Saturday, December 06, 2008


by Diego Trinidad, Ph.D.

On Tuesday, August 5, the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy, ASCE, perhaps the most important and prestigious organization of Cuban-Americans and many other well-known economists in the world, headquartered in Washington, D.C. for the past 17 years, began its annual convention at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Miami. This year’s newly elected president is the internationally acclaimed Cuban-American economist Jorge Sanguinetty, a man I greatly admire and who I consider a good friend. Along with Jorge, seven new directors were elected by the membership and took over the Board of Directors of ASCE yesterday. Unfortunately, one of those new directors is Marifeli Perez-Stable.

On Monday evening, I wrote Dr Sanguinetty informing him I would not attend the opening session due to the recent death of my mother, for whose eternal rest a funeral mass was offered yesterday evening. But I also said to Jorge that I would probably not have attended in any case and would not renew my membership in ASCE because of the election of Ms. Perez-Stable as one of ASCE’s seven directors. The reasons, for those who may not know, are the following:

1) Ms. Perez-Stable was, by her own admission in her article in today’s El Nuevo Herald, a symphatizer, supporter and collaborator of the Cuban Revolution and its totalitarian government for well over two decades, during the 1970’s into the late 1980’s.

2) For those who may tend to forgive her trespasses because of her youth and idealism, that is, lamentably not the case. I knew Ms. Perez-Stable as a young woman and I also knew her parents, although my own parents knew hers far better than I did. Indeed, they were close friends since Cuba and continued to be here in Miami for years. Her father was Dr. Eliseo Perez-Stable, a very prominent physician in pre-Castro Cuba and here in his later years, director of the VA Hospital in Miami. Sadly, the Perez-Stables were extreme leftist ideologues since their high-society Havana days, and they very much inculcated those ideas in their daughter’s young mind.

3) Far worse, since at least 1993 ( I say at least, because I have found that years before, a disreputable local radio personality, a so-called Reverend Manuel Espinosa, accused her of similar acts, but I cannot vouch for those accusations), the highly regarded Cuban-American historian and recent author of the best-seller The Moncada Attack: Birth of the Cuban Revolution, Dr Antonio de la Cova, a distinguished history professor at Indiana University, accused Ms. Perez-Stable of being a paid informant and member of the Cuban DGI, the notorious Cuban Intelligence Agency. Dr. de la Cova has documented these accusations for years. They were first made known to US authorities by a Cuban deserter from the DGI, Captain Jesus Perez Mendez (see and see also Ms. Perez-Stable has threatened to sue Dr. de la Cova and others who have repeated the accusations for years, but she never has. Why? Perhaps because under U.S. law, the truth is an absolute defense against accusations of defamation.

4) Finally, last week, in Oscar Haza’s nightly TV program “A Mano Limpia," Lieutenant-Colonel of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Chris Simmons, the man who captured convicted Cuban spy Ana Belen Montes a few years ago, charged on the air that Ms. Perez-Stable, along with three others, was a Cuban spy (he later said she was not an “active” spy anymore, whatever that means).

For all of the above reasons, I asked my friend Jorge Sanguinetty, new president of ASCE, to demand Marifeli Perez-Stable’s resignation as a director of said organization. Better yet, I urged him to call for her expulsion both as a director and as a member of ASCE. Will he do it? We shall see. But even if he does not, which unfortunately as I also warned him, will only reflect on his new presidency of ASCE and upon the organization itself, most definitely public pressure and outrage will surely force the entire organization to exorcise itself of Ms. Perez-Stable’s fatal presence in its midst. That is up to all of us. Yes, this is a private organization, and to its merit, one that does not accept public money, but depends only of the contributions of its members. But it is mostly made up of Cuban-Americans. And to have an accused spy and a traitor as one of its directors is simply unacceptable. I, for one, will never be a member of ASCE again until and unless Marifeli Perez-Stable is expelled from its membership.

Friday, December 05, 2008

GM CEO Rick Wagner

Obama Winks Republican

U.S. Secret Manual Leaked

Here is how your government behaves. Before you go thinking these things are only done to foreigners think again. It's like I've been telling you - know your enemy. Here is the thinking of the damaged people trying to rule your world.

Psychological Operations

PSYOP can support the mission by discrediting the insurgent forces to neutral groups, creating dissension among the insurgents themselves, and supporting defector programs. Divisive programs create dissension, disorganization, low morale, subversion, and defection within the insurgent forces. Also important are national programs to win insurgents over to the government side with offers of amnesty and rewards. Motives for surrendering can range from personal rivalries and bitterness to disillusionment and discouragement. Pressure from the security forces has persuasive power.

Joe Biden...His Time

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bail And Stroke

Today it's the big three auto fakers groveling for taxpayer dough. As soon as Obama takes office he'll throw us all a couple grand of "stimulus." The credit card companies and failing banks will want a prop too. What's it all mean?

