Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Traitors Didn't Want This Video Leaked

I've never seen this footage of what appears to be a cruise missile hitting the Pentagon. The patriots inside the alphabet soup secret police agencies are counter attacking and ratting out their disgusting filthy scum superiors who perpetrated then covered-up 9/11.

Thanks Americans whoever you are. Just a few more leaks like these and the traitors will be drowning in their crimes against my country and my people. They should never have messed with Americans!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Burning Moscow Skyscraper Doesn't Fall

There are only two conclusions that can be reached by viewing the video of a Moscow skyscraper burning for days yet never collapsing. One, the Russians build such superior structures compared to American builders that it should be illegal for anyone but the Russians to build our buildings - for our own safety. Fire up one of their skyscrapers for days and it doesn't fall down. Light up three skyscrapers in New York and they drop like rocks after only two or three hours. To be fair, the CIA's Building Number 7 lasted until something like five in the afternoon before dropping rock-like exactly onto its own footprint.

The only other explanation is treason.


Thursday, April 05, 2012

Cubans Have Seen This One

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

How It Was In The 1950s

It's a good thing the kids today don't know how life was back in the 1950s. We were so free but we enslaved the government for our protection. We literally could do just about anything back then as long as one didn't infringe on the rights of others. How's that you might ask?

I remember my sister Candy always getting to ride on the shelf by the back window of the car, because she was the baby...but that's another story. If they caught me with one of my kids today doing this, much less just not being seat belted or with an approved car seat, the government would put me under the jail.

If the police were on your property without a warrant with probable cause then they were criminal trespassers and could be jailed. If you caught anyone in government listening to your phone calls or reading your mail without a warrant from the Court specifying exactly the crimes suspected of being perpetrated then they too committed a crime.

Get this children. Just about every city neighborhood across the land had a public recreation center. We could borrow basket balls and baseball equipment and play until our little sisters came by the playground and advised us hopefully that we were likely to get our asses beat if we didn't get home right away, what with the street lights being on for several minutes. The arts and crafts and games at the rec' house along with the center's director and aides were all, get this kids - FREE! Heck even the soda machine there dispensing a Dixie cup's worth only cost ten cents. Even so, when the pop came out first then the cup we'd go to the director with our empty cup and demand our rights. We weren't tazed but rather given a refund. And by the way that ass beating was going to be just an ass beating unless you were hospitalized. Parents were expected to discipline their kids so police would not have an excuse to shoot them later in the head.

Back in those days taxes were so puny for most folks that the majority of the moms stayed home and only the fathers had to work. This unfortunately for the children and the criminals meant everybody had to behave themselves because all of the mothers and grandmothers were home minding the neighborhood. We could not even say a swear word very loud or somebody's mother would warning, "Tommy Palma wait till your father gets home!" These were our closest forays into the life of crime before being set on the path to righteousness by a society that has been taxed and legislated out of existence.

However, we do have that giant military empire now that steals resources for the foreign crime families so they can sell them to us at outrageously high prices. So that's something to consider.

But one final slap kiddies then I'll leave you to ponder what might have been had your parents and grandparents not been so stupid and gullible. We use to get driver's education right at the high school over a two week period during what was normally the gym class hour - FOR FREE! Get this, you pay about four hundred bucks now to Easy Method for this mandatory course necessary to get a drivers license today. Back then you walked into the MVA with a birth certificate and around ten bucks, waited in line for a bit then took your driving test and you were on the road. Recently my son had to make an appointment to arrange for his road test. It will be May 22 or about two months into the future. This was after about a two week delay compiling the list of documents now required to prove you are who you say you are including a new birth certificate as the one issued at birth was now considered expired even though there is no expiration day on birth certificates. Without even considering insurance or the hundreds now required in taxes and registration fees for the car, my son will be fortunate to get his license for under $500.

I'm glad I was living in those freer days of the 1950s. Oh lots of manipulators will complain about the racism of those days and they'd be right. But even victims of racists had more rights than they have today. Everybody did because the federal government was smaller and they knew their place. In the modern world the sky is the limit for the federal government and the people are getting shafted. If the kids knew how it was boy oh boy they'd be angry. We better keep this under wraps or we'll never hear the end of it.