Saturday, August 07, 2010

Fidel Castro - Evil

Checkpoint Government

There are many reasons given for checkpoints. Domestically they began with the sobriety checkpoint. When I was a young man it was considered unconstitutional for police to stop free Americans not breaking any visible laws. You could even drive down the road sipping on a beer on your way home from work. Today however, the automobile is a constitution free zone where the state can stop anyone motoring and in many cases give them the shakedown.

In the age of network generated terror boogie men new excuses are in ample supply for stopping supposedly free Americans in all sorts of places. In fact, any time Americans move at all now they are subject to be frisked, bag checked and back scatter scanned. These airport scanners are incredible intrusive showing the individual perfectly naked and easily identifiable facial speaking. Despite this absolute fact I keep seeing these nonsense examples of the airport scanner outputs that the screeners supposedly see. These misleading examples are but another reason to doubt everything the network media has ever asserted to us. The fact is America is way too fat conscientious, breast obsessed and worried over the size of the genitalia (men seek to be larger while women smaller with respect to the sex organ generally speaking) to bare themselves naked before the apparatchik inquisitors. The only reason they have thus far stepped into these machines is they mistakenly believe that they are not identifiable, don't really appear naked and that these cheesecake shots can't be saved for later reproduction and distribution.

At the end of the day this is all about corralling us in order to control us and the wealth that we generate so we can be milked in this free range slave operation. The final phase will be bio chips readable from afar so the state can monitor their animals while they travel from here to there. The weird thing is the government is generating visual material including even children that only a few years ago the government would have put anyone in jail for if they were even caught with such things.

We're lucky though. Checkpoints in places like Afghanistan and Iraq include regular retaliatory murder of even children. That's what all the military brass have their panties in a wad about over Wiki leaks. Our troops have been shooting the place up deliberately targeting even women and children. The military brass says this release of video footage and documents of massacres will endanger our troops. How so? The only people unaware of these atrocities are the American people funding them. The civilians watching their friends and family being butchered by modern weaponry need not see it on the internet. They live the nightmare as long as each of them lives. If someone murdered your mom, sister or child supposedly aiming for some terrorist nearby would you be okay with that?

Remembers free range slaves - this is all about exploiting you for your labor output not to make you safe. In fact this bad government behavior makes everybody less safe and poorer as well. Not the hidden ruling oligarchs - the rest of us.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Ron Paul

The Birthers Grow

More and more Americans apparently, according to recent polls, have doubts about Obama being born in America. Count me among them. To get me instantly off the list all I'd have to see is his birth certificate - not that hospital certificate of live birth that anybody can get that his handlers have been flashing around for several years now.

Instead of showing his birth certificate he's spends millions to hide records in Court. This is a typical example of how the rulers have people absolutely controlled with television. As long as the networks concentrate on Lindsey Lohan and not admit that Obama still has never proven where he was born with an actual vital birth record that is easy to acquire if it exists that is - then Americans never realize what has happened. What has happened is the rulers who in reality have given us our two choices for the presidency via their television network monopoly for half a century now decided to have a laugh on us. It could even be a gentleman's bet between them.

"Okay, this 2008 election I bet the Americans are sooooo stupid that we can get them to elect a black Kenyan who's name rhymes with Ossama." Then all the oligarchs would be busting out laughing but few would take the bet I'd wager - not without odds. The fact is what's done is done and as long as these same rulers keep it off their television networks they'd win the bet.

They have two more years to hide these facts before collecting on the wager however.

Clint Didier For U.S. Senate

I'm checking the news this morning on the internet and I stumble across a video about Clint Didier running for the U.S. Senator for Washington state. The Youtube started off by saying the viewers probably never heard of Clint Didier then went into his run for the Senate. However, this Redskin fan will never forget Clint Didier. Hell of a great tight end. Great receiver!

Now I find out about his campaign and learn he's a Jeffersonian. A Jeffersonian and a world champion Washington Redskin football player. What's to think about? Mr. Didier should take 100% of the vote. Even though he's running as a Republican he might even take the dead vote. That unusual as normally the Democrat candidate wins the dead vote.

