Friday, July 27, 2012

Save Your Kids From Federal Traitors

I'd imagine James Holmes' mother thought she was lucky to have such a smart son who was sought after by the federal government receiving scholarships and grants. Now? Not so much so.

Parents should be aware that the federal government is a crime syndicate. As such a parent would have to be mad to let their kids associate with the gang in any way or form. If you wish to protect your children then sever all ties with the federal government and this is especially so when it comes to your children. Do not accept grants, jobs or any assignments whatsoever from anyone working for the federal government. Mind you, most people working for the federal government are fine people just doing a job. However, there is no reliable method for establishing if they are with the traitors or not.

If you lay down with dogs please don't be surprised when you come down with fleas. As for James Holmes...he is probably the most recent member of the Lee Harvey Oswald patsy club. Don't be the next inductee.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Aurora Good Luck

As usual the official explanation of the shooting in Aurora makes no sense whatsoever. The nutty part is the government's assertion that the lone gunman told them about his bomb laden apartment. What's really going on with that situation?

Actually we really got lucky. The traitors who pulled this latest treason off had two plans. The scum's hope would be for the apartment bombs to be set off before the shooting started at the theater by neighbors angry at the loud music. Fortunately they were too polite. If the bombs would have been detonated then every cop in Aurora would have been heading to the apartment. This would have allowed the shooters much more time to kill many more people then the 12 who were actually killed in the theater.

The problem was as soon as the patsy James Holmes was apprehended the cops not in on the conspiracy would have raced to his apartment, pushed open the partially opened front door and boom! The last thing these traitors want to do is murder more cops like they did on 9/11 or in Oklahoma when they murdered the policeman of the year for investigating the federal government's bombing. Killing more cops would bring more heat on the filth perpetrating these crimes.

What these disgusting pieces of shit collecting a paycheck from taxpayers wanted to do was murder 100 or more people especially kids and babies. They have a problem. The traitors are desperate to devise a way to separate Americans from their guns before more of us wake up and realize that the leaders in this country have sold us out to the foreign bankers and industrialists. If this latest false flag attack would have gone as they planned then the UN gun ban would have been signed without hesitation or fear of a voter backlash. Even so I expect them to try to pass the unconstitutional treason but without the support of the American people it has little chance of actually taking guns from Americans.

One final thought. These federal government massacres only happen in places like Aurora that have strict gun control. There would be an excellent chance should the traitors try to shoot the place up in Texas that an armed citizen in the crowd would pop a cap in the ass of the government shooters exposing the entire plot. So yes the traitors working for the federal government WILL commit more crimes like in Aurora. No these crimes will not occur in jurisdictions where private citizens can carry firearms. Therefore places like New York city, Chicago, Los Angelas, Washington, DC, etc. are where the next massacres will occur. You would be stupid to spend 1 second in these jurisdictions more than necessary. Law abiding citizens must boycott travel to government crime zones that disarm law abiding citizens. Don't spend a nickle in these crime zones either. The sooner we can bankrupt these defenseless jurisdictions the sooner we'll rip our republic from the clutches of the unamerican filth who have taken over.