Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cuba Offered 'Slaves' for Curacao Company

Friday, October 19, 2007

Shoot Down

No One's Smart Enough

Even if Fidel were the smartest man in the world, which in reality is laughable, he would not have enough time in a day to make all the billions of decisions necessary to run an economy efficiently. For those lucky enough to have their 5 senses, and the good sense to apply them realistically, instantly see that this task of creating and managing wealth is best completed by the individual. At least with respect to his own world this is obvious. He is right there on the scene able to make the mundane and critical decisions that permit him to generate and enjoy the benefits of the wealth he can create if just left free to legally put his brain and hands to the task at hand. But if he is forced to wait for orders from above the whole process comes to a screeching halt.

There has never been an example of communism or socialism or what ever you want to call it working successfully. I call it slavery. The fact is people will not generate enough wealth to even sustain themselves if they only receive a tiny proportion of the wealth they create while the few at the top get the lion's share. Their fat waistlines aptly demonstrate that fact while the sunken cheeks of the Cuban people cruelly testify to their condition. They are living off sugar and a few vegetables with a bit of bread. If you are in jail you do not even receive this meager amount of food. Medical care in unavailable to regular Cubans.

It is time to strike Cubanos! You all need to strike for better working conditions. Demand that you be returned ownership of your personal labor. If Raul insists on continuing to steal the fruits of your labor then do nothing. The reason for this is we need to put the smartest man in the world on the job. Who is that man Cubanos? Go to the mirror. That man or woman you are looking at is the best person in the world to make the decisions regarding personal labor output. Now turn around and look at the world the guy who claimed to be the smartest man in the world has left you in Cuba. Go on strike now because you have nothing left to lose except the rest of your time on earth. Please do not waste any more of it...strike now!

Cuba Is Bankrupt

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Detained 52 Days in Cuba

Read this about this Swiss national detained for 52 days because he had a fender bender that was not even his fault:

You can be insured to the hilt, but that's immaterial if there's extenuating circumstances regarding the accident and there's a chance you committed a criminal offence. All the insurance in the world won't keep you out of prison if you were driving dangerously and injured someone. If you broke any traffic law your insurance is null and void, and all expenses come out of your pocket. Many Canadians sit in jail while arrangements are made to pay damages.

Charges are not laid until the completion of the investigation, and this can take a looooong time. There is no bail, no innocent until proven guilty, and no diplomatic regulation that allows immediate personal contact with the Embassy - they can hold you for 3 weeks before they have to allow an Embassy official to visit you.

Fat Canadians Getting The Cubans' Health Care

Back To The Front

Now that my weapons are functioning correctly I can return to battle the evil tyrants who enslave 11 million Cubans. I was reading Babalu a few minutes ago. Cousin Val was describing his visit to Alabama with veterans of the Bay of Pigs. Without the promised air cover by the US the plan was doomed from the beginning. But as the criminal gang that won that day has discovered - they won the battle but the war continues. However, today we are not using 19th and 20th century weaponry that failed us like the US promises. We have the benefit of the best 21st century weapons that our money can buy.

Computers, the Internet and all the digital based communication technology has instantly given us the high ground. Every time we are successful and for example, show the real horrible health care available to regular Cubans, the regime gets laryngitis. We now swarm the Internet like angry hornets. It's true that the sting of just one of us will not do much harm. But the call to arms has gone out and thousands of Cubans have already answered here and in Cuba. The more of us that join the swarm the more damaging our effect to the defenseless regime. You already have the tyrants reeling. Let's finish them off people!!! You people are some mean hornets...

Tomas: FIOS Tech'

I wear many hats in my day to day life. I proofread for a living. I paste up the Washington Post digitally and build ads. Of course I do all the mechanical work on the family fleet of smoke wagons as well as those of my friends and coworkers. As I have mentioned my network has not functioned correctly since we moved to Davidsonville. I've had the Verizon people out here and been on the phone with them but to no avail. But it did not make sense. Why did the very same equipment work in Annapolis but not here? I dogged Verizon but now I must eat crow. Their equipment and service was never the problem. It was the invisible dog fence! So I called Verizon to let them know since they bent over backwards to help me. Now I'm tell you. Unplug the dog fence and your wireless will work fine.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cuba Racist

I had a Dream

Cubans were running wildly through the streets all across Cuba. They were laughing and filled with angry rage at the same time. Someone threw a rope around a Che statue then the mob pulled it off its pedestal and the statue came crashing to the ground. Car horns were honking and people were waving from balconies. What appeared to be members of the old regime were being beaten in the street but the police stood by and did nothing. A few shots rang out and these harassed communists fell dead in the street. Soon their bodies were on fire and the stench of their burning flesh hung in the air. A car flew past the crowd but someone recognized the occupants as former high ranking officials and the mob set upon the car when it was slowed at the intersection. The mob overturned the vehicle then set the gas tank on fire. The occupants burned to death.

