Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Complicated

Friday, December 25, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

Obama Care Compliance Czar

Thursday, December 24, 2009

See The Light

For many, they are finally seeing the light about collectivism. The American people are going through a shift in their thinking because the old collectivist mentality clearly is not working and getting worse. However, for me I have not changed one iota in my thinking. I still support Ron Paul and that Constitution every body is clamoring about these days I used to get chastised for defending only a couple years ago. Now it appears a majority of Americans agree with Tomas and figure the Constitution may not be perfect but it's a damn sight better than this big brother fantasy.

Why is the above true? For me there has been not one shred of sensible evidence showing that I've been incorrect about anything I've asserted except I did misquote Adam Smith. Sorry about that and I'm glad the gentleman pointed out my error. Okay I've made some spelling and grammar errors through the years. Sue me.

As for the majority, they seem more and more to be thinking like Tomas though. That's because the lies are no longer working to keep them in the dark. People are getting the bum's rush screw over and they know it. Time is running out for the oligarchy. 2010 will be a make or break year for them. If they are too paralyzed to act we will soon overwhelm them. So they must do something - even though millions of us are already onto their game and watching them good.

So it's still their move...

Beware! Super Cave Arab!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Boogie Man Gonna Get You

These days whenever the oligarchy wants to steal more resources or control strategic land they just smear that country with the Al-qaeda tag and it's bombs away. No trial, no conviction. From on high it is decided that this or that person is Al-qaeda and boom! Punishment is delivered from out of the blue with drone injustice.

Currently North Yemen is in the cross-hairs of the Al-qaeda label. They, like Afghanistan, are having a civil war. The U.S. and Saudi Arabia both back the Southern Yemen government. That means anyone living in the north can be labeled Al-qaeda without notice. Same deal in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. It's funny how that works. Not ha ha funny - just odd.

I suppose the military is bombing these civil war areas to keep Al-qaeda from setting up those monkey bars we always see them training on before one of their precision attacks. The kind of attacks that always cause the U.S. military to completely disappear for the entire time the attack is occurring.

No monkey bars - no Al-qaeda. It's as simple as that. Well...somebody is simple.

Al-qaeda Dinosaurs

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Obama The Duce

Making The Trains Run On Time.

Senator Sheldon Parrots Obama Political Strategy

Monday, December 21, 2009

Health Care Death Panels

Apparently some group decides what will be the lie of the year. This year they say the biggest is the Death Panels. That this is even debatable signifies tremendous ignorance of the masses.


Don't be so stupid. It's simple economics not semantics. CNN is a shill station for even airing the nonsense of this "group." The fact is you offer more health care to millions more for "free" and they'll take the service. This means we WILL have shortages in medical care and this IS the reality with other national health schemes like in England and Canada. The death panels will be the political mechanism that decides who and how long you must be on the list. In England they even have two list. The priority list is for working people. The secondary list is where retirees are placed. Most die with the condition they suffer from without ever reaching the beginning of the list.

If you don't like private medical care for profit then you'll just love political medical care. It will be like the Post Office - too expensive with widely miserable service especially in their offices (hospitals).

Scapegoat Storm

The invaders destroying our economy in order to take down America must keep devising new scapegoats to blame so Americans stay duped. The fact is the economy has been ruined by illegal money - the fiat dollar.

So when I realized we would get hit by a huge snow storm I knew the shills would blame the terrible Christmas shopping season on the weather. Perhaps the invaders will get away with it. They have been 100% successful thus far lying their way to the top. Most Americans remain duped about the dollar scam. But the invaders are in trouble. Americans are wising up and will soon reach a critical mass of enlightenment. Next year should see the end of the majority of politicians' careers - unless something were to occur to stop the elections from happening at all.

I believe either the representative of the foreign invaders will lose their jobs next year or we will have another false flag attack which will eliminate those pesky elections.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yemen Civil War

How do you feel about the civil war in Yemen? haven't heard anything about Yemen except we send missiles there to kill terrorists. It's not surprising. The network media is under complete control of the invaders who destroy our economy more each day.

Ayatollah Obama

Apparently, for some, the Kenyan is a religious experience.

Mysterious Ways

It's been said that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Apparently this is so. Obama is off trying sell us out to the international banksters in Copenhagen using global warming as an excuse. But he is forced to return in a blizzard even before the official start of winter. The weatherman says there is more coming at the end of the week too.

If God does have a rye sense of humor then this should just be the beginning so you'd better get prepared. If God really wanted to give these international enslavers a poke in the eye then that Philippines' volcano will explode in the largest explosion ever witnessed by modern man. It will kick up so much dust blocking out the sun that all this nonsense about global warming will get a chilly reception by the formerly duped masses. While we are freezing our asses off we will be enraged every time one of these Obama globalists starts up with their global warming crap.

The fact is should this eruption be large enough then there is no doubt we could experience a year without summer. It has happened before. In 1816 this happened. Exactly like now, there was a historic low in solar activity coinciding with a volcanic winter event caused by a succession of major volcanic eruptions capped off by the Mount Tambora eruption of 1815, the largest known eruption in over 1,600 years.

Crops failed in northern Europe and the northeast United States. Add to this the fact that the world is about to experience a drastic food shortage anyway due to the disruptions caused by the massive creation of paper money. Whipping up more and more paper currency does not grow one additional turnip. It hides the real price of food causing over consumption which leads to shortages. Once food is scarce then you'll see prices escalate. If these series of events do occur the global warming baloney will be met with universal scorn. Hunger and disillusion will cause a massive political shift worldwide that will not be stoppable by the ruling oligarchies. Hopefully this mad scramble to survive will lead to an age of enlightenment and freedom.