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By Andrew Richards
The Washington Times
Washington D.C.
José F. Sánchez
Bureau Chief
Research Dept.
La Nueva Cuba
October 27, 2007

- A defense intelligence official said yesterday that Cuba's spies have sold American intelligence secrets to other U.S. enemies, and that the communist island's spies even now could be involved in long-term operations in the FBI, CIA, Congress and the White House.

Christopher Simmons, a Cuban counterintelligence officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency, cited in a Heritage Foundation speech the case of Ana Montes, a former DIA analyst who pleaded guilty to 16 years of spying for Fidel Castro's dictatorship.

"Based on my estimates, there could be at least six others like her involved in long-term penetrations of U.S. government at the highest level ," Mr. Simmons said. Agents for the Cuban regime "have had over 50 years to get this right. They understand America better than some Americans do ."

Mr. Simmons said Havana has sold any U.S. intelligence secrets it can get to such foreign countries as Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, and also makes money through terrorist-training programs. All told, these activities earn the communist regime hundreds of millions of dollars per year .

"Castro has spent years strengthening ties and supporting other terrorist groups and organizations around the world. He still continues to do so right now," Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida Republican and a Cuban-American, said during the same Heritage forum. "This guy has been extremely successful in infiltrating our intelligence community here in the United States."

American military intelligence has been compromised by Cuban agents in every U.S. military mission since 1983, including Grenada and the 1990-91 Persian Gulf War.

U.S. prosecutors said Montes, who spied for ideological reasons, was arrested within days of the September 11, 2001, attacks to prevent that from happening again because she was privy to classified plans to attack the Afghan regime that harbored Osama bin Laden.

The United States needs to keep close tabs on its defense intelligence information, the congressman said, because Cuba is still spreading anti-Americanism in Latin America and forging a strong relationship with Iran.

"Iran is Cuba's strongest ally," Mr. Diaz-Balart said. "Nut cases bond together."

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Pestilence, Fire and Brimstone

Fires deliberately set out west. West Nile virus outbreak spreading across the US. An anthrax attack, etc. These Biblical things are man made. The Castro regime has already tried to start world nuclear war and conducted many known attacks or been thwarted before they were hatched here. What is happening?

People we are under a multi-pronged attack. There is an evil alliance plotting and conducting war maneuvers against America and its allies. These creeps at the top include the Castro regime that despises America. The Cuban government has all the technology right inside Havana labs to reproduce that strain of West Nile fever that was only found in the Middle East. The Castro allies in the radical Islamic fascist movement can make their way easily into American's southern border after landing in Hugo Chavez's Venezuela to set as many fires as the want. All they have to do is wait for the winds and lite some matches. Then slink away. How can America defend itself against this threat?

That's easy amigos! Cut off the head of the snake and the body dies. The Castro regime must be militarily overthrown in a lightning attack striking at the heart of Havana. With overwhelming firepower and control of the air we would find all the evidence of cowardly warfare waged against us for 50 years led by Castro. It would rattle Iran, North Korea and others that we mean business and you should not mess with America. We would already have enough evidence to go to war against these creeps. It must be done soon or we will be hit by a devastating attack that will change the world.

Punish These Evil Bastards

The time is coming. The day of reckoning is on the horizon. You Castro lovers need to see how your friend Fidel has treated American prisoners in captivity. If you have the stomach read this report of what they did to Lieutenant Colonel Earl Glenn Cobeil. You should feel shame for ever uttering one word of praise for the tyrant Fidel. Fidel and Charles Manson are birds of a feather.

Read this!

Many thanks to my cousin John for sending me.

Castro Owe You Money?

TOUGH!!! Don't expect the Cuban people to pay the bill. If you made a deal with Al Capone would you expect the people of Chicago to honor the debt? You creditors better see the people who voted Castro in as president. But I know 11 million Cubans were never offered that right so it is not right to expect them to pay the bills run up by the crook. Eat your losses and die. And if we catch you swindlers in Cuba we're going to run you out of the country with this warning! If we catch you back in Cuba again you will do prison time.