As night fell you could see Havana burning in the darkness. Screams could be heard for many miles as well as the crack of gun fire. When the sun came up the city was nothing but a smoldering pile of ashes. People were wandering aimlessly along the roads many begging for food, water and medical care. In the tourists hotels many Canadians and Europeans lay dead after being beaten to death by the mob although there were still a few alive cowering in their hiding places undiscovered. Finally a thunder storm doused the fires.

Was it a dream - or is this destined to happen?

Cuban President Hugo Chavez

Hugo is delusional. He really thinks the Cuban people will accept and even demand that he anoint himself president of Cuba. His hero Fidel Castro elected himself president of Cuba so Chavez thinks he can do it too. But in 1959 Cubans were naive and thought communism would make them rich. Cubans now realize that was a lie based upon thievery. Today there is nothing left to steal except the Cuban peoples' slave labor and Hugo has his eyes on exploiting it. So Cubanos when Emperor Hugo Nero Chavez comes to Havana to claim the throne of the dead king Fidel - kill him. Give him the Romanian treatment. Beat him to death, drag his fat lifeless carcass through the streets of Havana then string him up for display to warn all future tyrants that Cubans will never again be anyone's slaves! Oh yes...please kill Raul too and his henchmen as long as you're in a rage. It is appropriate, moral and long overdue.

Then we can come to Cuba, fill your stomachs, fix your homes and turn your lives around for the better. What are you waiting for? Castro has made your women whores for his tourists. As a Cuban I am embarrassed by tolerance of this situation by Cubans on the island. Before I would let anyone put my wife or daughter in the streets to have sex for money - I would willingly die trying to kill the son-of-a-bitch responsible. Have the Cuban men ceased to be men? Are you all cowards?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

George Does It Again!

I Emailed Ron Paul

Here is the problem we face. Today's world is extremely complex with infinite yet to be discovered variables added to the explosion of known information. What's a human to do? Which information do you focus on to enhance and improve your life? That is the problem faced each day by all of us. We all spend large quantities of our waking hours doing the same things just to maintain ourselves. We shower, shave, dress using laundry we've cleaned, pressed, folded then put away and go about the day deciding what is important enough to focus our attention on and maybe even remember. For Cubans that includes hours each day analyzing Cuban affairs and searching for answers. Ron Paul is a Congressman from Texas who believes in liberty yet who does not fully understand the dynamics of our situation in Cuba today. So I email him and gave him a brief explanation of the economics that the average Cuban faces. Admittedly it was very brief but I invited him to inquire further if he had question on this topic.

But we should hold his feet to the fire about this and other issues as this election approaches. We must do so as well with all the other candidates. Even more important than trading with Raul's island plantation where he pays his slaves 50 cents a day with no benefits is the "Wet Foot Dry Foot" policy. Ask Ron Paul about his policy on this question and do likewise with the other candidates who are members of the two parties that act now as Castro's jailers. Libertarian candidates like Ron Paul answer in an honest fashion all the questions, voters don't like one or two answers and vote for one of the guys who don't answer any questions but speak extensively on their feelings. Then they screw you good after the election with "Wet Foot Dry Foot" type policies. But if you are specific enough with your questioning of Ron Paul you are going to agree with his answers. On the question of doing business with Cuba (something which Ron Paul and most people have little knowledge of due to the information overload we've discussed here as well as Castro's evil mastermind propaganda machine) if you asked Ron, "Would you support doing business with a Cuban government ruled by a select few that only pays it's workers 50 cents per day then controls the price and availability of every consumable item in a manner even worse than the old West Virginia coal mine scheme did back in the 1930?," I bet you're going to like his answer. He is a good man who just needs to be enlightened about what we already know - our friends and families in Cuba are being held as slave hostages, worked for less money than necessary to have enough of the basic things to live a decent life and beaten, jailed and murdered for complaining about it. And if I'm wrong about Cuba why do they have to use the commies' newspaper for toilet paper? Because just toilet paper cost more than 50 cents per day.

But I did try to explain to Ron that there cannot be free trade with slaves. He should modify his stance to favor free trade with individual Cubans but not with Raul's slave government. Naturally, he should refuse to give Castro credit - except for ruining Cuba...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Been Real Busy

Sorry for not being around. I had a party that Charley Bravo and his lovely wife attended. My father in-law has returned to Spain but that kept us busy. Plus my wife's serpentine belt broke just as I was gunning it to get onto route 50 to take my father in-law to sight see when he was here. Finally my network is not right. I can hard wire my computers into the router but the wireless has not been stable from the beginning. So Verizon is stumped too so they are sending me a replacement router - something I suggested weeks ago. Better late than never I suppose.

But life is settling into a normal pace so I will be around more.