Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cool Dialog On Babalu

Anti Ron Paul Propaganda Exposed

Basically, they tried to smear Ron Paul by making it appear that he was supporting Nazi's on their website. However, it was screwed up and shown to be an Israeli government operation - probably because if Ron Paul is elected he will stop giving billions of your tax dollars to bribe Israel, and hundreds of other countries around the world. Better to fix the bridges here before one falls down while YOU are on it, aye?

Read all the sneaky things the MSM is doing in this article. It is so obvious they are trying to undermine Ron Paul's chances for winning the White House instead of informing the public. You know they have lied to us for years about Cuba. How can you guys trust them to give you accurate information about who is best, for you and your country, to be the next president? I hate when anyone tries to manipulate me! I don't like it when they do so with my friends either...

FOX News Looking Stupid

You decide? Bull shit! Fox decided long ago with the American ruling class that our next president will be Rudy, Fred, Mikey, Mitt or McCain. In this video FOX actually found one Rudy supporter. But the reporter found it very difficult to even say Ron Paul's name despite all his supporters in the background. If you believe terrorist want to harm us because we are SOOOOOOO free then you are dumber than a rock. Would YOU tolerate foreign troops occupying OUR country? Of course not! So if you expect people in the 300 countries that our troops occupy to accept our occupation quietly then you would also be a hypocrite. The cure: Quit watching FOX and other MSM propaganda and get all your news on the net. Besides MSM disinformation that is packaged as "news" being aggravating - their commercials are non stop.

Friday, December 21, 2007

40 Cubans Vanish During Crossing To Florida

Posted: Friday, December 21, 2007 1:50 PM
Filed Under: Havana, Cuba
By Mary Murray, NBC News Producer

PERICO, Cuba - This tiny town is in mourning this holiday season.

Forty residents of Perico, some 100 miles southeast of Havana, are believed dead, drowned at sea on a failed smuggling operation. The group, which included somewhere between nine and 12 children, set off in the pre-dawn hours on Saturday, Nov. 24, and was expected to be dropped off in the Florida Keys by Sunday. No one has heard from them since. "People leave here all the time but they always make it to land, somewhere," said Maria Galban, waiting for some word about the fate of her brother Jorge, his wife and two children, aged 10 and 19.

Maria Galban looks despondent while explaining that she doesn't know the fate of her brother, sister-in-law, and their two children since they set off in a boat for the U.S. This was Jorge's fourth attempt to leave the island. Twice he ended up in the Bahamas, only to be extradited back to Cuba. On one of those occasions, he spent four months in a Bahamian immigration detention center. Another time, Cuban Border Guards stopped him in local waters. "He always came back to us. We always heard something," Galban said, as she wept. Her only consolation comes from living in a relatively small town of approximately 31,000 residents where neighbors treat everyone like family. People say the entire town shares in the collective grief of losing so many people at one time. ˜Where is my son?" Maria Mirna Gutierrez is devastated over the disappearance of her son, Jorge Luis, a supervisor on a state farm. "He left for work that morning and never came home," she said. "Where is my son? I cannot be consoled. I don't know if I can survive this." She too is not alone in her grief. The night she spoke with NBC News, a large crowd of neighbors gathered silently outside her home, mistakenly thinking that someone in authority had come to give the grieving mother news on her son. In the middle of the interview with Gutierrez, a younger woman, Aranelis Cabrera, barged in, clutching a photo of her missing relatives. Cabrera is searching for her brother Renier and wife Idania. She still has not worked up the courage to tell her ailing parents that the couple is missing. "This would kill them," she said. Her only hope is that her brother, who had a job as a night watchman, turns up alive before too long.

Cuban authorities think that's a long shot.

Acting on Missing Person's Reports filed by the families here, the Cuban Border Guards sent out patrols to search local waters and deserted keys for either survivors or evidence of an accident. Nothing has been found of either the black 32-foot Wellcraft speedboat with its twin engines or the human cargo. The families report they also have been assured that the missing passengers are not in police custody. No one is being held on charges that could include trying to leave the country by illegal means.

