Saturday, September 29, 2007

What's It Going To Take?

So're wondering what life could be like in the future and it scares you. Many prefer the devil they know to the unknown. If things would just get better you'd probably go for just about anything right about now but you're nervous. Well...if "ifs and buts" were candy and nuts we'd have a great Christmas every year now wouldn't we? Will freedom bring prosperity? I can positively assure you that implementation of the land location value tax system along with your labor will earn you a fair day's wage. How much? That depends on how much, how hard and how smart you work. But at any level of effort it will be worth it because you get to keep all the income. You have to give up your government health care and cradle-to-grave promises but you get to keep as much as you can make. If we could get you that deal Cubanos would you take it? Can we make a deal today? What's it going to take to get you into this nice new streamline economic racer? We can show you how you can kick the tires to answer those customer questions about performance and mileage and all that as soon as you think up the questions.

But we've done a credit reality check and the head guys really have to go because their credit is rotten. But if there are any folks with clean hands down the chain of command who want to take a test drive in this model that would be just great! Give us a call. Pick up the phone. Drop us an email. What's it going to take to make a deal today? Everyday you wait is one that you could have lived in comfort, security and with the gratitude of your fellow Cubans.

Cuba Castro Tourist Warning

Cuba is a bad choice right now for tourists. Cubans are very desperate and spend most days just figuring out how to survive in a country where cradle-to-grave promises are made but little is guaranteed. We have advised Cubans to steal anything they can from you during your Cuban vacation. You can scream indignation and kid yourselves that your tourists dollars are somehow helping regular Cubans. They are helping Raul Castro keep regular Cubans his personal slave pool. What would you do if somebody was providing resources to the plantation owner that had your family members and friends held captive? You should consider yourselves fortunate that we are not advising Cubans to treat you even worse.

Don't kid yourselves...Cubans on both sides of the Straits of Florida really dislike you. Sure the ones on the island who have a shot at getting a bit of your money and property will grin and act pleasant. But they do not like you either. An effective con requires politeness rather than rudeness. The fact is plans are being made to ban all Castro tourists from ever returning to Cuba the second it is free. But Cubans are also a forgiving people. If you change your vacation plans away from Cuba to alternate destinations, make a big stink about it being because you have seen the light about Castro's Cuba and apologize for the ignorance of your past visits - I bet Cubans might even forgive you. It's worth a try. You can bet money that Cuba is going to be free and it's going to happen damn fast. If you are there when it happens you're as good as a Nazi in Paris after D-day. I can't make you any promises.

Serbian Question

My reader in Serbia who wants to know what the expression "Too poor to paint and too proud to whitewash" means - its definition is one who does not have enough money to afford paint and using less expensive white wash would project to the world that he is poor. So he does not use white wash either.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Punishing CDR Street Thugs

You disgusting maggot members of the citizens for the defense of the revolution are near the day of retribution! We know who you are. You will not be welcome to participate in the new Cuba. You are criminals. That means a number of things for you. Right off the bat, you are unfit parents so if you have children we will take them from you to be brought up by civilized custodians. While the vast majority of Cubans will be allowed to stay in the homes where they live and be given title to that property - you will have your home seized and returned to the original owners. All of your personal property will be seized as well. You will be arrested the second we land in Cuba and thrown into jail to await trial. Those of you convicted will received the most extreme penalty appropriate for your crimes. As millions of Cubans are voting for their new government you will have no voting rights for the remainder of your life.

So every time you goons take to the streets remember - we are taking your picture to be presented in Court at your arraignment and trial.

Smile for the camera now because you'll be smiling out of the other side of your ass sooner than you think. Your days are numbered fidel-maggots - and not in years.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Unlike many things people want and need, food actually does grow on trees. You can find it in the fields as well as in the corrals and barns of farms. Cubans are hungry for many things but on the top of the list is food. So the question is how can we best assure Cubans are fed in the future?

It must be painfully obvious that Fidel ain't no farmer. When he came to power decades ago the first thing he did was slaughter all the cattle on my family's ranch (including all the breeding stock) and the people had meat - for a couple of weeks. However, the way you produce abundant quantities of food is to first not let city boys like Fidel have anything to do with it. Food is too important and will be the main reason Cuba's communist government will be replaced shortly. This has always been the case regarding food going back to the French revolution and beyond. Governments that cannot supply their people with conditions where they can feed themselves always are replaced and usually by a mob of hungry enraged people. I suppose it could have something to do with how fast thin people can chase after obese people like the king of France and Raul Castro who are ladened down with so much fat from years of stuffing themselves.

Food - being another object of wealth - is simply a combination of human labor and land. The question then becomes: How can we Cubans best assure that food production is conducted cheaply and efficiently so as to provide an abundance for the people of Cuba and elsewhere. Castro figured out food grew on trees but thought that was the end of it. But human labor is equally important. How do we assure adequate human labor, including stored up human labor in the form of tractors, reapers, thrashers, etc.? Why is that important too? It is because farm equipment does NOT grow on trees and even stolen tractors will one day wear out. With modern farm equipment and freer labor American farmers grow so much food that it takes me about one day's labor to feed my wife and four kids for one month. And that would be far less if my children were not such disgraceful wasters of food. But that fight is but another of my struggles which must take second place to your food needs and be fought at some future date to final victory. In the mean time I try to live on the left-overs so they do not go to waste and compound the sin.

