Saturday, July 07, 2012

Army To Attack The American People

This situation is exactly why I no longer watch ANY television network news. They are worthless. The news for me starts with Alex Jones and his prison planet site have scooped the networks again to bring me this story about the latest army manual to surface describing how these filthy traitors plan to murder and intern Americans. I won't bother writing to my congressman or senators because they are part of the conspiracy or too cowardly to do anything about it. Instead I'm pleading with you Americans especially the gun owners. That includes my brother who whether he realizes it or not has a big fat target on his ass for actually thinking the 2nd Amendment would be respected by the government. He along with millions of you haven't realized yet that this is NOT our government any longer. It is controlled by foreign bankers and monopoly industrialists bent on destroying America as we know it. Once people like my brother realize they have been played for fools they are going to be really angry and armed as well. That is who this manual is mostly meant for - gun owners.

I've listened to Mr. Jones' honest analysis of the situation and I agree with him 100% on this one. Basically, the economy is due worldwide to drop off of a cliff. Insiders, alarmed by what they have discovered outside of their little compartmentalized planned world, are blowing the whistle about a staged event to occur this October. This event might be made to appear as a natural catastrophe due to the fact that now so many Americans, especially military and to some degree the domestic civilian police force, understand the concept of the traditional false flag attack. Even so the traitors may stage another 9/11 style attack that will be blamed on some domestic patsies. In that event the group targeted for demonetization will be blamed for killing cops, military personnel or possibly even Obama himself. Lastly it could be that the economy does a swan dive before the traitors can stage something to blame for the sinking economy. When desperate Americans take to the streets the military is to kill them with no warning other than these leaked manuals.

Now you see why the founding fathers has such a problem with standing armies. Absolutely everyone involved with the creation of this concentration camp/execution manual and planned implementation of it are filthy traitors. They need to be arrested - rounded up like the disgusting unamerican dogs that they are. I insist that they be given a fair jury trial. Those found guilty really must go to the gallows like all traitors to the republic. Some might mitigate their sentences to life in prison if they provide information that aides American patriots in apprehending additional traitors.

Finally to you gun owners, a word of advice. Hide your guns. Keep a few where the traitors minions can find them and think that you are disarmed. When the foreign bankers' stooges in the military and police forces kill some of your friends, neighbors and relatives you may feel that you need a 2nd amendment guaranteed firearm.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

American Slave Colony Has A Birthday

Is America already having another birthday? I could say how good you look for 236 years old but I'd be lying to you. You have already been deceived by our foreign masters enough so I will not pile on more BS. I'll tell you the truth.

You all are mostly fat and out of shape! You have been told by the masters that this is your fault for being lazy and gluttonous or it's your parent's fault for giving you bad genes. That's nonsense! The masters feed you with GMO nutrient deficient foods that are filled with calories. It was designed to fatten you up for the kill. When the masters pull the plug, very soon if they have their way, you gravity hounds will be the first to die.

You all are mostly ignorant. It's true that millions of you have lost that naive, blissful stupor that once shielded you from seeing the truth of the matter. Even so perhaps only 10% of you have a cogent understanding of the grave attack America faces. We all were public school mis-educated. We were all spoon fed nonsense by the co-opted traitorous TV Networks and national newspapers masquerading as our protectors. Add to this the numerous ways in which the masters have damaged our brains. The attackers have deployed vaccines and crippling poisons to our food and water all designed to fog our thinking, make us sickly then send us quietly to an early grave. The masters really get a laugh at the fact that they have gotten us to willingly have our bodies and brains adulterated with toxins that we slaves actually pay for ourselves for the most part. When the foreign masters launch their final assault using ignorant, petty, self absorbed, power hungry police who have watched too many terrorist TV shows built around propaganda nonsense, the majority dolt American population will not know who their real enemy is. The enlightened minority of Americans will at least have to be rounded up and forced at gunpoint into the FEMA camps to be re-educated or eliminated. The dupes will be asking directions to the camps and go willingly.

Finally, the storms that just blew through from the Ohio Valley right through Tomas' Edgewater home and onto the Atlantic coast has aptly demonstrated how vulnerable most Americans are. When the masters make their final move to consolidate total control of their American slave colony you better believe that will include pulling the plug on our electricity and that cascades neatly into eliminating our fresh water and shortly after that the food. I am not out of the woods myself on this question but I'm moving in the right direction. I'm installing a 10KW air cooled diesel generator and I have two rain barrels as well as two big koi ponds to store water. In a pinch my family could now survive just eating from my garden and fishing or crabbing a couple blocks away from the house off the pier. Sadly, none of my neighbors are nearly as well prepared and forget about the dregs living in the cities. This translates into being surrounded by millions of desperate, hungry people who must eat somehow or die. My best hope is that I can harvest and hide my food and that the final assault will be done in the fall or winter. Should this be the case millions of Americans will starve to death before the following spring. You better believe any survivors will become farmers pretty damn fast after the die off.

You may not like what I have warned you about but I hope that when the foreign masters make their final move you will recognize it as such and act appropriately. Hopefully enough of you will wise up fast and give the attackers more than they bargained for.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Fast And Furious Reality

Here is the Fast and Furious scandle in a nutshell. Either Darryl Issa has Eric Holder, his boss Barrack and others running guns to foreign and domestic drug gangs to allow the guns themselves to be blamed for the resulting violence rather than the traitors in government who armed the criminals to menace us, or Holder and company are telling the truth and there is nothing  to this story. They claim it's a partisan witch hunt.

Fortunately, if society and the economy don't collapse in the interim, we can find out the truth by examining the documents Issa is trying to get from Holder. If the documents show Holder, Obama and others have their hands clean then Issa and the Republicans would be punished in November for wasting time conducting a witch hunt. If the opposite proves the case then Obama, Holder and all the accomplices will be sent to prison or worse.

If you want to know if a crime has been committed then watch how the suspects act. The only reason Holder and his gang are not already in prison is Eric the scum knows all about the 9/11 treason, who the purpitrators were as well as other treasons he was or was not a part of himself like the Oklahoma bombing. Eric has made a number of vailed threats publically if you listen closely. He won't go down without taking the rest of the gang down with him. Remember, traitorous scum have no honor. The truth is just about everybody on Capital Hill knows the truth about the 9/11 treason as well as previous treasons. They are either scared to speak up or part of the conspiracy. Both groups must be removed from office at the earliest possible date. Either way they are cowards or criminals and have no place representing the American people.

Having said this, I believe there will be a staged event in the very near future that the traitors hope will make questions of government treason a moot point. Time will tell.