Maria Mirna Gutierrez weeps while discussing the disappearance of her son. At the same time, the U.S. Coast Guard conducted its own extensive air-and-sea search, also coming up empty-handed. While both countries remain on alert for this craft, few hold out hope for finding anyone alive after almost a month. Too much time has passed. The long time lapse itself may have been the biggest hindrance to the initial rescue efforts. Even after the boat failed to arrive on schedule, anxious relatives on both sides of the Florida Straits waited almost two weeks before reporting the incident to either U.S. or Cuban authorities. If indeed all the passengers perished in the journey, it will be noted as the single worst smuggling tragedy from Cuba. While more Cubans over recent years have taken to the sea aboard smuggling speedboats, chiefly originating from south Florida, they are both illegal and dangerous operations. Fear delayed search According to the families in Perico, fear was one reason why people waited so long "fear from breaking the law in both countries, but also fear of reprisals from the smugglers. "This is all very dangerous," said Judy Carvajal, whose only sister and 10-year-old niece were on board the boat. The smugglers charge up to $12,000 a head, far beyond the reach of most Cubans living on the island. So, relatives already residing in the U.S. usually make the arrangements and pay the fees even going into debt to do so. While they know smuggling is illegal, they are also desperate to be reunited with their families. Both the U.S. Coast Guard and the Cuban Border Guards seem frustrated by the steady upswing in smuggling despite their separate efforts at stopping the illegal trade. The Cuban authorities complain that the speedboats that come into isolated beachheads to pick up their passengers under cover of night are just too fast to apprehend. Using local guides and sophisticated GPS navigators, a smuggling boat can land on shore, board its passengers and leave in under three minutes. Speed also thwarts U.S. Coast Guard efforts, which reports that over 60 percent of the Cubans known to have illegally set off to sea last fiscal year slipped past American radars and made it to U.S. shores. There, the Cubans become political refugees, classified under the so-called "wet foot/dry foot" policy " the special immigration status that allows any Cuban touching U.S. soil to stay and become eligible for residency. The Cuban government points to this policy of privilege as the impetus for people to risk their lives in these dangerous and costly crossings while the Bush administration insists its Cuba's failed economy and repressive political system driving people to the perilous sea.

Thanks to Clem for sending me this sad story.

Cuba Is Broke

Read this from the about the conditions in Cuba after all the storms. The Herald snuck some journalists into Cuba to expose the desperate plight of the Cubans in Eastern Cuba ravaged by storms and flooding. They were promised food and building material but nothing has been delivered so far. Cuba has nothing to sell and no cash to buy anything so an embargo is unnecessary. Since we are already providing the enemy with food and medicine do we give them propaganda victories as well? There is no need to embargo the rest because Raul can't pay cash. Cuba sure hasn't gotten rich by not having an embargo with the rest of the world and will not if we say there is none with the US as well.

The Pretend Embargo

How can the U.S. have an embargo against Cuba when we are the island's number one supplier of food and medicine? The junta in Cuba calls this the "blockade" just to be dramatic. But freedom is what is blocked in Cuba. Despite what conditions were in the past, today Cuba cannot buy anything more from us because they are broke. But the junta need not worry about being so broke that they cannot buy more from us because they can hide this fact with the embargo myth. The junta has nothing to sell us after the tobacco and sugar crop flops. Besides, the exile Cuban community could turn our wrath against any American profiteers exploiting Cuban slave labor, keep them tied up in Court and probably have an excellent chance of being awarded damages for the conditions our people slave under.

Amigos we must call Raul's bluff. Imagine if the American government made a big announcement that the embargo was lifted. What would occur if after this lifting of restrictions Raul bought nothing more from us since he is tapped out? Plus Cuba now produces little available for export. Any small amount of revenue generated by sales of Cuban products would be offset by the loss of the embargo excuse. How would enslaved Cubans react then once Raul could not blame junta greed, corruption and mismanagement on the "embargo?"

If you are not prepared to try this approach then you must insist on a real blockade. No vessel would be allowed into or out of Cuba. This would cause the collapse of the criminal regime. But it is not politically practical. So why provide Raul with the three things he needs to cling to power? Those would be food, medicine and the embargo myth to blame for his 18th Century economic thinking.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ron Paul Now Leads In The Polls!

Cuba Tourist Alert

Why does Raul Castro's government say it will spend $162 million to upgrade tourist facilities if the vacations to Cuba are just swell? I'll tell you why. It is because we have been very successful at getting the news out that Cuba vacations suck, are expensive and in many cases dangerous. So Raul gets 27 million barrels of oil from Chavez just to keep the electric lights on but he wants tourists to believe that he has $162 million available to upgrade the hotels. Ha!

But here is what you should ask before booking that flight to the slave island. "If this vacation does not turn out to be all that the brochure claims will I get my money back?" If your travel agent says yes then you should demand that in writing. The agent will quickly refuse that request. The fact is there has never been a case of tourists getting their money back because they were defrauded by the Castro boys. Read your fine print boys and girls before booking that holiday. What you sign is a waver removing the travel agency from all responsibility should something bad happen in Cuba while you are on holiday. And if you read this blog and many others you will find that many bad things happen to tourists in Cuba and holidays to the island are never what the junta claims. Bon voyage!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Secret Supporters

The best part of the impending collapse of the current Cuban junta's control over the Cuban people will be when we get our hands on the records. Then we will quickly name the names of the secret supporters of the Castro regime and the blackmailing material used to secure their compliance. What I'm saying is you better own up now or be exposed in the near future.

Politicians Printing Money

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Unhappy Black Tourists In Cuba

Attempted Murder

Castro's street thugs recently tried to murder this little boy by gassing him to death. The neighbors broke into the house and saved the boy.

