Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One Sixth Of The Planet?

That's the land mass that the Queen of England owns outright free of all the usual taxes that we in the peasantry must suffer through under penalty of the law. How fair is that? Believe me she's not the only one in this elite but small group of royals, nobles and bankster/industrialist hob nob snobs. Then they the entitled and we the other 7 billion human inhabitants struggle to search for the root causes of poverty.

If you can read this then you are not stupid. You have been misinformed by the above regales using the most comprehensive total brainwashing package ever thought up and only made possible by the revolutions in mass media and communications. We've been led to believe that to end poverty we must share our wages with the community. Taxes are the price we pay for civilization right?

Well I've been paying taxes my whole life. When will things begin getting civilized? Remember the royal bandits at the same time are given title to own most of the planet and its resources tax free. I say let everybody own the land they have title to currently. However, everybody is going to pay a single tax under the plan that I endorse that is based solely on the value of the location. Naturally, the more urban, city land will be the highest taxed areas and the outlying farm areas low or tax free because they have poor locations not sought out by most people to live and work. Mind you this tax has nothing to do with improvements to the land like houses or wells and fences. They, like human labor, would be tax exempt. No longer would the peasants be punished with higher taxes for fixing up their house or business. Conversely, no longer would slum lords be rewarded with lower taxes because no one's tax would be based on the buildings but only on the location value. The tax for a 1/4 acre lot with a house on it and one next door with no house would be the same.

So what happens under this plan? It's a royal pain in the ass for the lucky regales. They could only continue to own that land for which they could pay the site value tax back to the community. That land which they could not afford to keep they would have to sell back to the other 7 billion people or lose it. Their land could be donated to pay other site value taxes for land they wish to keep. Slowly but surely under this system the elite snobs would be forced to share the earth with the rest of us peasants.

This is vitally important as well because personal wealth creation and storage cannot occur without land. LAND + HUMAN LABOR = WEALTH. Until this plan is understood by the 7 billion peasants and implemented, the earth will remain a mostly poor, desperate planet of doomed humans. The elites understand this plan which is why it is not taught in schools. This is the revolution which they fear the most. That is why the elites fund numerous fake revolutions so we peasants will never rally around this truly revolutionary idea that would almost totally eliminate poverty. But poverty breeds the ignorance and desperation the top elites covet for control over the rest of us.

Wake up and get with the plan. Spread the word.