Friday, April 22, 2011

Hillary Clinton Supports $7 Gallon Gas

Apparently Secretary of State Clinton is a member of the Bilderberg Group which has just set the price of gas in the U.S. to be $7 per gallon. Isn't that treason? The Secretary of Commerce and other administration officials are members as well. TREASON!

Have You Been Exposed To Radiation

Regardless of whether radiation is good for you or bad for you, aren't you a bit curious about if you've been exposed to it? Some of the stuff has a half a century half life or more. This means if you have a pound of radioactive material, in 50 years there will still be half a pound hanging around.

For me personally the winds have been kind to Maryland. No radiation here at all. So if you are looking to get your kids out of the hot zone where milk contains these isotopes as well as the air and water - send your kids and pregnant ladies to the Free State. That's just and expression. Maryland's about as free as the other 49 - not so free. But apparently we're free of Fukushima radiation. YEAH!!!

Look here and see how things are in your neck of the woods.

This emergency has been brought to you by the same global traitors that fund our domestic traitors in America swearing radiation is now good for you and the kids.

Warning From The Past

Blogs Ken "Don't tread on me!"'s

Does Marcus Tullius Cicero's Statement Apply Today?

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“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep within the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murder is less to fear.”

– Marcus Tullius Cicero

Sage advise. You see why I dislike the traitors that have duped the bulk of the American public to this very second? My last hope is the duped awaken and help rout out the vipers before the vipers eliminate us.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

American Politicians To Get Egyptian Treatment Too

The truth is most politicians haven't a clue as to what's really happening to America today. They are a reflection of the average American. This of course does not mean that the leadership is not penetrated by lots traitors. However, I think most congressmen and senators are just ignorant.

So I'm here to wise you all up. You too are going to get the Egyptian treatment. I realized this because of all the screw ups that are being released by the media making the lot of you look like bozos. Plus these foreign attackers have the goods on many of you politicos and it appears they plan to use it if necessary. The strategy is to freeze the Congress at a time when we really need a strong Congress unified under one banner. That being we are under attack. Many of our federal police intelligence agencies have been penetrated by the enemy. The enemy controls our money supply through the Federal Reserve. In short you congressmen and senators have a big fat target on you now by these traitors. Have you thought about what you will do about it?

Here's an idea...come clean. Confess your sins to America and tell them why you do so at this time as a unified congress. Say you leaders on the Hill finally have seen that we are under attack mostly through economic means but they have crippled us nonetheless as much or more so than bombs. Mostly the traitors have petty things on you like adultery, homosexuality and other peccadilloes which at the end of the day in light of this grave attack are nonsense issues meant to divide and distract. Those who have more serious skeletons in the closet should resign now and head for the border because you are about to get outed anyhow.

To sum up you must go on the offensive against the real enemies of America immediately as a unified Congress or accept responsibility for America being topple by these enemies.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saudis Cutting Us Off

That's right amigos. The kingdom of oil has seen and now understands what the globalista's big plans are and they are not going to lay down for it. They and other nations are cozying up to Russia and China and who could blame them? The same globalista's that funded the rise of Hitler and the Nazis are running the America fascists production as well.

The Saudi royal family now understands that they too are being thrown under the bus so they will not fuel up that bus as well. By cutting production the Saudis will surely throw a monkey wrench into the timing of the big globalista take-over of the planet. This is a wise move on their part. They realize they have been swindled and it makes no sense to play ball with the western swindler any longer.

The same holds true for the BRICS. These countries are forming a coalition to protect themselves. The truth be told, which is not something done on American network TV, the rest of the planet knows about the cabal of criminals who have secretly seized control of America and much of the western nations. They see us as the new Axis of Evil. Who could blame them? Both the Nazi and American governments believed heavily in using torture. Both attacked other countries militarily based on false flag attacks that were blamed on these countries. This was possible in each case due to total control of the media. Assassination was an official policy of Nazi Germany and America too extra judicially murders whistle blowers, political figures or anyone that the cabal feels might be a threat to their gang.

Actually these moves by other nations acting in their own self interests is a good thing. Our founding fathers warned of power being concentrated into a few hands so anything that decentralizes power is good for the planet. I just have one big favor to ask of the rest of the earth's inhabitants. Please don't hold the majority of the American people responsible for this fiasco. I know the American people and most are really nice people who only see the world through the networks, national newspapers and other blatant globalista owned propaganda operations. They are hopelessly duped by these murderous dogs secretly running the show. So before you act out in a rage against Americans you would be better off showing a bit of pity for them instead.

