Saturday, February 06, 2010

Rob Simmons

The Boom Bust Rap

Friday, February 05, 2010

Trey Goober Grayson

Because of the Bush/McConnell establishment Republicans and their failed big government policies the filling station went out of business - so Goober could use the work too...

A Real Job Stimulus Proposal

It is easy to stimulate job growth except for greedy government. The way you do so is start to eliminate the taxes that you are not collecting now anyway. How so?

Immediately freeze all tax on new construction and Real Estate improvement. In other words, no matter what construction project that you initiate your property tax will not go up one penny. Very little of this economic activity is occurring anyway so the government is not losing anything they already don't have. However, by eliminating property improvement tax it will not cost property owners any new tax fees for fixing up and expanding housing and business facilities. That means millions of construction workers will get back to work and off the state dole. They will bring in much needed income tax revenue and a living for their family.

To really fix the economy we should also drop the rate of taxation on all property improvements while at the same time increase the tax on the value of the land location. After perhaps a ten year phase in period there would no longer be any taxation on houses and business buildings and other improvements to the land. All the property tax would fall on the value of the land location. This would force urban land hoarders like slum lords and Real Estate speculators to bring urban land into productive use or sell it to someone who would do so. This final proposal will cause an explosion of construction and home improvement meaning millions of high paying jobs as well. Those jobs are currently taxed out of existence so what do we have to lose? Nothing from nothing is nothing...

To be honest, the final economic solution is to eliminate all destructive taxation like income tax and sales tax then only funding society with the beneficial land location tax. There...take this proposal to Congress and tell them to quit being so greedy and stupid before we all go broke.

RINO Trey Grayson

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Toyota Does Honorable Thing

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Arlen Specter Is A Disgrace

How did this unAmerican scum get into office? He was just yelling about how we don't give rights to terrorists insisting that they are really already guilty. Please tell this senator he gives zero rights to anyone! That is God's job. You were hired to see that humans had their rights recognized not to decide which humans are worthy of possessing human rights. That nonsense is Nazi behavior.

My question to you senator is what do you fear a trial of these accused people will result in? Perhaps an innocent verdict. That would make you and many more at the top of the heap - guilty.

Reid My Lips!

The Chosen Race?

It's been said that the Jews are God's chosen race. Perhaps so. However, from the U.S. government's perspective, Cubans are the chosen race. Only Cubans, when they make it to American soil, can automatically gain legal resident status simply by being Cuban. But that's how collectivism operates here in America and around the world.

The rulers in the elite class (the bankers, corporations, secret police) get to decide who shall be rewarded and who shall be punished - normally based on one's behavior. That means depending on the behavior group or groups that one is a member of will determine who shall be punished or rewarded to forward the social engineering goals of the rulers. Great for Cubans but not so hot for Haitians.

Yes, sometimes one's race is the criteria as with Cubans. The sword of social engineering can also cut both ways. Blacks receive employment preference over whites and Asians but at the same time other social engineering projects like welfare, drug laws, inner city public schools, etc. punish blacks through jail (21st Century plantations), faux public education (plantation preparation) and all the schemes said to aide blacks but in reality destroy their families so they are dependent on the masters in the ruling class.

But that's collectivism for you. Most people are collectivists and do not even realize it. If you point out some of their collectivist ways they become insulted and angry at you for only being honest.

Are you a collectivist?

If you are receiving any reward whatsoever that others pay for unwillingly or unknowingly - you could be a collectivist.

If you favor Social Security and believe it is somehow social or will make everyone secure - you could be a collectivist.

If you believe central bankers issuing fiat money in quantities determined secretly by those bankers is a free market - you could be a collectivist.

If you believe poorer renters should be taxed more than mortgage deduction homeowners - you could be a collectivist.

I could go on and I suspect I will. But not today...

Monday, February 01, 2010

We Pawns Of Political Chess

Two-party politics is all a game being played by the international bankers. They are the kings, queens and knights. They get their employees in governments, the castles and horses, to trample and rook the people. The people? That's us. We're the pawns. Sadly most people besides not realizing that they are pawns, do not even realize they are being gamed in the first place.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

FBI & CIA Gotta Go

These two agencies are the enforcement arm of the international banksters. Why should they not be closed down? It is bad enough that terrorist events like 9/11 even happened at all. But worse is the fact that not even one individual was punished or fired for this "failure to connect the dots." Apparently, as the Christmas Day attempt aptly demonstrates, they are still playing connect the dots with the American people's lives. Many received commendation for their lack of action on 9/11. However, the worst part concerning these traitors to their nation and countrymen is the fact that these agencies were deeply involved in actually perpetrating this crime and many others in the past.

No this does not mean all the G-men are traitorous crooks who should swing from the end of a rope for high crimes and treason. It is just the leadership of these agencies that are unAmerican scum who have sold out their country to the international bankers. They are vile disgusting traitors. They don't protect us from terrorists. They ARE the terrorists!

To sum up, we have been defeated by the enemy. Our time as free Americans is nearing the end. Part of regaining our freedom depends on the elimination of the secret federal police. All crimes are local and are the responsibility of the state and local authorities to deal with and not the feds. A free people has no use for a government agency that spies on them as well as being unable to protect them. These agencies must be closed down so we can examine the records to decide which officials should merely be fired and which should be prosecuted for high crimes and treason then justly punished.