Please support Clint Didier for U.S. Senate.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Elena Kagan

Lew Rockwell

Mr. Rockwell is a man of principle whom I respect. He is always honest and to the point. You would do well to heed his advise.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Erin Burnett

Prince Charles

He feels his mission is to save the earth. What about the people?

The World Turned Upside Down

If buttercups buzz'd after the bee,
If boats were on land, churches on sea,
If ponies rode men and if grass ate the cows,
And cats should be chased into holes by the mouse,
If the mamas sold their babies
To the gypsies for half a crown;
If summer were spring and the other way round,
Then all the world would be upside down.

This is the tune the British played while Cornwallis and his troops surrendered to the "rebels." Now it's our turn. There is a price to pay when an empire finally collapses. They all do. Name me one empire that did not collapse? An empire sows the seeds of its own destruction. It happens every time. So don't be smug and say ours hasn't collapsed - yet.

That's why the founders of this republic warned against entangled alliances and even having a standing army in peace time. You see amigos, the same bankster crowd back in those days was colluding with the government which happened to be King George and his royal representatives. Banksters like Mayer Rothschild knew how to stoke the fires of war because these crooked bankers learned very quickly how much profit could be reaped lending to both sides of the conflict.

America had been a stick in their eye. We use to have our own independent money made of real gold and silver. But the banksters never gave up. In 1913 they got the weapon they coveted desperately - the Federal Reserve Board and the paper fiat dollar. Since then these international bankers have been secretly changing the value of the dollar to skim off greater and greater profits for themselves, today's government and the military industrial complex for the empire wars. Most people still don't understand this swindle and these snake and their traitorous allies in our government might just have to eliminate a bunch of us before we wise up to their scam.

It does not make a difference however if you understand the economics of empire or if you even support the concept. They all collapse and I fear the American collapse will be spectacular. The only thing that may mitigate this impending nightmare would be if the states rose up in unison and took the keys away from the federal usurpers. The alternative is to descend into chaos which of course is the plan of the bankers.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Martin O'Malley

Congressman Pete Stark

Lord I hope this maggot is in some other line of work come election day. He is the poster child for arrogant politicians.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Do It Yourself

That is the key to surviving the impending collapse of the economy. As the stock market is manipulated higher by the murderers and thieves destroying my country, I realize that we may be but a few weeks or less from the next bankster initiated war. This one may very well turn into a world war too. Of course once the shooting starts in Iran or North Korea or perhaps both plus any of the other countries in the world who might want to join in - for certain the plug will be pulled on the economy.

This is because in the feeble mind of Joe Everyday-Man, the war will be all the reason needed to explain the bad economy. Be that as it may, this bankster engineered collapse and war will be much worse than all of the previous ones. There are many reasons for this but one glaring one is how dependent most Americans have become on the kindness of others enforced by the state. That safety net that you liberals are always defending across the aisle against those pesky conservatives has been but a worm on the end of a hook. In the grand Utopian scheme of things, free food, housing, health care and cheese for the needy sounded like a grand noble concept. The sad reality is our safety net has been nothing less than a passage used by our conquerors to get inside our once protective wall of independence. Now that the fractional reserve fiat money scheme has let the air out of the price bubbles again by cutting the money supply many people are finding themselves squeezed to make ends meet.

My family is doing okay for now. One defense against the conquerors is family and friends. Add to that as much do-it-yourself knowledge and you have a wall of defense against these traitor aided foreign attackers. You will be able to hold out longer than those who do not possess these time tested American defense systems.

For example, my daughter tells me that her AC is not working and the shop says it's going to cost $700 to fix it. But I said nuts to that and ordered the compressor clutch for $179 including free shipping then spend the morning the day before yesterday installing it. It's not rocket science. I take the parts that are in the way out of the way then label each and organize them for easy re-installation later. The internet is filled with advise and a Hayes or Chilton's car manual is cheap and very helpful. Most Americans would have been out that half a grand to have AC again.

