Saturday, November 01, 2008

Why The Stock Market Moves

Everyday the stock market goes up or down for only one reason. Millions of investors the world around buy or sell stocks for just one reason. If you don't believe me just tune into places like CNBC. During October they announced on various days that, "The market goes down on fears the banker bailout won't be passed. The market soars on hopes the bailout will pass. The market crashes on doubts that the bailout will have any effect whatsoever on the over all economy."

On the eve of this election there is widespread fear that the election will be stolen from Obama. However, this is pre-nine eleven thinking back to the days when we still believed everyone in government was here to protect us rather than be the most dangerous terrorists menacing our existence. Basically, the evil ones who have clawed their way into the halls of power like an infectious disease emit two main forms of propaganda - that which is meant to steer the ignorant masses to their final destination and that which is meant to throw the duped ones off the trail.

Therefore, this talk of Obama having the election stolen from him is nonsense. The wannabe earth emperors actually scheduled Obama to win the election. If they did not want him to win then they would have never spent millions anointing him over their big media outlets. In actual fact, which I have warned you about before this date, the earth emperors plan on blaming Obama for the bad economy. At least that was their original thinking. Just last night before going to bed I heard the very same CNBC talking heads who over the last month or so have given a single reason for the rise or fall of the stock market everyday, now assure us that the real reason the market has dropped is because Obama will win by a landslide. They in effect admit that all the other reasons they gave over the past months were BS and now we should believe their latest reason du jour.

The worst part about this whole sorted affair is Obama will win by a landslide then be totally ineffective in solving the troubles and filling the needs of the people. He can never accomplish that goal and at the very same time look after his banker boss's interests as well. That he will see to the bankers' needs over the people is not in doubt here. They have the goods on him about his Kenyan birthplace and would expose his felony if he crossed them. Of course depending on the motivations of the big bankers they might expose Barrack's little lie to suit their agenda anyway.

What is that agenda? Certainly, it is to make as much profit off of the backs of you free range slaves as possible while at the same time try to pry us apart as a nation to make us less dangerous. These emperors were right on schedule but the economy has not cooperated and fallen too soon. The grand dragons of economy like Paulson, Bernanke and other unseen co-conspirators have done their level best to price fix the economic numbers to prop it up until after the election of Barrack Obama. They made certain, even though it cost billions, that they drove the market up during this last week before the election. But next week all bets are off.

Now I could be wrong depending on how much money the emperors can whip up and jam into the economy temporarily keeping it afloat. But going that route if it can even be done successfully at this juncture, will lead rapidly to hyper-inflation and the annihilation of our dollar into worthless paper. It is more likely however in the coming months the market should crash by several thousands points.


But the most curious part will be that most Americans will fall for it...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Irrational Greed

There has been much talk in the past about the merits of greed. Anyway you define it, greed is a motivating factor if kept into perspective. First off, money is NOT the root of all evil. That would be the LOVE OF MONEY. Money itself is a handy tool like a chainsaw instead of an ax. You can get much more accomplished using a monetary system than you can trading beans for fish or haircuts for brake jobs. Money removes the need to search out individuals who have complementing needs necessary before any cashless transaction can occur. Having said that, today more and more individuals are using the Internet to go around the need to use money in the traditional way because of the need to survive in this bankster, free range slave operation.

Really, the main trouble with money is the majority of the people on this planet don't have a clue about it. Most reading this will naturally assume money IS wealth. It is NOT. Money is a symbol of wealth - at least the paper version of the stuff. Think about it for a second. If money was actually wealth then all we'd need to do is print up enough for everybody to become comfortably rich, right? Well...when posed in this manner even the most feeble of numskulls can get "it."

Yet right there in the big media, like CNBC, the talking heads clamor for the Fed to inject liquidity (create up trillions of new electric money then lend it out to chosen sectors within the economy) to save the economy. Why?

The clear answer is irrational greed. Most of these individuals do not possess a great degree of expertise in the big economic picture and are experts in a few small aspects of the free range slave economy. They have 4.01 Ks and stocks that have been dropping like rocks too. It is true that getting the Federal Reserve to aid in price fixing in this way can prop up prices for the short run. So in the short run it might temporarily save the investment portfolios of the MSM talksters. But their broadcast tantrums for more Fed dough will eventually lead to the collapse of the dollar and our economy. Needless to say their portfolios will be toast once this happens. Those days will become more and more apparent as each day passes from here on.

