Saturday, May 09, 2009

Cuban Blogger Terrorists!

I bet even my cousin Val at Babalu and Henry and the others will be shocked to learn that they are violent terrorists. No - not that I feel this way. It is the government they have elected into office and supported that feels this way.

Anyway this is how they define the situation concerning bloggers who do not fall into line lockstep with CNN and the others.
Here is another document, create by the Bush administration, adopted by the Obamaoists that they now wish to rescind because we found out even though that swell media that we don't always agree with has never mentioned this bit of info. Fortunately, I am not even responsible for one billionth of the blame for this smear. That's because you have to do more than just appear on the ballot and smell slightly better than the other scumbag on the ballot. I always vote for the candidates that the big media blacks out who adhere to strict moral principles. But the guys and gals at Babalu actually voted for some the traitors to America who now label us all as potential terrorists simply because we don't agree with the bankster owned networks.

Again, my deepest gratitude to Alex Jones for his investigational reporting skills. He is now my 21st Century Walter Cronkite.

Sorry for bearing the bad news amigos. Castro has taught our rulers well...

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Gold And Silver Money

Ben Bernanke is a big fat liar and he knows it too. You can see it in his face every time he speaks even though he only appears like the Wizard of Oz under his terms and conditions while having softball questions lobbed at him by traitors to America. He gets away with it because Americans and people the world around are so stupid about money. What a world, what a world and their beautiful wickedness...

Here's the straight dope on what's wrong with the economy and how to fix it so you earthlings might end this odd practice of allowing nerds in red ties to rob you blind with their money shell games.

The problem:
To have any hope of a prosperous economy you MUST have money that maintains a stable value. This means for example that what a dollars buys today will be so next year and beyond. It's not good for business to have the money increase or decrease in buying power especially over short periods of time like this past year when many manufacturers built stuff using high priced energy. Then the supply of money collapsed causing that which remained in circulation to actually gain in value. So the manufacturers and retailers were left holding the bag of over-priced goods. Now many are going out of business and their inventory is liquidated dashing the hopes of the businesses which are still in business of selling their stock for anywhere near what their costs would demand for profitable operations. Many of them will soon follow into bankruptcy complicating the problem further. All of this caused by the private, secretive, international bankers who constantly jack up the supply of money then bring it crashing back down again like now.

The solution:
Stop allowing these bankster nerds to make your money out of the same stuff that you use in the lavatory - paper. Gold and Silver money would be so much more stable in maintaining its value and here is why. There is not a great deal of the stuff that is available to add to the pool of currently owned gold and silver in circulation. In fact there is about enough to accommodate the new people being born as the population grows. Plus gold and silver are precious metals. People want to have the stuff with or without a mint imprint of a dead presidents on either side of the money. We don't care if you give it to us in a rectangular brick. IT'S GOLD FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! But the point is the banksters, no matter how hard they might conspire to, cannot fake adding more gold. In a gold and silver money economy individuals own their own gold and silver money and keep track of it. In this Keynesian economy that we are stuck with now the central bankers get to create as much fiat paper money as they wish. That wreaks havoc on the economy but they do rather well since the central banker controls the timing of the boom/bust cycles. Naturally, prices will fluctuate in either system due to basic supply and demand. If the weather freezes in Brazil coffee prices are going up to reflect the reduced supply. But at least individuals could be confident in the value of there money if it were made of gold and silver.

Now if you understand the bankster swindle you must spread the word. If you find this explanation enlightening email the link to everyone you know. These nerd it red ties can be very dangerous as you will soon realize. Spread the word.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

David Rockefeller

Free Range Slave Rancher

The Conflict Promoters

That is what the oligarchy does so well. They know the herd must be kept from forming up as one and moving in a single direction. These very small number of top individuals in the oligarchy realized long ago that whenever the herd unifies it always results in the rulers getting trampled.

Therefore, the oligarchy has for years quietly funded organizations like Al-Qaeda, American neo-Nazis or the White Aryan Nation to satisfy the above problem to the oligarchs. Once these covert operations have been created the dupes that are entrapped in the organizations can be made to do the dirty work of the real owners behind the scenes.

For example, these operators just need to put up a flyer about white-power with a contact number and bingo! Now every nut with racist ideas reading it will sign up and do the bidding of the promoters who fund the organization secretly. This is a beautiful scam too. The oligarchy can let enough crimes be committed against blacks, Jews and others by these racist dupes to shock and horrify the public into giving up more freedom and privacy for protection. Naturally, some of the racist dupes are sacrificed by the oligarchy and miraculously apprehended by law enforcement using "stings." Sadly for the racist dupes, they were stung the minute they joined these covert groups fed by our masters.