To solve your hunger problem is quite simple. Follow these steps and you will be eating Cuban produced food within six months and in abundance:

1. Return those weed infested, broken down farms and ranches to their rightful owners.

2. If Cubans are living on any part of the property right now give them title to that small piece of land for their home. They'll make great customers for the farmers in the future as well as farm hands. Surely it won't hurt crop production missing a small piece of farmland.

3. Elect a government that forbids income tax and instead uses the land location value tax that is high in the central urban areas but zero to those farmers living out in the boonies.

4. Sit back for six months and have your meals provided to you by your Cuban brothers and sisters now living in exile as you watch the tons of farm equipment being imported into Cuba. After six months the first crops will all be in and Cuba will be feeding itself again. Soon after we will be helping to feed the rest of the world as well.

Of course all this comes after you remove the current incompetent government. Since voting out your government is illegal you must do it in the streets with a labor strike. Workers in companies don't get to vote on company matters either but can also strike for better pay and working conditions. Raul is not paying you and barely feeding you. It will take no more than a week of Cubans taking to the streets in a strike to drive the "Green Acres" farmers from the island. Then we're coming with boatloads of food for you my brothers and sisters. I promise you that!

Oh yeah...if you didn't know "Green Acres" was a tv show when I was a kid that was about a city lawyer and his spoiled wife who decide to be farmers. Not surprisingly, they had about as much success at farming as Fidel - lots of dirt, weeds and no food not purchased from the store.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Washington, DC Cubans

If you live or are traveling to the DC area in October come to our party! Meet the Estrada-Palma's, listen to the band and have some fun. Email me at for details and so I can screen everyone to keep the F.O.C.s (Friends of Castro) out. No F.O.C.ers allowed.

Cuba's New Transportation System

Trying to understand a chaotic system like a society is a difficult thing to grasp much less predict. However, if you analyze it in manageable segments you can begin to see consistent patterns to give you some direction. Take the new Cuban transportation system. It will be based on the jitney model found in the many Asian nations. Basically people with cars and truck and vans convert them to pick up and transport passengers for a small fee. There is very little regulation and no tax on the industry. There will be plenty of need for this service in the future in Cuba with all of the new business and construction requirements of the men and women which always mean travel back and forth. Usually jitneys follow a regular route and require no government.

What they require is freedom. Jitneys are the most cost effective method to transport people in an urban environment and it is working today around the world. There will be larger transportation projects in the future but the jitney service can begin as soon as the old Cuban government gets out of the way. So can everything else on the island like having a decent living.

Pretty Hotel

Yes...pretty empty of tourists. Word has gotten out. Looks have been deceiving. Inside these hotels tourists have been fed spoiled food, given bad water, and charged for everything right down to towels and toilet paper.

Here are the accommodations available for regular Cubans who are forbidden from going to the tourist beaches in Cuba and are turned away from the hotels - unless they are attractive and available for sex with Raul's customers. If you think this is bad you ought to see the hospitals reserved for regular Cubans.

Thanks to Luis Valdes for sending these photos. These say more than thousands of words.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

U. Not important

The collection of tyrants who pretend to speak for the people of the world become more irrelevant every day. The Iranian president says there are no gays in his country. Certainly there are none living outside the closet in Iran.

Thousands of years ago the Greeks all at once figured out that democratic government could be a powerful force against the tyrant controlled lands that menaced them. They realized that they didn't need kings. Hell! The kings needed them. However, once they were not so threatened they sunk into tyranny of the majority. But the first Americans came up with a concept that recognized individuals possessed personal rights on which the majority could not vote. Sadly, the US government does not adhere to the spirit of the United States Constitution these days.

So Cubanos - I propose the next real revolution and Raul Castro has been so kind as to provide us with the weapons. You thousands of Cubans underpaid and ignored who are in offices throughout Cuba will be the vanguard of the people's revolution. With the Internet we don't need these tyrants. The Internet allows for decentralized government that is completely under the people's control. You slaves of Cuba must spread the word to your brothers and sisters on the island. Tell them the second the tyrants are driven from Cuba we will start connecting Cubans by the thousands to the Internet with the most modern fiber optic cables. Using the Internet, moving as one will allow you to first defeat the tyrants. But more importantly, thereafter you will be able to do the same thing to any commercial interest that fails to consider Cuban interests.

The first boycott will be directed at Raul and his gang. The future ones will be directed at companies that do not act responsibly and fairly. Move as one Cubanos! Move as one and nothing can stop you...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Corporate Media

Cubans should know that anytime big corporate television or newspaper conglomerates do a story on anything they first consider their vast financial holdings in other areas not normally associated with communications. They are members of the ruling elite economic class and they like it that way. For the bottom line of their corporate portfolios it would be very profitable if 11 million Cubans could be reorganized into the Chinese model and exploited for their labor output only ninety miles away from American shores. This is indeed the dream of these corporate exploiters who wish to collude with Raul's government in mutually financially rewarding ventures. But for the Cuban people it will mean working harder for a slightly better living standard but still possessing no human rights or control over their own government. For the big media elitists dogs who will reap tremendous profit on the backs of the Cuban people - this will not be a problem.

Well I have a problem with it!!! Don't accept this raw deal Cubanos. The signal for action will be when Raul's government admits Fidel is dead. Then take to the streets, go on a labor strike and do not leave until you have won your liberty.

Good luck amigos!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Raul Playing Games

Yes he is. Raul believes it is all about deceiving the world about Fidel's condition. That's a good thing. The Cuban people know it's really about change to a new political/economic system that will provide a decent living for all. We know how to do it. Raul doesn't... He's busy polishing up another lie.