Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fukushima Not News

How much proof do you need that the networks are against the people? Fukushima has been spewing radiation our way since March but you'll hear nary of word over the MSM. This is the 800 pound gorilla in the media's living room. It won't go away so more dog and pony show distractions must be produced.

The most sickening aspect of this cover up is these traitors still pretend to care about us and our kids. Despite what their words say their actions say we are no more than animals to them. But Fukishima may be the linchpin that is the globalists undoing. It may be the final bitch slap of the people that awakens the justified rage that is building worldwide.

I really like Christopher Busby because he tells the truth which is a commodity rarely found on television. Television "news" is a deception meant to aid in the destruction of the American republic. As such many in this industry are filthy traitors who WILL pay for their crimes against my country. Watch the video and ask why these facts remain buried by the networks.


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