Friday, September 03, 2010

The Free Market Failed?

I hear this nonsense all the time. The trouble is often this is followed by calls for more government control. When individuals say they are against capitalism what they really mean is crony capitalism. That's a fat cat free market. It's when the government colludes with the rich and powerful to force us knowingly or not to do something. Sadly, the answer will never be to have the very same corrupt government mind more of our behavior for us. At the end of the day it is the fundamental reason the economy is in shambles.

If we had a government that ONLY protected the conditions whereby liberty could prevail, does anyone seriously believe it would be tough to find or make a job? Do any of the free market haters actually understand the enormous restrictions placed on job creation by the government as it is now?

Let's pretend that a new disease arises - bureaucratititus. It spreads like wild fire effecting only government workers. The only cure is one year of bed rest. So off our bureaucracy goes to follow the doctor's orders. Right off the bat nobody is going to pay income tax. That translates into a sudden 50% increase in available capital. It's a good thing too because all of the building code tax enforcers are ill. Free Americans don't require a note from the government to fix up their property nor be required to pay more tax for the privilege. The price of goods plummet as no gas tax or other transportation restrictions are enforced. Additionally, new suppliers rise up from nowhere to take advantage of the truly free market opportunity to be productive for profit. This surge in competition drives prices lower. At the same time job growth explodes leading to the great worker shortage. This results in steadily rising wages and benefits as employers compete for workers.

Lots of new commodities would no longer be illegal like marijuana leading to still more commerce. Plus, formerly illegal personal behavior like prostitution and gambling would not be criminally prosecuted. In fact, such a high percentage of the population would be busy creating wealth that they get to keep there would be little time available to commit actual crimes like murder, rape and robbery. Sadly, today with the government micro managing everything these real crimes go unpunished most times.

Once the year was up and the bureaucrats returned to their desks does anyone believe we could go back to the old way again? It's not likely having experienced the prosperity of freedom engaged in responsibly. A sick, collapsing economy will have the same effect socially as bureaucratititus. The economy has been strangled to death by the government and the whole system is due to collapse soon. The DOW has been manipulated up in preparation for the Iranian war or the next false flag attack. Thereafter the market will be allowed to crash but this will be blamed on the "event." This next week or so will be a very dangerous time. Stay home if you can. But keep your heads up if you can't.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Are 1000 Architects and Engineers Wrong?

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Interference Engines

Is your car an interference engine? Some cars have engines where the pistons and valves occupy the same space but at different times of the four stroke cycle. However, what keeps these components apart in time is that rubber timing belt. Should that belt snap, which it is liable to do if used pasted the recommended time/mileage, then it's likely your engine will be destroyed.

Do yourself a favor. Do a search for your car along with interference engine and find out for sure. My son just bought an Eclipse and we soon discovered it was an interference engine. So we immediately changed the timing belt. If your car has one of these engines like my friend Faith and her beloved Lexus, when the belt goes so does the car if it's several years old and not practical to spend $5,000 on the new engine.

My Celica of course is not one of these. My belt snapped on my son when he was driving it. I had it towed home, I put another belt on the car and it runs great now. But find out about your car and replace the timing belt if it's old.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dissolving The Federal Government

Economic conditions will soon set up a conflict of competing interests between the states and the federal government. This presents a golden opportunity to correct the course we are currently charting towards collapse and even perhaps the break up of the United States of America.

Rather than allow the break up of America I believe it would serve the interests of most Americans to instead dissolve the federal government. There is a growing chance this could happen as the state governments find themselves backed into a corner by the ruined economy. The two main factors destroying our economy are the empire funding for the military and the method of funding this empire - the fiat dollar. In both cases these things have been done illegally by the federal government. War has not been declared since WWII yet thousands of American soldiers have died in military conflicts with more getting killed every day. Millions of foreigners have died at the hands of our military supposedly to protect us here at home, to build nations, to stop the exploitation of women, to stop the rape of a nation, to find Osama Bin Laden, to block the communism domino theory, etc. However, in every case these conflicts have occurred strictly where the oil is located. Well, at least up till now. It turns out that Afghanistan is the Saudi Arabia of lithium. Lithium is needed to build all those batteries we're going to need to build electric cars. Isn't that convienient?

Let me state the obvious. Buying the lithium from the Afghans will be much cheaper for the wealth of Americans and much safer too. For the international bankers controlling our federal government and military, far more profits can be reaped for them if the are successful in duping the American public again into believing we need to control Afghanistan militarily so they can just swipe the lithium. They are not paying the military bill - we Americans are.

I have to admit these vipers have been very good using their monopoly over network television to dupe Americans time and again into believing this boogieman or that is going to get us unless we get our military to leave here to fight them over there. This absolute power over the networks has absolutely corrupted the federal government. The state governments are sinking economically like Greece and they are on their own as far as the federal government is concerned.

How much longer will it take for the state governments to join together in a Constitutional Convention to defend themselves from a federal government out of the control of Americans? If for no other reason these state officials may do so motivated to save their own asses. Here in Maryland, a Democrat state, this election I will actually vote for Republican delegates rather than abstain as I normally do. New state delegates are less likely to be already corrupted by the federal criminal syndicate, many are Campaign for Liberty candidates and therefore more open to taking drastic action together to save the republic.

Besides firing all federal political officials, the Constitutional Convention would abolish the Federal Reserve Board and the fiat dollar. New gold and silver based money would be mandated to replace our current illegal dollars. In addition, all public debt would be canceled as far as the American public is concerned and only the reserve portion of private debt would have to be repaid to the private lenders. That's because as the Federal Reserve will be shuttered there will be no need to repay the margin portion of loans based on money created out of thin air. Perhaps the Convention delegates will vote to have some of the major financial criminals extradited to the large lender countries who will not be getting repaid the illegal loans like China. This could be used as leverage to get officials like Timothy Geithner, Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke to squeal rather than face Chinese justice for remaining silent.

If Americans want to take their country back the Constitutional Convention may be our last hope. It is completely legal under the Constitution and has been provided to us by the founders to be used in just this sort of situation with an out of control federal government. But it will never be deployed while Americans in large numbers remain duped into believing their safety depends on our military occupying Afghanistan.

The one thing I remember about the Vietnam war was the more GI's we sent over the more targets they became which eventually totaled over 50,000 dead and hundreds of thousand wounded. We lost anyway, the domino theory never played out, we trade with Vietnam today and even ally ourselves with them against China now. The same thing is happening again since Obama was ordered by the CIA to put 100,000 troops into Afghanistan. More troops than ever are dying with thousands more to come. The only way Americans will continue this is if the CIA is successful again with another domestic terrorist attack - perhaps even nuclear this time. It would be hard to connect Afghanistan to that boogieman but Iran perhaps not so much so.

I believe the foreign bankers have decided that America must be dissolved and hope to get us fighting each other in civil war. Wouldn't it be better for Americans to stay together and instead dissolve the weapon that the bankers are deploying to destroy us? A Constitutional Convention is the only way out now as I see it but time is running low. Many Americans believe they are going to save the republic by voting the scoundrels out in November. However, plan on something big happening before election day to scare Americans once again. The September 11 attacks got Americans to reelect a numskull like Bush remember?