Friday, April 10, 2009

Karl Rove

Socialists In Congress!!!

A Republican Congressman is claiming there are 17 Socialist Congressmen on the hill. HA!!!

He and every single one of them, except Ron Paul, is an absolute socialist! They support the international central bankers. Do they deny there are central bankers or that they have referred to them as such on countless occasions? The key word there, amigos, is "CENTRAL." The money supply is centrally planned here in America with Soviet style results and now these numb skulls are pointing fingers at each other. Next some of these socialists will claim there are a secret number of fascists in Congress. But at the end of the day, in this case alone, they are all right.

Capital Hill is filled with fascists and socialists. If you can find any difference between the two, other than the content of the duped crowds that follow each, I'll give you a buck.

Network News

Remember! Network news is not real. It is just like pro wrestling. They show the grudge matches between your favorite political wrestlers standing up in the ring for the collectivist camp for which you favor. They never show all the wrestlers after the show laughing at the stupidity of the audience for believing their fights real.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Nancy Pelosi

Whistle Blower: Flight 93 Shot Down

I listened to this eye witness account of what happened to flight 93 over Pennsylvania to see if it had the ring of truth. It most certainly did. This evidence will help the average duped American who still believes in super cave Arabs. The woman heard on this audio was in the room with the brass that was part of the group of high officers who agreed to have 93 shot down because they didn't know where it was heading and they could not communicate with the airliner. They were doing their duty and should be commended. The traitors telling fairy stories of Arab hijackers losing control of the plane to the revolting passengers who drove the plane into the ground, should be prosecuted. Give her a good listen and see if you think she's lying.

Thanks to Alex Jones for bringing this to my attention!

AIG And The Robber Barons

The banker snakes have been secretly working behind the scenes to destroy America as we know it. Jose Reyes and Ms. Calabaza both sent me this link:

The Robber Barons wanted a world without borders with a common currency with which to trade anywhere in the world, and a global economy with a global government. Does this sound familiar?
You should read every word of this fine piece of investigative writing. This is not conspiracy theory but well documented history. Just because the robber barons won't discuss these facts in polite televised company does not mean they are not real.

Once you understand these facts you will stop all this nonsense of left and right and believing that one side of the political aisle is good and the other one bad. Our national government has been hijacked by the vipers in international banking. Congress is but middle managers following the orders of the owners of America. Aside from Ron Paul and perhaps a couple others, every single Congressman and Senator is a corrupt, selfish traitor to their country and countrymen. Obama, Bush and every president for decades has been bought and paid for. They ARE the scum of the earth. Either you will awaken from your stupor and end this foolishness America - or you will be doomed to exist in poverty and slavery.


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver

Fake Government News Story

Here is an example of a fake government news "story" meant to get you chicken little's clucking around the barnyard clamoring for more oversight. But the reality of this lie is to convince Americans that restricting information over the Internet is in our best interest.

So the livestock owners of us all will whip up as many Internet boogie men as possible to stampede you cows into compliance. Sometimes I think many of you are easier to fool that actual cows. You'll believe anything delivered by the singing big media cowboys.

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sen. Barbara Mikulski

TSA Nazis At Work

By the way I'm on the no fly list. Not the government' own. You have to be crazy to fly with these sort of unAmerican scum in charge of security. I suggest you all put yourselves on my no fly list too until the fascists are fired.

Ted Stevens

Apparently Ted Steven might know things that the federal government wants kept quiet. The federal prosecutors have cried "uncle" and Stevens is a free man. Lots of politicians know many things that the federal government wants kept quiet and these smart politicians have the evidence stashed away for safe keeping if something "tragic" should happen to the distinguished ladies and gentlemen.

Ignoring The Media

You have to admit, amigos, it's getting easier everyday. But how do you find out what's going on?

Well you have to read the tea leaves. For example, Defense Secretary Gates coming on the TV yesterday nervously explaining the new defense spending plans gave me lots of insight. Number one he was extremely nervous meaning he must have big troubles. Next it tells me that the government is broke. When the military/financial complex, the owners of us all, begins cutting expenses for the first time ever they are not expecting a banner revenue year. That of course means there will be little or no money for poor people. Immediately when Gates finished speaking another general was on the TV complaining about the move. Dissension within the military is another sign that civil war could be on the horizon led by military factions and even state governments.

Once the majority of Americans realize the international bankers have total control of our federal government combined with the fact that the military can no longer be paid off apparently by those bankers - all bets are off. The old paradyne is now history and things will change very rapidly for the foreseeable future. Protect yourselves and stay out of the way of the violence. It's sure to be a long hot summer of discontent and shifting alliances. Only concern yourselves with having adequate food, water and shelter.

Monday, April 06, 2009

The Obama Deception

If you thought you knew all about Barrack Obama think again. This film pretty much sums up the game plan of the global banking elite - many times in their own word recorded damningly on video. One thing that is important amigos. The bankers have counted on you getting violent. You have no time for that nonsense. Let the elitists waste their dwindling resources on jack booted thugs. You should be growing food and planning your survival in the emerging local economy. Many of you will have allies in your state governments. But the federal government is completely controlled now by the international bankers as I have warned you repeatedly. The federal government will soon come for your children as the Nazis did to "re-educate" them. This entire storm brewing will be strangely familiar to Cuban exiles.

This time, amigos...where will you run?

Become A Citizen Journalist

Marta posed a question to me last night about what can we all do to survive the ominous future. Besides attending to your basic needs, you should all become citizen journalists. The current big bankster media is completely worthless for anything except for some decent entertainment shows. However, for vital information like news it is imperative that corporate media be completely ignored and replaced with citizen journalists.

For example this is how it works. The Tennessee government had this bright idea last week or so to hold seat beat checking road blocks - with the military! To this very second the big bankster internationally controlled media has not reported a word of it. Who cares? The event is now history. Alex Jones and his site "Info Wars" got a hold of the story and suddenly thousands were contacting the governor who promptly called off the lame brain stunt.

So you say you don't like where your nation is headed? Then do something about it! Get your cameras and start collecting evidence. The citizen who does the most outstanding job each year by breaking the stories that Americans should be hearing will receive the "Don Tomas Estrada-Palma Award" for citizen journalist of the Year. If the government can do things retroactively now so can I. Therefore, I give this award to last years winner, Alex Jones. Congratulations sir. You are a patriot.

Get busy saving your country citizen before the global elite have their way with you. I want to hear those shutters clicking, videos recording and computers humming on the Internet. Be this years winner. Beside Alex Jones being a nominee this year of course, there is a gentleman in Phoenix who put up a site called who is also nominated and of course Out citizen journalist motto? We break the real stories while the big media is breaking wind.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cuba Exposed - 8:30 pm Tonight!