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More Cons Than Pros

Riu Turquesa - Varadero Joe ~ Canada
September 2006

Went to rui turquesa from Toronto august 20 to sept 03 2006

This is not 4 star would not return

nice beach and grounds
Friendly staff
Nice pool – water clean –alot of shallow areas for small children
Good drinks-mohitos - pina coladas ok but from mix- pina colada and lime slushes for kids
Rooms ok and come with free safe
Breakfast ok since all Cuban hotels will give you plenty of fried eggs and fresh omelettes that you choose ingredients

Sunquest had us flying late- return to Toronto at 2 am- problem is if any delays you can’t land at pearson airport after 3:30 am so you wait till 6:30 am That’s what happened to us- over 4 hour delay-very tired up all night – hard if you have kids We were not notified till last minute of delay and were delayed 4.5 hours
If you buy illegal cigars don’t declare them in cuba you will loose them- serial numbers are checked- saw someone loose 60 pesos worthof cigars
Food- everyone one had the runs and painful stomach cramps
I drank a lot of water with whole squeezed limes to kill bacteria but runs lasted entire vacation
Saw a rat scurry from bottom of one hot table to another twice-I’m not kidding
beds and pillows uncomfortable- air conditioning very noisy
terrible food but the same at all Cuban hotels- I visited a few nearby hotels-the same

Pork and fish and meat always overcooked tough and dry
Food must have been cooked in advance and then reheated days later
Had paella twice but disgusting tasted like baby mush
Even roast chicken served only twice- dry and tough no flavor could not eat
Bread poor only 1 type of whole grain which I toasted every morning
Coffee lousy- some mornings one grade short of asphalt
Expresso and capucino from proper Italian express machines good but not available till 10 am- unbelievable
Coffee available from push button machines from 7 am
No lettuce or tomato I lived off cabbage and cucumber salads with dressing
Soups ok most days- I had a very good bean soup twice
Ice cream available during afternoon and at dinner very poor and artificial-most kids avoided it except for chocolate
No ala cart restaurants
One Snack bar- open 10am to 6 only-which rally meant 10:30 to 5 - usual grilled cheese and very bad French fries- deep fried oil seemed that it was never changed – also hamburger and hot dogs-hot dogs ok- hamburger is really weird meat-tastes like spam
The only food that was acceptable at dinner was steak which was thin beef strips that I buy at home and make steak sandwiches with but without fried onions tomato or lettuce can also be boring after a while- that’s all I ate
Lots of tilapia and fish which I like but always overcooked cooked dry and tasteless
Pasta was ok- tomato sauce gross- usually had my sauce prepared with oil, olives, onions hot pepper, white wine and a bit of cream but the tomato puree out of a box always spoiled it-looks like tomato juice
Saw garlic only twice- did see proscuto twice- was very good- had that for dinner with soup
Vegetables boring and always the same for 14 days
Dinner 7 to 10:30- 2 different sittings and then no food till breakfast
Bars open till 1am
Pool- saw volley ball net fist day only – was told net broken- never seen again-boring at pool-a lot of sleep-great if you like drinking and bathing-
At beach not enough shaded umbrellas had to get there very early
Had one beach bar with beer and slushes for kids and pina colida mix for rum
Entertainment was ok several nights but most nights depended on audience participation
for entertainment-that means couple were chosen to come on stage and see if they could make fools of themselves
no Cuban dancing –a lot of singing(feelings and beatle tunes)
as well as 3 piece band that sounded like they belonged at some small bar in Canada
do not arrange some excursions from the hotel – for example if you go deep sea fishing 290 pesos for 4 people-250 pesos if you go to the marina yourself-it is right in front of the hotel just cross the street- same with dolphins – in front of hotel
don’t take that stupid trip to Havana unless you go to the Tropicana
Tropicana was ok – is outdated but I’m still glad I went to see- trade that complimentary bottle of rum for sparkling wine or beer
God help you if you take pictures without paying the 5 pesos
They will treat you like a criminal and rudely demand you leave your table during the entertainment and come to the front to pay-no class – didn’t happen to me but to a lady next to us
The day in Havana is terrible- the tour guide takes you to a central square where you stand around listen to some communist propaganda and fight of beggars
Then you go to a store where you can buy rum, cigars and coffee-big deal
Then its off to the flea market-what a joke- 10 or 15 stalls –no bartering since they are strictly controlled-only the same old stupid cheap trinkets- nothing to buy all junk
You can find little wooden cars anywhere and don’t forget cars made out of pop cans-big deal don’t want those trinkets for free
Then you go out-more beggars-and believe me they are pros and do it for a living –they follow you around -don’t fall for the little old lady with the trained boy or the shoeless beggar sitting on the ground who occasionally takes out a pack of smokes and lights up-the little boys are all trained and beg for a living- they may be poor but so all are all Cubans – some just don’t want to work- we also have panhandlers at home
Then off to a 2 hour lunch with poor service and mediocre food.also more communist propaganda- they blame the cia and the mafia for everything including the bad weather
Ask them why some Cubans have cars and some do not
When the day is over at 6 you realize you saw nothing-very disappointing- no museum no fort no factories no entertainment ect.
Pay for the bus fare only to Havana and plan your own visits and wander around yourself -pack a lunch from the hotel
Only highlite of the trip is that I brought my own fishing rods and went fishing on the catamaran- bring large rappala lures for trolling caught barracuda everytime as well as yellow tail and red snapper
complaint was you could only get fishing after 10 am
Ask them to prepare bait fish-works better
Lost more fish than we caught – they try to grab and pull aboard those large dangerous biting barracuda by hand and remove hooks by hand
Next time I’ll bring large pliers and a net-
I Always filleted the fish myself and had them cooked by the kitchen-delicious
I always tipped and got treated very well
Staff will do anything for you if you are polite reasonable and tip-
treat the Cubans with respect- they work hard are nice people and depend on your tips
I brought gifts such as tennis balls and old summer kids clothes- they were extremely grateful and almost emotional
Varadero town boring nothing to do or see
Nothing to buy
Had lunch twice in town-big mistake
Went out late to see pirates cave as well as mediterrano and the compisita-boring no one there- starts too late for me-I was told better after midnight-baloney-
also expensive-cab- admission and drinks
Stay at hotel go to bed early and enjoy the ocean
Go on excursions such as cayo blanco ect and make friends