That might sound crazy after the U.S. coalitions of the willing murderers has dropped some bombs on your house but hear this. Americans die by the millions each year just from cancer alone. They don't realize it yet but they are being soft-killed by their own criminal government. It's why we Americans have the highest cancer rate in the world. The reason our government does this is they can't afford to pay for our old age benefits which were promised but can never be delivered as they have squandered all the loot. So as bad as being murdered instantly in your own home is by American drones usually one dies quickly. I've seen the years of excruciating pain one goes through after being given cancer by the food, drink and medicine here in the U.S.

Add to this the chemical lobotomies American's get from the crap they ingest. Most Americans can no longer think clearly and find themselves in a mental fog. One only need look at commercials on TV to see that they are geared towards children of feeble intellect. It's so sad that it's funny and most American haven't realized the joke's on them.

Finally, now that the western globalista oligarchs are double crossing America, the people are finally waking up to the truth that the rest of the world already knows about. In America today the finishing touches are being put on the secret police control grid that will spring into action when the American people revolt. We have numerous concentration camps all around the country just waiting for the big round-up. We will be put into one of two groups of internees. Either we'll do prison labor or we'll be exterminated. Some of the camps have huge gas ovens just waiting for us. The globalista's have millions coffins waiting too when they release the next bio-attack on us. And let's not forget that they have nukes as well to detonate in America that it will blame on others.

In short, if you think it's bad what the globalista controlled American government has done to you just wait until you see what they are fixing to do to us. If you don't have pity for Americans already you will once the globalista get to these next phases of their plans. That's why I like seeing other nations forming coalitions to protect their interests from the globalista's. Anything that occupies their time and keeps them busy may just delay the cabal long enough for enough Americans to wise up. If that happens I can assure you of this. The guilty WILL be punished if the American people learn the truth. So keep the globalista's busy for us and pity poor America. One last warning. If you come to America don't drink the city tap water. It's got poison in it. True it probably won't harm you if you're only here for a couple of weeks. But why take chances especially with children?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Globalista's Use Trump - Covering All The Angles

The reason the Globalista's cover all the angles is to put the American people in a political box. Take the Trump campaign. His agenda is simple. People are mad as hell at rising pump prices. So the Donald's campaign promise is to just steal oil from Libya and cut the price of gas with the flood of cheap freshly stolen black gold.

Somebody tell the Donald that this oil is already spoken for by B.P. Apparently, Trump is being maneuvered to be a possible puppet presidential choice. The NSA wing of the Globalista world empire told the top planet central planners that gas prices are tops on America's mind. The planet planners have deployed their network media monopoly to demonize Qaddafi to lay the ground work to justify taking his oil.

But it's all nonsense. Again this is a diversionary smoke screen to hide what is actually happening. Trumps campaign is built on the promise of cheaper gasoline. That ain't gonna happen for a spell no matter which one of the upcoming Globalista choices we get suckered into choosing. I'm not hopeful as each one of the past few picks are more and more like a cross between Caligula and Nero with a dash of Hitler sprinkled under the surface. So the moron majority certainly is dumb enough to elect Trump believing he will cut gas prices.

It's total BS. Twelve big Globalista's control the price of oil and the number they like is $200 a barrel. This will finish off the U.S. economy and the American people. Then the Globalista's get their international debit card scam in a cashless world where possession of gold and silver is an international crime. In ten years or so the control systems will be in place along with the elimination of the necessary individuals who got in the way of Globalista world domination. Then gas prices will be right reasonable for the survivors. This will be especially so when the vast American petrol reserves are finally tapped by the Globalista's and brought into the marketplace.

However, wouldn't it be better to elect Americans next year? Almost every member of Congress as well as the Senators up for election must be fired in 2012 then replaced with anti Globalista choices. Apparently, since he is being so regularly touted, Pawlenty is the last person we should pick for president as he is an obvious stooge of the Globalista's whether or not he knows it. President Ron Paul will work with the new American dominated Congress to eliminate the real cause of high prices - the criminal Federal Reserve Board. They will bring domestic energy sources hidden so long from the American public into production right now. These two things alone will reduce gas prices as well as allow greater job creation under a monetary system where the currency's value remains stable. Real money never loses value. Only fiat paper money will lose value when it is exponentially increased in circulation by criminal banking cartels. You better believe if Americans make these suggested choices then real money will be legalized and counterfeit fiat bank cartel currency outlawed.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reality Of Raul's Reforms

As usual amigos I must cut through the media cow pies produced for your viewing pleasure to let you see the truth. That being Raul's reforms and why they are happening now. Cuba's commodity needs have been exasperated by the globalista banker caused depression. Cuba's undocumented president has been given the ultimatum now by those bankers who themselves are so fond of the Chinese model. Adopt this model immediately or get the Egyptian treatment. Raul saw the writing on the wall and will let Cubans order Chinese take-out.