Sometime next year most Americans will finally get these truths because the pain of the economy will have forced them to look beyond the surface veneer. They will be angry and will wish they could have their votes back that they will cast next week. But that is not possible and you will be stuck with the Congress and president that you asked for and deserve. Naturally some will cry that they voted for the other guy who lost but that guy would have done basically the same thing as the winner. The two-party hack candidates always do and you know it aside from their minor talking point disagreements. They Joe The Plumber you and you fall for it like a bass on a blood worm every time. However, you will feel angry once the swindle becomes apparent to you and you might want to lash out. Don't go there. Sit back, shut up and go to work if you still have a job. Survive the next two years of the depression that you requested through your voting record then start thinking rationally. Vote these greedy buggers out of Congress at the next opportunity. In 2012 there will be a pro American presidential candidate so vote for the rational choice.

Finally, this whole thing could come unglued and you must be prepared for that eventuality. For goodness sake if you have any patch of land grow food. Keep a reliable source of water. Remember, you are surrounded by a gang of barbarians filled with ignorance who will not be reading these words as you are. They will be desperate as will the barbarians in government who desperately attempt to cling to power. Stay out of the way of both of these groups as they do battle. Go to work then go home. It is a great time to reacquaint one's self with the family and to pull inward to ride out the storm.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Steering The Rabble

You are being manipulated every day of your life and the worst part is you pay for it - in more ways than you think. Primarily, the disinformation spewed forth to corral your beliefs is paid for in the products that you purchase through commercial advertisements. Like a herd of sheep you go where ever you are directed. On most days this means you are taken to be fattened up or bedded down for the night. Then on one day you are taken to the slaughterhouse.

Those talking heads on TV keep telling you everything is fine. The conditions are normal. All systems are go and your government has the problem well in hand. So you not only think government creating trillions of dollars worth of counterfeit money in the form of Federal Reserve notes is wise, you actually believe whipping up trillions more will solve the problem. After all isn't government the lender of last resort?

Well...not not really when they are flat broke. The U.S. government is like a spoiled playboy who has run through his inheritance and is now flat busted. So both try to keep living the crazy life flimflamming whoever they can scam. In the case of the U.S. government they have several hundred million suckers on the hook for everything they've got including their liberty and perhaps for some their very lives.

But they through their mouthpieces in big media well tell you everything is fine, the ship of state is on course and you will believe them because it is what you sheep have always done. For this you lucky ones in the coming decades will lose your precious wealth but escape with your lives. The unlucky ones will lose their life.

What's on TV tonight sheep?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McCain Punked By The Party

I know many Cuban exiles are displeased with me for not supporting McCain. But they should be more angry with the Republican Party hacks for throwing Mac under the election bus. I was suspicious when the Republican party leadership promoted McCain's candidacy after they use to hate him. Then they got him Sarah Palin as a running mate and I became more curious. Does the Republican Party leadership want McCain to lose? It sure seemed odd.

Then the last straw of doubt was the McCain supporter who supposedly was assaulted by an Obama supporter. This hillbilly tart carved the B backwards obviously using a mirror. It was plainly a hoax. At first I wondered how the party could be so stupid as to contact the media and try to push this story that was an obvious hoax. Then my wife set me straight as I was pondering the situation. She asked, "Do you really think McCain's handlers are actually that dumb to fall for the trailer park huzzy's story?" I thought about it for a second and realized she was right. The party hacks knew she was full of it and pushed the story anyway.

No, the Republican Party elite does not want the presidency next go around. They know how bad the economy really is and how bad things are going to be next year and beyond. They feel it is better for the long term to have Obama in the hot seat, especially since he is not an American citizen and has committed a felony by misrepresenting his place of birth to hide the fact that he is unqualified constitutionally to hold the office of the presidency. I know this to be a fact because rather than just producing a birth certificate to settle the court challenge Obama and the Democrat party have quashed the suit on technicalities. But the case will go forward next year causing a Constitutional crisis along side the economic one we face.

So plan on chaos for next year and beyond with a weak, illegal president. The Republican party leadership thinks they have laid the foundation for the future of the GOP. But the real bosses, the international bankers, know they are right on schedule to divide and finally break up America into smaller, more manageable pieces. Cuban exiles should have been able to recognize these things but evidently they have learned nothing from the Castro experience.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Steve Forbes Speaks Honestly

Gosh it's great having mainstream guys like Steve Forbes admitting that it is the Federal Reserve that is the root cause of our stale economy. Maybe I'm not so kooky - or Mr. Forbes would have to be one as well if I am.