Castro's Island Whore House

"Cuban girls are different from you Europeans. They aren't prudish. In bed, they do everything. If she's not interested, I kick her out and get another one."

Sadly the writer thinks Castro hates prostitution because he closed the whore houses when he seized power. In reality he just hates competition. Regardless, the second we return to Cuba we will initiate the investigations necessary to find and prosecute these fat foreign maggots who rob little children of their innocents who are simply hungry for some food.

Cuba Warnings

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More Unhappy Cuba Tourists

Did Castro Start West Nile in U.S.?

Sick at Jibacoa

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Cuba No Es Libre

Wanted: Data Miners

The Cuban bloggers need more eyes and mouse clickers searching the Internet for data that will help the cause of Cuba libre. What do I mean? For example I was surfing the net and I came upon a site that was booking tours to Cuba for gays. So I email them and told them how Castro has treated gays in the past before he was desperate for their money. You can search the tourists chat rooms or commercial interests trying to do business with the tyrant. You do not have to get involved. Just send us a link like Joseito, Larry Daley and Clem do for me regularly then we'll see that it is published and promoted. Of course feel free to contact tourists' chat boards and companies yourself telling the truth about Castro's slave island plantation. The truth will set the Cuban people free but we just need more people telling it to the ignorant outside world.

American Election Cuban Style

Many Americans think Cuba is so wonderful even though they have no real knowledge of the island. They think Cubans have better health care even though aspirin has not been available for years and they have to bring their own sheets to the hospital if they do not want to lay directly on a fecal stain mattress. Americans marvel at the idea of free education in Cuba even though to receive it you must agree to do as you're told by the government and have no independent thoughts with that state educated brain which Castro owns whether or not it has been educated.

Now Americans hear that Cuba has had some sort of election. But what kind of election is it? Well let me tell you how it operates. What if George Bush and the people he wanted in the government were the only people on the ballot? What if only those who supported George Bush's government were allowed to vote? What if all you could do in this election is vote for or against the candidates? What if George Bush knew what all your voting decisions were? Finally, what if George Bush and his supporters were the ones who counted the results of the election? If you said that sure as hell isn't an election then you get a gold star! For the few permitted to vote in Cuba your choice is always yes. You either vote yes for the choices you are given or you vote yes to a prison cell.

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Thanks Ziva!

I might have given up last night on my Blogtalkradio show, Cuba Expose, were it not for Ziva's help. My network has been giving me fits. In fact it just went out again. So today I'm getting another CD drive for my wife's PC and I'll keep searching for the conflict with my network. Also I've got to get some anti-freeze in the cars. My car still needs the thermostat replaced but I'm still waiting for the gasket. I could use a new pair of jeans too as the ones I now own have the knees torn out of them. I suppose I could buy a network card for Andres' computer...

That's how your life will be in the near future, Cubanos. It's not exactly paradise. You have rewards but they come with responsibilities. You will have to go to work and do an honest day's work but you will get to decide how to spend those rewards. But I hate to go shopping to buy myself things...anything! Therefore my secret is to marry a spouse that actually enjoys shopping. That and also online shopping keeps me from fighting the crowds. The Christmas crowds are the worst and it's just around the corner. The point is your time will soon be filled with decision making. Spend you newly acquired free time wisely, amigos.

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