My daughter and her husband are expecting a baby as well. We have a five bedroom house which is occupied fully by my family. My son in-law began talking about them moving out and getting their own place. But I said hold on a minute. I advised my daughter and her husband that this was not a great time to strike out on your own with the economy and war on the horizon. Credit is tight and they will need tens of thousands of dollars to have a down payment necessary to buy their own place. But in the mean time they will have to pay thousands for rent while trying to save money. To make a long story short, we took an unfinished portion of the basement that I was using for my quasi workshop and turned it into a bedroom. Plus we added a shower so my daughter and son in-law would have their own complete bathroom in the basement where they reside.

Here's how we did it. First I used some pressure treated wood that I recycled from a fence gate in N.E. Washington, DC and the shelving wood from the unfinished basement area to build a workshop on the outside of my house. Then all my tools and table saws and such were hauled out to my new workshop which is way more functional than trying to work with long boards in a narrow basement area cluttered with stuff. My wife and I did that and also the shower. I moved the dryer electric service line and the hole in the wall for the dryer vent so that we could relocate the dryer. Again not rocket science. Turn off the electric so the dryer won't run then pull the staples out holding the wire down and reposition the dryer outlet where you want it. The hole I hammered out in about a half an hour with a chisel and it looked way better than the old one I filled with cement. Where the dryer was I built a box that the shower would stand on so the water would drain down to a pump used to remove the shower water through the old open pipe that the clothes washer water used to drain into. Now the washer just drains into the big utility sink. I built the frame for the shower with my wife nagging me all the way to make sure I didn't screw up. I had my son in-law hold the piece of cement board up for the ceiling while I drywall screwed it in. I installed the cement board for the walls by myself. My wife installed the PVC drain pipe to the pump, did all the tiling and hooked up the electric for the shower light so it comes on when the bathroom light is turned on. We both grouted the shower. Finally, I customized an off the shelf shower door to fit the hole I cut into the wall for the new shower. I also did the plastering and I painted the bathroom. Oh yes...I soldered all of the pipes for the water supply and the main water line that had to be moved out of the way of one of the walls we were going to build for the room.

Those projects took us about three weeks and stunned my son Mathew who figured once we began building the shower it would take a year. He's a doubting Tomas devil's advocate type of personality. But the shower got everybody excited about building the baby's room especially my daughter and my wife.

In only a matter of days those two had strong armed Tiree's brothers in-law into framing up the baby's room. That next Saturday they were cutting and banging away all day. But by evening the room was framed up including drywall on the ceiling and some of the walls. From there my son in-law and I finished installing the drywall. I taped the joints and applied the compound then sanded the drywall. I also painted the room the hideous color my daughter chose and installed the covers for the electrical switch and room plugs that my wife installed. We're now just about ready to lay the carpet donated my my son in-law's step mom and we'll finish up in the next couple of weeks by installing the trim. I'll put up before and after picture when everything is done.

Now my daughter and son in-law can live there as long as it takes for the economy to turn around. They can save away some decent down payment money plus have any number of built-in baby sitters once their daughter Kylie is born in October. Heck we could jam in another two or three grand kids into bunk beds if we had to into our new sixth bed room. Everybody came together including several of my kids' friends to help make it happen. This is how to survive our defeat by the foreign bankers until we can rally our defenses and throw the banker bums out once and for all along with their counterfeit fiat money.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Senator Joseph Lieberman

It's Treason Not Terrorism

Just a reminded to those stilled duped. The September 11 attack was treason committed by domestic traitors. Those of you who still believe the super cave Arab conspiracy theory have refused to look at the evidence except that presented by the corrupt network media and silly national newspapers.

Remember, only 3 steel framed skyscrapers have ever been alleged to have been brought down by fire. All 3 collapsed on 9/11 at free fall speed which could only be possible if the steel support beams were first blown out of the way. Only then would skyscrapers drop like rocks.