Quite simply amigos it is a shell game called Bail and Stroke. Your fools on the hill will explain that these bailouts are necessary to save this or that vital piece of the economy if for anything else our homeland security. And what about saving the children? These excuses du jour are all the argument you need to be stroked. But you are being stroked. The real game is to figure out any way to pump more dollars into our deflating economy before it seizes into depression. They want to stabilize prices by creating dollars. So they give away free money to regular folks to shut them up about the trillions the politicos will be "lending" to their fat cat friends in industry that will never be repaid. This will cause more price spasms and that ain't good for a wobbly economy.

Now you know amigos.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Meet Crystal


Right across from my desk sits this young beauty. She is a wonderful person who is real fun to work with. As you can see she is easy on the eyes as well. I am also drawing some of my coworkers like this. I recently drew my retiring supervisor and put him on a milk carton that read: "Have you seen Randy. He was last seen milling around at the Washington Post trying to look busy."

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Yoani Sanchez

Controlling The Deflation

Since you are reading this you are most likely one who has been here before with a good idea of the economic problem - fake fiat Federal Reserve money. The kooks in Kongress are mostly economic idiots without a grasp of the dynamics of a deflation. I'm pretty savvy about such things and even I did not see the reason for this deflation happening at this time. I guess I didn't focus on the enormous debt floating around that banks would not be repaid. This would cause them to quit lending until the debts had been settled meaning either you repay them or go out of business and are no longer around to borrow money that won't be repaid. While this waiting period happens the supply of money steadily declines which is a deflation by definition. Remember, in the fractional reserves fiat system new money is mostly injected into the economy by bank lending and no lending means no new money. Hence, our deflation.

Hill Humpty-Dumptees hope to control perceptions of the polis while they figure out how to stop prices from dropping further. Most of these economic Capitol Hillbillies don't even realize the price drops ARE cause by the drop in the supply of money so they run around willy-nilly trying to prop up this business or that corporation. Doing this of course will not help banks quickly figure out who will repay their loans and who will go belly up. So they will wait even longer before even thinking about lending again and reinflating the economy with more Federal Reserve space bucks. So the deflation will be more controlled and pleasing to the perceptions of everyday people. But because of the way the fools on the hill will try to save to system of funny money we will have a much deeper deflation for a much longer period.

Of course all the "tools" are in place to just create as many space bucks as Obama wants to then spend anywhere he and the Democrats choose. The benefactors of those space bucks will find temporary solace in the bills these fake bills will pay. Some bills like my mortage are fixed and will not increase. However, other bills like food will skyrocket. Also, regulated industries like your local electric or phone companies will gouge you good of your fiat money - simply because they can. Your protectors in government have given them legal monopoly rights to provide these services to you. Pay the bill or lose service are your two choices.

However, there will be entirely too many people for Obama to just give money to and if doing such a thing would be a good thing wouldn't Cubans be wealthy in Castro's paradise? So what Americans will do is become self sufficient or they will die. But this disrupts the normal economics lifestyle which Americans have come to know. Anything in the hospitility industry or travel related businesses will be toast. In fact, anything not absolutely vital will be hit hard. The more fake money Obama pumps into the economy the more worthless it will become. In short, the entire pricing structure will be so distorted that the dollar will collapse and become worthless.

What does that mean? Take a good look at Iceland. It is happening to them as I type these words. They are in real trouble as they are not known as a food exporting powerhouse. They are getting hungry. But Americans are so lucky. We have made an enormous mistake following these foolish politicos bought and sold by the banksters. Yet all we have to do is wise up, rise up and get to work. Take care of your main needs and forget about buying anything not vital to your existence. I've said it before and I'll repeat it again. GROW FOOD!!! Most of America has wonderful soil, water and growing conditions and the more we grow the better we're going to eat. Doing this with your neighbors could even develop a new economy locally based to provide Americans with the basic needs. Think of an ongoing yard sale that included food grown right in the neighborhood. Things will even come down to barter because so little money will be available and what is available will be needed to pay fixed costs like our mortages. Burn local firewood before turning on the electric heat pump. Pull together with your family and neighbors to help one another.

Naturally, with these things occurring as a result of our failed monetary system, the only solution to our problem is to follow the U.S. Constitution and return to price-stable gold and silver based money. The bankers can't inflate or in other words create fake gold and silver that doesn't exist. These metals have actual value while paper money in reality, even a hundred dollar bill is worth less than a penny to create. Until this happens people will not only be crazy to accept a return to the old counterfeit scheme - they will be financially unable to do so. That's why the Romans and Ottomans no longer have an empire. So spread the word amigos. We're an agrarian nation again until such time as the criminals in government and finance are safely behind bars and we are operating under an honest monetary system once again.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cuba Exposed - 8:30 Tonight!

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