions and now our Second Great Depression. But most people have not realized this until recently. Once Americans understand how the fiat money supply is manipulated and how this effects our economy and their private lives at the very least they change their behavior. This is what makes the job of some of these centrally planning geniuses like Ben Bernanke so hard to do. He and the other Fed Bankers are centrally planning away today trying to put their Humpty Dumpty fake fiat money system back together again. They will have their CNBC General Electric shills like Steve Liesman working over-time. In his name you will find the truth. Steve lies man and the more the public see the cracks the sooner the game will be over.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time To Boycott Facebook?

Facebook is now censoring political speech. For example they have banned the showing of the marijuana leaf in pro legalization political ads. I think they are getting too big for their britches! Perhaps we should give them the "My Space" treatment and move on to the next happening thing that's not attempting to control us.

Wise up fools! The new world order is dead. Quit trying to prop them back up!

Hare Of The Congressional Dogs

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Being collectivist means never having to say you are sorry. Collectivists would rather see you dead...

America has slowly been turned into a collectivist society by the scum at the top using things like public schools and network television to push nonsense. The apple does not rot instantly but over time as is the case with America. Do you want to save America though?

If so quit acting like damned collectivist fools! To stop acting like collectivist fools you must first understand what that means. Social Security is a great example of a collectivist scheme. The group of people over sixty-five have the right to some of the labor output of the bigger group of individuals under sixty-five according to the law. This is the poster child for collectivism and if you support it you ARE a collectivist. The crazy part is the money stolen from the young to give to the old is immediately stolen by the collectivist rulers of this nation and spent now for immediate political gain for themselves. Social Security is then financed on credit. This is how individuals should expect collectivists to behave - like the thieves they are.

This warning about collectivism has been brought to you by an individual and I support this message.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Adopting Liberty

The financial systems are crumbling and taking down local, state and national governments with them. In response, these officials in government believe the thing to do is place more restrictions on individuals as well as more taxation. The governments have come to believe themselves so vital that they feel their misruled occupation in high office is the highest priority - even greater than the survival of the nation itself it seems. So they finagle, cheat, lie and manipulate as they search for new targets for taxation. What to do? What to do?

Quite frankly, there is not much anyone can do to prevent the just happens. So these greedy idiots at the top will continue to rob from the poor and middle class because - that's where the money is that they have not yet stolen. All we can do now is watch the impending collapse and prepare personally to survive. Grow food, secure your water supply and stock up for a long winter especially if these greedy fools go ahead with an attack on Iran.

There are more things that could be done but first I'd have to find some current leaders of some nation in the world like say, Cuba for example, that sees the current social policy approach is a dismal failure. These individuals, perhaps in the military, might see the bigger picture and have grown tired themselves of defending the corrupt systems used throughout the world to officially steal. Come on...everybody does it no matter what label you place on it. Be it communism, capitalism, feudalism, socialism, etc., at the end of the day means being stolen from by the government. That leads always to more police to uncover more hiding of our wealth and labor activity because the people implement sneakier ways to evade. What a waste of time!!! So these leaders would have to be open to establishing new social, political and economic systems that would allow their culture to prosper and grow.

If Cuba were to become this 21st Century enlightened country then an entirely new philosophical approach must be undertaken that would eliminate most of the violence now perpetrated by the government seeking their cut of production. There is a smarter way. Since I believe there is still a need for a government to secure the nation against violence domestically and from threats abroad the question is how best to fund these defensive functions without this very apparatus becoming the greatest threat to the people as is now the case in the United States of America and in Cuba. Everybody knows it too. The trick is to have an economy where individuals can keep all the fruits of there own labor. When this occurs the vast majority of people get so busy working they have neither time for crime nor a decadent lifestyle. Therefore most government safety net functions become totally unnecessary. The revenue to fund the limited local, provincial and nation government would come from a land value tax that is relatively small compared to the wealth generated by individuals and is impossible to evade. We know the land where you live and work plus you can't hide it in Switzerland.

Making a wealthy nation begins with allowing individuals the freedom to work. This is followed by the worker's assurance that they can keep the fruits of their labor. Then the next vital cog in this new economy and society would be the nation's money based solely on valuable commodities like gold and silver as well as banks forbidden from fractional reserve fraudulent banking now perpetrated by all nations. This is simply stealing by the bankers who rob from the unknowing masses. Disputes among men would be settled peacefully in Courts of written law based on the Constitution. Finally, this nation would need to spend a good deal of its wealth on military defense. That is because this nation would rapidly generate and save up wealth and unfortunately too many nations today like the United States of America make a tidy sum stealing from other nations as well as their own citizens. If say Cuba adopted enlightened social/economic policies then it would be no time at all before the U.S gunboats would be sailing to the Caribbean with excuses to invade. So Cubans should never delude themselves about this fact or who the enemy would be if the nation ever got busy and started working for a living.

Here is what is in this plan for you leaders. You get to be famous historical figures who will be remembered as the enlightened ones who saw the folly of the selfish, greedy modes of governing now employed throughout the world. It is little better than free range slavery at best.

But you can never give birth to a nation in liberty. They must always be adopted. There is a fantastic record of what social/economic policy is a dismal failure and what actually works. The odd thing is here in America, in Cuba and all around the world fewer and fewer people are working. There is something stupid here going on. Keep doing something stupid and what does that make someone? Wouldn't it be better to build a rich nation of enlightened individuals who ban together under the ideals of liberty so the future security of the nation might be preserved for our children and their offspring?