Al-Qaeda is the global version of this concept. The oligarchy created Al-Qaeda to ensnare every radical Muslim around the globe into joining up. However my duped Arab violent ones - you have been suckered just like the white American racists. You are being used like a tool to serve the needs of our masters. They employ your hatred of Western people and use it to scare the hell out of us with your terrorist acts. Then when you least expect it they drop the bomb on you BABY...they drop the bomb on you...

You see...they know exactly who you are. You fools signed up with the oligarchy from the very beginning. You are all suckers and dupes just like the neo-Nazis and Lord knows how many other groups both main stream like The Anti Defamation League and some not so mainstream like the Bloods and Crips. You see even groups that the oligarchy does not create it infiltrates and takes over if it suits their needs.

So always remember my dupes ones of all religions, races, creeds and colors. You are all suckers to the oligarchy when you joined up. Your hatred is just a tool they employ to keep things stirred up so they can stay in charge. They have your number swinging. You will all be sacrificed at the appropriate time when it serves the purposes of the oligarchy.

See you around suckers...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

John Edward- Taxpayer Player

Monday, May 04, 2009

Housing Bubble

People hear that the root cause of the bad economy is this darn housing bubble. If only we could fix this mess caused by the housing bubble then things would be right as rain once more. No more toxic assets - if such an oxymoron could exist.

Well my children you keep crying over your popped balloons but you never give consideration to the air you blew into it? That's stupid and if you don't realize this you are sure to blow too much air into another balloon until it pops in your face. Stop cussing the exploded balloon and start condemning the too much air.

What does this talk of balloons have to do with the economy? In any modern economy, air is the money supply. If we had a legal form of money based on gold and silver that we owned then the value of the money would remain stable like the balloon that has been inflated with air and tied off at a stable point. But we have a currency that is inflatable meaning the private secret central bankers can create more and more of the stuff any time they feel like it. They are the ones blowing up the bubbles by constantly inflating the money supply. They are the ones responsible for popping the housing bubble. They blew it more ways than one.

With your balloons and the economy you can see and feel the pop but the air and the quantity of fiat money in circulation remain invisible. Just because you are not privy to the amount of money in circulation doesn't mean it hasn't caused the housing bubble - among many other bubbles. The question is, are you going to let these sneaky private international bankers continue to be able to foist this fake money on you and pop your bubbles in the future?

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Gay Marriage And Collective Misery

Some people feel gay marriage should be banned. I say homosexuals should be miserable like everybody else in matrimony. But seriously, I understand their dilemma. Homosexuals are sexually attracted to their own sex plus they want the same benefits as heterosexuals like survivor rights and family health plans. Well I say to gays, people in jail for smoking illegal vegetables want freedom. In fact, people all over the country want to own guns, smoke cigarettes, eat fatty food, speak freely, associate in business and pleasure at their choosing, gamble, have sex for money and...well I hope you get the message.

Remember, it was only a few years ago homosexuality was scientifically deviant behavior punishable by jail or commitment in mental institutes. How quickly you forgot. Now, you gays are crying over your spilled gay marriage milk while the vast majority of you are in one way or another solidly collectivist and therefore complicit in the imprisonment and other state sponsored misery in the lives of the above mentioned victims who just want to engage in private choices in liberty and peace. Shame on YOU!

However, if it's any consolation to the gay community, most of the above noted victims of state tyranny are they themselves collectivists and therefore also victimizes - many times of gays. Do you all see how it works guys and dolls?

The fact is, all of you collectivists are being suckered and set against one another so that your owners can rake us all over the coals. Thanks a lot guys...and dolls!

Don't ask for a plate of gay marriage while your mouth is full of scorn for victims of state tyranny and demanding more of the same or at least remaining silently complicit. The fact remains that all of you collectivists are getting your moral just deserves. It matters not if you are a cigarette smoker, prostitute, gun owner, drug user, gay, etc.

You are all reaping what you have sown. Not Tomas and the others Libertarian, Jeffersonian, Constitutionalist lovers of liberty. We're getting screwed over no matter what our sexual preference. Thanks for raping liberty you fine upstanding collectivists. Maybe if you quit crying over your lost rights and began seeing how you victimize others then you would creep closer to the day when we all regain our liberty. It's okay to be on your knees for many different activities...but never before government. Your worship is misguided.