Dead Fidel

When Cubans everywhere hear anything from the Castro government we all wonder - what is really going on? We do not accept what is being asserted by liars. Instead we ask why do they want us to believe this or that. The regime has lied about everything. But here is what we do know. Fidel is a greedy, lying tyrant who is one of the most selfish men on the planet. For a half a century it has always been all about Fidel. So now we are told that Fidel is stepping away from power but we know that certainly is a lie. Fidel has murdered thousands of humans over half a century to get then remain in power. He is a cold, calculating manipulator who tried unsuccessfully to spark a nuclear war solely to massage his delusions of grandeur.

Selfish bastards like this never give away power - life takes it from them. Hitler hearing the Russian guns closing in chose suicide over the humiliation of capture. The Duce was captured by partisans and executed. Caesar was murdered by some of his political rivals. Fidel? He is being killed by time and sub par medical treatment provided by the best team of 50 cent a day doctors and nurses which that kind of money can buy. Now the gang of liars he has surrounded himself with wants to carry on but they do not know how. Clearly there is no single leader at this time in Cuba. You can tell this because of their paralyzed policy indecisions. This means there are a number of power centers competing for the top job. Raul clearly does not have the charisma to be able to convince anybody. He is cajoling various power centers to hold this pack of thieves together but he does want to be the front guy. He speaks through his dead or dying brother in effect setting policy through letters and press releases supposedly from Fidel. However, Fidel is a braggart who covets the limelight. If there was anyway Fidel could speak to the Cuban people to continue his con game he most certainly would and his gang would be happy to let him do so. But this slick talker Fidel we are told just wants to write policy papers now and otherwise does not have anything to say. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! A live coherent Fidel who is not talking is a ridiculous scenario. The gang who clings to power on a day-to-day basis wants us to believe that ridiculous scenario. I'm sure they all giggle like school girls when FOX and CNN announce that Fidel says this or that in a letter. But to me, thinking logically, I know for sure that the only scenario that makes sense is Fidel does not even know his A B Cs now. Finally, I know that his gang is trying to hide this fact until they can figure out how to kill him off perceptually to suit their need to remain in charge. The gang will release a few more letters from the dying Fidel glorifying the "revolution" while condemning the Yankee. The gang hopes to figure out a way to continue the con job on the Cuban people without Fidel. They will not be successful however...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Economics And Oversight

I find it incredible that even today people the world over would clamor for "government funding." However, government creates absolutely zero funds. They confiscate funds that we create, redistribute them to suit the political needs of the ruling class and consume a good bit of this wealth just running these "programs." People must stop thinking of money as wealth. These are symbols of wealth that has already been created in the form of food, drink, machinery, commodities, etc. Unfortunately, the governments the world round print extra money which they get to spend. Because money is not wealth, these symbols of our labor compete with the extra currency that the government prints up for the limited amount of stuff that there is available for purchase. This drives up prices as money value is diluted. So don't be silly! You wouldn't accept less dollars when more dollars were bidding higher for your goods or services. But here's the rub. You are working your ass off to earn your dollars while the bankers with their partner in crime, the government, can just print their's right up out of thin air to compete against your dollars. If you feel this is unfair you would be correct! Sadly, you will not learn of this thievery in "public schools." Isn't that convenient?

If not funds, people call for "government oversight." But here is the order of importance with government oversight: government needs, the industry being regulated then the people. Naturally the government can't just let companies kill us because that would be political suicide. But anything the industry can do quietly generally is a "go" since most government regulatory agencies are made up usually of former industry employees. Isn't that convenient?

But here is why this will soon end - literally. The Internet has the ability to cut through the crap to expose naked emperors everywhere. This little explanation of economics and oversight is easily understandable and will be here forever. What the governments and bankers are doing is thievery pure and simple. The old main stream media has been bought out and sold out. The Internet allows the people to enlighten one another and organize to crush any government or corporation acting inappropriately. The need for "Soviet style" big government oversight agencies is now completely unnecessary because we can enlighten ourselves on the Net then take appropriate individual action as a group. This is why the Castro regime is finished. With the Internet we have been able to cut through the darkness created by Castro's disinformation machine. Cuba has become the Orwellian nightmare come true where good is evil, freedom is slavery and truth nothing but lies. For years Castro had the world convinced that Cubans had the best health care when all the while it was non existent. The Cuban people are not happy. Would you be happy living with not even having basic modern amenities like toilet paper?

So naturally Cuban exiles use their limited time and efforts to expose and destroy this evil Castro regime. But let this be a warning to the rest of you government and corporate dogs who rob from the people and abuse them. When we finish with Castro we're coming for YOU! We're going to beat the crap out of you with the truth.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cuba Exposed

Listen to Cuba Exposed! on internet talk radio