The reason the cabal of globalista banksters love the Chinese model is they only have to deal with the party bosses to get what they want from the people. The party bosses get what they want which is privilege, cash and prizes for squeezing the people of their wealth. Naturally, this will be a better life for Cubans because as it is now with the socialist-sit-on-your-ass economic model the people have a right to everything while producing almost nothing. Cubans are smart and won't work much for hardly anything.

The trick for Raul is the transition from the current commie model to the crony capitalist commie model. Millions of Cubans have been sold on the notion of rights being the same as needs and this is not going to be easily undone. Plus we all know who will end up rich and who will be the ten million Cubans working their ass off for a bit more material wealth but no more free bread and other socialists promised goodies. It's the Chinese model remember?

The irony here is at the very same time Cuba is sending out for Chinese, America has adopted the fascist form of collectivism. Our production of wealth has plummeted as society squares off into two groups under this model - those doing the policing which creates no wealth and everybody else trying to create wealth under this supervision and regulation that kills the goose that use to lay the golden wealth eggs. So within five years Cubans on the island may actually be doing a bit better than the average American under fascism. I say this because there are no successful historical models of fascism that function for very long. They have always collapsed into war and chaos. There is no money in either if they are happening in your neighborhood.

Instead the Cubans should send out for Icelandic. Iceland told the globalista banksters to take a hike. Their economy is growing now despite this cabal of banksters' threats. Cubans don't require the globalista banksters or the crony capitalists commie Raul Castro model. Cubans each have hands, minds, a strong will and an island full of wealth that could be efficiently harvested if only the greedy exploiters would get out of the way and permit Cubans to get to work - FOR THEMSELVES!

In summation amigos - please don't allow yourselves to be exploited by the globalista's in this manner. Raul is selling you out right now and I just want you to understand this. You will receive a bit more at first but in the long run this economic model is not sustainable. The more wealth you create the more that will be stolen from you. Wouldn't you rather be free and simply own your own time, body and the fruits of your own labor? All that Cubans need to share is the island and I've got a great way to accomplish this once Raul and the globalista's are gone.

Let me know because things here in America are getting a bit dicey. The secret police here could launch another 9/11 style attack any day followed by round-ups of people like me. So the second Cubans remove Raul and the Gang (sounds like a 70's disco band) the family and I will be heading your way to build a new life with you.

And The Globalista's Nominations Are...

Yes America, it's that time again every four years when the globalista's get the networks they own to foist their next menu of presidential candidates onto the still mostly duped people.

For the Democrat Party...can I have the envelop please? SURPRISE - there is only one nomination! It's Barrack Obama! Actually it's no surprise. The globalista's have gotten their every wish with Obama in the White House. He has totally double-crossed the American people. Everything he promised has been a bold face lie. In fact the only complaint the globalista's could have against this usurper is that he has done such a miserably unconvincing job of selling the selling out of America that he has gotten a growing minority of citizens up in arms. So the globalista's may yet still give Obama a Kennedy Intervention if it suits their needs.

Now for the Republican party nominations. For Republican globalista president the nominees are...Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney. These will be your preferred globalista choices. In the next year and a half America will be network carpet bombed with lots of good news about how wonderful these globalista picks will be for us. Naturally, after the duped American public picks one of these foisted choices we will hate them after four years on the job working for the globalista's and not the American public.

A person who is the only man for the job of president who is not a sell-out is Ron Paul. So the globalista networks will lie, smear and blackout Dr. Paul to fool America once again so the foreign snakes get what they want. One thing the globalista's damn sure don't want is Ron Paul in the White House. That would be the end of their reign of domination over our republic. The globalista's have ruined so many things like Japan and the world economy that Americans may actually not follow network television orders and refuse to vote for their presidential nominees this next election.

We'll have to wait and see how many Americans remained duped to this scam.